Konoha had been a busy place today

Konoha had been a busy place today. There was a festival and all the stores had discounts. Jiraiya, the owner of borders and the writer of Icha-Icha was closing his store for the night. As he was about to leave he saw that Starbucks was still open and thought he could get a drink.

"Hey we need a double, mocha frap, hot, with extra wipe cream and triple the chocolate syrup stat!" The owner of the store, Tsunade said. "Anything else ma'am?"

"No that will be all." A nice woman says. Jiraiya recognizes this woman as his wife for over 20 years.

"That will be 6.98, Toyuki."

She paid, got her drink and she saw Jiraiya. "Hey babe! See you at home!" She said giving him a kiss and leaving.

Jiraiya went back to paying attention to Tsunade who was waving at him. "Hey Jiraiya!"

Jiraiya and Tsunade had been working across each other for about 30 years or more. They knew each other very well. But Jiraiya's business wasn't always as successful as Tsunade's. So in the beginning she would always help him out until his store became prosperous. He was very grateful to her and developed a crush over the last 10 years. But there was a small problem. He was married. He and his wife were actually going through marriage counseling but she refused to get a divorce or separation.

Jiraiya tried to get that out of his mind. He started to walk towards Tsunade when Orochimaru, the man who owns the pet store next to Jiraiya's store came up. He and Jiraiya hated each other. Orochimaru also received help from Tsunade a few times that helped him. He did anything to annoy Jiraiya. First he stole Jiraiya's lead sale's boy Sasuke, then he put rats and snakes in his store, and much more. But the thing he hated the most is that Orochimaru started to date Tsunade, just to annoy him!

"Hey baby!" He said to Tsunade to annoy Jiraiya. Then he tried to lean in and steal a kiss until Tsunade slapped him.

"Orochimaru! I told you like 5 years ago! We are through!!" Tsunade screamed.

Jiraiya smiled a little. "Nice one snake boy!"

Orochimaru just glared. "Come on Tsunade you know you want me!"

Tsunade rolled her eyes. "Hey Jiraiya, want a drink?"

"Yeah, my usual!"

Tsunade smiled and went to prepare it herself. Jiraiya liked it when she made it. She knew just how to make it right. He loved the stores, Caramel and Mocha twist frap and he thought Tsunade made them perfectly. She always put the right amount of caramel and the right amount or chocolate. She'd always put the right amount of whip cream and with put some sprinkles and cherry on top. Just the way he liked it. He took a sip and paid.

"So do you like it?" Tsunade would always ask that question when ever she gave him the drink. And he'd always say…

"I love it! It's better than the last."

She smiled and went back to work. Just before Jiraiya left he'd always look at her once more thinking, 'She looks so much prettier than yesterday.' Then he'd leave with a small smile.

Tsunade would always watch him leave with a small look in her eyes. Her new employee, Sakura came and stood by her. Tsunade had a small day dreaming look in her eyes.

"Why don't you tell him?" Sakura asked breaking Tsunade out of the trance.

"Well his marriage is already hanging from a thread; I don't want to ruin it more!" Tsunade said.

"But you are practically in love with the man!"

"No, it's just a small crush! I'll get over it soon! I always do!"

"That is what you always say it never happens!"

"Well you always say you'll ask that Sasuke guy out and that never happened!"

Sakura, in defeat just went back to work. Tsunade smirk in victory and continued serving her customers.