Tsunade sat there and finished her meal. Lady like of course! Then she got up. "Thanks Orochimaru. I have to go now." She said grabbing her purse and heading out.

She did a quick round her to get her jacket then she went around looking for Jiraiya. She never did. She was up till 3 in the morning looking for him and it started raining around 12. Luckily for her she had slept in till 6 pm that is when Orochimaru came banging to take her to dinner.

She was close to Starbucks and thought why not open up early. She went to the store still in her dress and jacket. She flipped the closed sign when she saw a very drunk Jiraiya stumbling down the street.

"Jiraiya!" She said out loud. She ran out to get him. He had bags under his eyes, they were red and his body felt freezing cold. She took him into Starbucks and put her jacket on him. "Jiraiya are you okay?" She asked worried.

He had a bit of a hang over. He had passed out at the bar and just woke. He was shivering cold. Tsunade gave him a coffee to warm him up and he took it gratefully.

"How are you?" She asked as she iced his head.

"I-I g-good… m-my h-head k-kinda h-hurts." He said shaking.

Tsunade got a blanket from the back and wrapped him warmly. "Comfortable?" She asked smiling.

Jiraiya smiled back. "Yeah. Thanks." He said.

Tsunade then gave him a paper bag. "Try to puke in there."

"Thanks." He said again. Then he puked. Tsunade didn't open up yet she kept the place close for 2 hours. But by the first hour and a half Jiraiya started to feel a lot better especially after Tsunade gave him some tea.

They sat across each other quietly waiting for the other to start. "So…" Tsunade decided to break the ice. "What happened last night? Orochimaru said he saw you run away crying. Did something happen between you and Toyuki?"

"Yeah, we got a divorce."

"I'm so sorry."

"But that's not why I was upset."

There was more silence. This time Jiraiya decided to end it.

"So you and Orochimaru are back together?" He asked. Tsunade instantly started to break down laughing. "What?"

"I did NOT get back with Orochimaru! He was being nice and treated me to dinner because I've been watching his store. He caught the flu last week and so did some employees this whole month. I've been helping him out." She explained.

"Is that why you were gone all month?"

"No and yes. I took my days off their and my breaks and I got a little sick myself in the middle."

"Oh… you… weren't avoiding me?"

Tsunade was quiet. "I uh… well…"

"So you were…"

"No! Not completely. I'm really sorry… it's just…"

"Is it because of what I said?"

"A little…"

"Tsunade I didn't mean any of it! I swear! I swear on my own grave!"

There was a short silence once again. Tsunade was urging to tell him she liked him but didn't want to bring it up especially after a divorce.

"So um… what happened… with Toyuki?" She asked a bit nervous.

Jiraiya thought this was the perfect time to tell Tsunade. "Well one she was cheating on me!" Jiraiya started off.

"Oh I'm so sorry." Tsunade said.

"And also… I'm madly in love with another." He said looking straight into Tsunade's eyes. Right there Tsunade knew who he was talking about and she stared back into his.

"And this other person… she is a girl right?" She asked.

Jiraiya laughed a bit but didn't lose eye contact. "And she is quite beautiful."

Tsunade started to lean in. "And what happened if this beautiful lady loved you back?"

"I'd be happier than anyone in the world." He said also leaning in. He understood what Tsunade meant.

They leaned in closer and closer until their lips finally met. Their eyes were closed and lips locked tight. When they finally released their eye contact hadn't changed but they had a certain dreamy look in their eyes and they stared and talked to each other till the girls came.


It's been a year since Jiraiya and Tsunade shared their first kiss and they still never forgot what happened. Now they were happily married and expecting twins.

"Hey beautiful!" Jiraiya said coming into the store. Tsunade was cleaning some table.

"Hey you!" She said.

He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "How is my wife?" He asked giving her a quick peck.

"I'm fine." She smiled. He released her.

"How are my twins doing?" He asked tickling her stomach. She giggled. "Oh! I felt it kick!!"

"Maybe he doesn't want to share his mommy." She said.

"Well I can't wait. Only 3 more months before they come!!" Jiraiya stated.

"Yup. You have me to yourself for three months before you have to share me!" She said getting behind the counter.

He smiled. "That's three more months wouldn't have if I got you pregnant sooner."

"Yeah well get ready for yelling and screaming."

He chuckled. "Come on lets go get lunch you and don't just order a salad I don't want you starving the kids!"

"I don't think I'm starving them." She said referring to her overly sized stomach. He smiled. He was going to spend the rest of his life with this woman… and he wouldn't have it any other way.

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