Unpredicted Romance

Summary: AU. Love is unforeseen. She was asked by Sasuke to pretend as if she is his girlfriend so Sakura, his arranged fiancée, would leave him alone. However, everything unexpected has happened.

Chapter 12: The Fairy Tale

"You did not elope with Shikamaru?!" Tenten stared at Ino, shocked. "I thought you went somewhere far with him! Didn't you tell me that?"

"I did," Ino sighed, she was hesitant. "We tried – Shika and I tried to elope; Temari wasn't lying when she told me that he still is in love with me – but I'm the problem, I feel like there are no sparks between us."

"And how'd you know that?" Tenten arched her eyebrow. "Didn't you guys only skip school for three days? What could you know in three days?"

"Now, I feel so bored when I'm with Shika," she admitted as she looked at her friend with sad eyes. "He wouldn't joke around with me; he could read me easily for heaven's sake – no fun!"

"What did you do with him in three days? Just watched clouds?"

"We made out and we tried to have sex," Ino said bluntly as if it was not private. "He was sorta ready – I felt like he wanted to do it with me, but I could just not do it!"

"Are you still in love with Shikamaru?" inquired Tenten, seeing Ino so confused was one of the things was pretty uncommon. Usually, Ino would know what to do at everything.

Ino looked dejected but still replied, "Not sure."

"Do you even like him?" Tenten tried again.

"I'm not sure, either," was her reply. "All I know is everything has changed… a lot."

"You know, Sasuke was looking for you like 2 days ago," Tenten pointed out. "He wanted to see you so bad."

"Why was he looking for me?" Ino asked eagerly. Why was she waiting for a certain answer? "What did he tell you?!"

"He said he needed to tell you something but I'm pretty certain you know why," Tenten patted her shoulder and smiled. "Why don't you talk to him? You know, to confirm it."

"I can't," her gaze dropped down on the floor. "I'm with Shika now. I'd feel bad if I'd just leave Shika behind, knowing that he loves me after all this time."

"Wouldn't you feel worse if you'd stay with him even if you know darn well that you don't love him anymore?"

Her world stopped. This was when she realized Tenten was right – Shikamaru wasn't the guy she wanted to be with – the guy she was ought to be with was the guy she'd been hanging out for the last few months. It was Uchiha Sasuke.


"Troublesome," the pineapple head said. "Why did you call me all of a sudden?"

"Shika," Ino's lips shivered, no one could have blamed her for being this nervous. "I don't know when but I have stopped loving you."

Shikamaru was a smart guy. The last three days he spent with her weren't just as joyous as it was before they broke up. Nonetheless, he still didn't like this.

"You know…" the tears just fell from her eyes, "I was really sad when you broke up with me. I felt betrayed and I wanted to do things that were irrational."

"I broke up with you because I knew that when you saw me with Temari, you've lost your trust in me," he uttered sadly. "I thought you'd come back to me after few months; when I confronted you a few months ago after the break up – I was willing to fight for you and I wanted you back badly but when I saw how Uchiha comforted you after my confrontation, I thought I really lost you to him."

"It was because of Sasuke," she said. "He is the reason why I stopped loving you."

"Did you really…?"

Ino nodded for her reply. "I'm sorry. I know you didn't deserve this but I just can't fool myself." She turned her back on him and walked away slowly. "Goodbye."


Stupid weather forecast. They didn't say it would be raining today – raining hard in that case. Ino parked her car and looked at the mansion in front of her – Sasuke's house.

She stepped out of the car and ran to ring the doorbell.

Dammit, I shoulda bring an umbrella, she thought as she still waited for another 3 minutes for anybody open the damn gate.

The maid led her and handed her an umbrella. They entered the house and Sasuke's mom was just really grateful to see her and gave her a hug right after she saw her.

"Oh Ino, my dear," Sasuke's mom said as she pulled out from the hug. "You're all wet! You should change before anything else," she looked at the maid and ordered her, "Please do get her some clothes."

"Ma'am, if you please follow me," the server looked at Ino, and Ino just nodded as her reply. Maybe it was a good idea to change clothes since it was freezing cold.

After 15 minutes or so, she'd done changing and the maid gave her a cup of hot cocoa. Sasuke's mom sat next to Ino on a relaxing couch.

"I'm glad to see you," Mrs. Uchiha said, her eyes were full of joy. "And we all miss you here; may I ask what brought you in our humble home?"

"You're still so nice to me," Ino replied as she felt a little guilty. How could Sasuke not feel guilty deceiving his mom? "I wanted to see Sasuke, if he's here."

"Oh, he's here," the older woman answered. "But he's kind of sick. He's not doing too well after the breakup."

"Is he okay?" Ino became suddenly anxious. Why would he not be doing so well anyway? She was just kidding, heck yes she knew why! That was why she was here. "Am I able to see him?"

"Yes, please see him. I know he does want to see you."

"Can I go to his room now?"



Knowing that his door would be locked, she used the key his mom gave to her. She didn't know how would she face him but she still wanted to see Sasuke. Badly.

Ino opened the door and saw him sitting on the floor with emptied bottles of expensive wines. He looked at her, and stopped what he'd been doing – drinking. Ino walked towards him and sat next to him.

"I don't know how to start," Ino was the first one to break the silence. It saddened her to see him looking so broken and depressed. "But I know I don't want to see you being like this."

"I thought you went somewhere far," he said, dragging his eyes away from her. "With him."

"I did," she looked at him then looked away, "but I realized I wanted to go back."

He stared at her as he touched her cheek. "I apologize to what I've done."

"No," Ino smiled sadly. "Don't apologize that you kept that secret from me," Ino held his hand on her cheek. "Apologize to me because you didn't stop me and tell me that you had feelings for me."

"But you ran away," was his rebuttal. "You ran away from me after I told you what I kept from you."

"Sasuke, I did not run away from you," she said. "I walked away slowly and you still did not stop me."

"You still went away."

"Because you wouldn't tell me that you kept that from me because you loved me," Ino retorted as she gazed down. "I wanted you to say it."

"Will I get something if I say it now?"

"You won't know if you won't try," Ino smiled. "Go ahead, try it."

"I…" he gulped. "I… I do love you."

"Why?" she asked again. "What made you? Why me?"

"Because you're Yamanaka Ino," he smiled for the first time in a week. A week ago, he was able to smile because of her – during the festival. "The girl I want to be with every damn second of my life. Because Yamanaka Ino is the only I can be comfortable with… Now, do I get something?"

"I dunno why but all my sources point to yes."

No words being said, he leant towards her and kissed her overpoweringly as she did the same. But then she pulled back. Sasuke stared at her, "You're not just teasing me again like you did in the hotel, are you?"

"Absolutely not," Ino grinned. "I'm just thinking, how funny it is that we started this not knowing this would happen. And like, well… I never realized until earlier that I got over Shika without me knowing some time ago… because of you."

"Probably you just got used to cry over him and the thoughts that he was the first man you loved."


"Isn't it unfair that you didn't tell me you love me too?" Sasuke asked as he slanted an eyebrow.

"Are you being childish because of the wines you drank?"

"I'm not being childish," he defended. "I've never been childish until now – Ino, just now. Just say it."

"Make me," she dared, "if you can, Uchiha Sasuke."

And then he kissed her again and this time, he was the one who held back. "And?"

"Okay, okay," Ino surrendered. "Love you too. Now, can we get back to we were doing previously?"

"My pleasure," he didn't hesitate, he just kissed her like this was the last time.




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