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Falling Star

Kagome was so excited, she was actually at their concert! A Sengoku Scenesters concert. The dreamy trio were going to be singing right in front of her…especially Inuyasha…she couldn't wait to see him. To hear his melodious voice singing beautiful ballads in person was almost too much to bear. But she knew she wasn't the only excited one.

Sango, though she doesn't like to show it, is also a major fan of the band. Especially Miroku, his sly grin and enticing eyes making her weak in the knees despite her flagrant disapproval of his dating skills. She knows he is lecherous playboy but he is a damn good singer and attractive at that.

Plus, there's Ayame, who makes no attempt at hiding her ginormous crush on Kouga. She thought everything about him was just awesome…she loved his smile and his romantic antics even though she's only ever read about them. She was the first member of their club to admit that she might be 'in love' with a member of the band.

Their club? The Sengoku Sisters. A school club dedicated solely to the band. Practically every girl at the school was a member (plus ten brave boys). Even still, those three got the tickets because they were the biggest fans. Each of the three had listened to and memorized the lyrics of every SS song and dance sequence in every music video. They knew some interviews inside and out. They also knew a couple of details about the boys' personal lives that some insiders don't even know. All this without being the stalkerish kind of fans.

They were know as the Sengoku Senoritas and were the founders of the club. Sango, Ayame and Kagome foresaw everything that went on in the club and were the ones that answered the question that won them the tickets.

And know they were on their way there! They were going to be right in the front! It was so excited; Kagome's heart was pounding louder than everything else. She could barely hear Inuyasha's voice in her iPod but she knew it well enough to imagine it.

He was the only celebrity that Kagome had ever gone gaga over or paid attention to. Inuyasha was the only person she had ever dreamt of marrying or going on a date with that had ever been on TV. He was the only guy she had ever admitted being in love with, no matter how ridiculous that sounds. His voice was the only thing that pulled her through the rough times and his face was what she woke up to every morning. Kagome had a feeling she was going to cry at this concert.

Sango, who was driving, replied, "What do we do if we fall asleep halfway through the concert? It goes way past my 'lights out time'."

Kagome had been worrying about that…what if when Inuyasha sees her at the concert; it's because she was snoring loud enough to disrupt him. That would be mortifying…

Ayame laughed, "Not gonna happen! I brought some energy drink just to prevent that. It's highly caffinated and high in ginseng. It's might be able to keep up until next week if we drink enough. And I would if it would get Kouga to say my name…"

Sango rolled her eyes, "I don't get how you two can be so 'ahh' about some guy you've never even met before." Sango was the last member to admit that she was crushing on/in love with a member of the SS and that hardly even counted because she put an 'I could be…' in front of it.

Kagome sighed, "I don't know, really, it's just he makes me feel as though I'm somewhere else…a beautiful place."

"Like a beach…" Ayame mused, "And he's right there with me…"

"Without a shirt…" Kagome was drooling.

Ayame smiled, perversely, "And no pants either…"

Sango rolled her eyes but her face was red as a tomato. Those two had got her fantasizing too. And now it was hard to see straight…a naked Miroku with me…

"Whispering sweet nothings…" Kagome was going to her happy place…her very happy place.

Ayame smiled, "You mean talking dirty…"

"And kissing me all over," Kagome might erupt if she continued.

Ayame grinned, "Oh yeah!"

Sango shook her head, "You two are disgusting, you know that. And don't you forget Kagome-"

"He has a girlfriend," Kagome sighed, "I know, I know. But she's dead when he's singing to me…all there is him and me…"

Sango rolled her eyes as she pulled into the parking lot.

The excitement rose as the girls neared the concert. They gulped down energy drinks (plural as in multiple drinks per girl). They were going to make sure they didn't fall asleep at their first concert. They were going to make sure that they saw the band, heard the music and that the members fell in love with them. Well, that one would be the just a bonus…they wouldn't be too disappointed if it didn't happen…

When they got to the concert, they fell in love with the band all over again. They melted in their seats…when it came to the last song; the energy drink really started to affect them. They were getting giddy and a little eccentric.

"Whooo! I love you Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed and nearly hugged his feet. Nearly.

Sango kept bouncing on her feet like a high ten-year-old and Ayame kept muttering stuff and then screaming some of it aloud. They were really weird when high off of energy drink.

Suddenly, right before the last song began, the boys beckoned them onto the stage. The exciting fluttering in their hearts did not help the adrenaline rush from the energy drink…they were ready to explode and definitely not themselves. Despite Miroku's lecherous hand placements, Sango was smiling and giggling. Ayame clung to Kouga like they were already going out and laid her head on his shoulder. And Kagome just kept looking Inuyasha straight in the eyes…falling deeply into them.

As Inuyasha sang the last line of the song, Kagome got pulled too deeply into her perfect world. She leaned in towards Inuyasha…

Inuyasha just finished singing the last line of the last song. This wasn't as bad as he thought it would be… The girl he had to serenade wasn't one of those creepy stalker types who believed they were soul mates. And she was kind of cute…so it wasn't impossible, unlike last time when he had to serenade some 400-pound woman with a moustache and a unibrow…gross…she kept drooling too. And she was like 20 years older than he was…it was really disturbing…

Suddenly he noticed cute girl leaning towards him… What the hell is she doing? Is she going to faint? What do I- He found himself cut off by her lips ON TOP OF HIS. As a man in a relationship, he really should push her away…but as a man attracted to women especially cute ones…he couldn't let himself do that…part of him anyway. He really meant to pull apart after a couple of seconds…a minute at most but it was so enjoyable…he actually found himself kissing back.

What about Kikyo? A voice in his head inquired.

Kikyo who? He replied but was snapped back into reality…Oh shit…she'll freaking neuter me for this one…crap in a hat in a hat made of crap…I'm screwed.

Kagome's eyes widened when she felt him kiss back. She was being kissed by a mega hunk…O…M…G. She is so freaking lucky…but this is taking really long…what about his girlfriend…Kagome shook her head…who cares?

Miroku gaped at Inuyasha but he was chuckling a little. Inuyasha is a guy on a very short leash, and I'm sure he doesn't mind it. He's hardly the type to cheat but low and behold there he is making out with a fan…onstage…hmm…maybe there's a secret side of our favourite hanyou…

Kouga looked at Inuyasha with a look of sheer horror. The mutt is gonna doom us all! What the hell does he think he's doing? Is he that curious about hell? What the hell is wrong with him? Damn him! That retard is going to get us all sent into oblivion…he's such a damn fool!

Ayame looked at Kagome slyly; she was gutsy to pull something like that. Ayame wondered if she could do the same but because being under the influence of energy drink sort of lowers her intelligence significant, she left it at that. Just wondering…

Sango raised an eyebrow. Whoa Kagome, did you forget already that he has a girlfriend? Did he? What are you thinking? And again, what is he? This cannot end well. Then she vaguely wondered whether Miroku was a good kisser but did not act. Because his hand on her butt was about as much of Sango as he was going to get…had she not been so…high or whatever she'd be kicking his ass.

Inuyasha pulled away abruptly as all the different ways Kikyo could kill him began to float up in his mind. I am so doomed…so doomed…so doomed…so doomed…my life will end shortly…I think I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. "Um…goodnight Tokyo!" He placed his hand around Kagome's waist in an attempt to make the scene a little more commercial…like he was paid to do it…maybe Kikyo will only send him halfway to hell… He was allowed to dream, wasn't he?

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