Chapter 45: The Beginning of Forever


We drove for a long time, and the only thing I knew was that we were driving South. I had no idea where we headed or when we would arrive. But as each tree flew by and with every mile that brought us closer, the anticipation grew.

I was nervous for our wedding night, because Edward hadn't seen me in over a month, and I no longer had the same body. My breast were slightly bigger, my hips a bit wider, and my stomach had a small bump. I wasn't the same Bella.

Would Edward like the new changes? Would it disgust him? Would he even want to touch me? Doubts seemed to stir up in my mind from time to time. I tried to fight them, but sometimes I couldn't. The internal battle was very hard on me, but I never gave up.

"Why are you so quiet?" He asked reaching for my hand. "Aren't you happy?"

"I am, Edward. I guess its just nerves." I answered as he grinned.

"There are no need for nerves, my love." He assured me his eyes shifting to me.

"I'm just being silly." I added taking a deep breath as we continued down the highway.

We drove for at least two hours at Edward's high speed, ending up in front of the beach house we had escaped to nine months before. The beach house where had reconnected, and had reorganized our priorities. "I would've taken you somewhere else, but we only have a weekend." He said looking at me with an expectant stare.

"It's perfect, Edward. I wouldn't want to be any place else." I assured him as he smiled walking around to open my door.

"I'll make it up to you." He promised even though he didn't have to. This was more than enough for me. We walked up the steps to the white beach house the breeze from the ocean already hitting us. We were completely secluded from the world. We would spend the entire weekend enjoying each other's company.

He picked me up bridal style carrying me under the threshold and up the stairs to the bedroom. Even though I had been here before everything looked just as new. The seaside decorations the distinct smell of the ocean all blended together to make everything a fantasy come true. We made it upstairs to the bedroom feeling the warm breeze flow in through the open porch doors.

"I have a wedding present for you." Edward said with a smile.

"A present?" I asked in shock. I didn't know that I had to get him a present, and I didn't have anything for him. I began to protest, but was silenced with a kiss.

"I wasn't expecting anything, I just had to buy it when I saw that it had gone on sale." He explained retrieving a small envelope from our suitcases, which were already there. "This is for both of us and for the family we are about to start building."

I had no idea what to expect as my hands began to trembled. I slowly opened the envelope revealing a legal document with Edward's signature and a space for my own. I read the title my heart beginning to beat faster. He had bought land under both our names. "Where is this?" I asked not understanding the specifications written out on paper.

"It's our meadow and the land directly surrounding it." He said with a huge smile. "I couldn't let anybody else buy it, and I figured that once I'm done with schooling we can move back here to where it all started."

"I love you, Edward." I replied finding no other words that were good enough.

Edward kissed me passionately as I removed the jacket of his tuxedo. His lips covered me with kisses as he slowly removed my dress and I his shirt. Edward's eyes feasted on me as I stood before him in white lace underwear. I smiled nervously as his eyes looked me over. I knew he could see every imperfection.

His eyes bore into mine and down my body, his lips curving in a smile. He walked towards me, and with every step his smile grew. The love he had for me washed over me, and I understood that he was happy. I had not disappointed him, he loved me and that was all that mattered.


Bella was even more beautiful than I could remember. I noticed small changes in her breasts, hips and stomach. However, that only made her more beautiful. It was an unreal feeling to know that she was carrying my baby in her. I smiled up at her catching her nervous glance, and instantly wrapping my arms around her.

"You have never looked more beautiful or sexy, my wife." I assured her with a gentle kiss.

She smiled up at me, and I was thankful she didn't argue. She sometimes didn't see herself too clearly. I carried her to the bed that had been covered in white sheets. The contrast of her dark hair and eyes against her skin and the sheets made me shiver in anticipation.

We kissed for a very long time, rediscovering each other. Everything seemed new and different, almost as if being married had given us a new depth to explore. Our clothes were slowly lost, and as I entered her I felt my world come together. All fears and doubts were gone replaced by love and assuredness. Bella was my wife, and we would forever be one.

We made love all night. We savored each moment of our togetherness, continuing past sunrise. We stopped only when it was impossible to continue, and even then I still held her as close as possible. She was the most important person in my life, and I couldn't wait for our baby to join us.

I watched her sleep with a smile on her face as my fingers traced the outline of her body. I didn't know what I had done to deserve her, but I knew I was exceptionally lucky to have her. I would never be good enough for her, but I would work my hardest for her. I kissed her again before allowing sleep to overcome me. I knew I would dream of Bella and I knew that we would always be together.

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