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Shooting Star

Shippo stood there. There was a roaring in his ears.

He couldn't believe it.

This couldn't be happening.

Yume stood there with a cold smile on her face. "Are you okay Shi-kun?"

Shippo couldn't believe her. After everything...after everything she just... Shippo blinked back tears, "No I'm not fucking okay, you stupid bitch!"

Yume blinked in surprise before breaking into a vicious grin. "Poor Shi-kun. Yume didn't think Shi-kun would actually fall for Yume that much. Hey, Yume'll give you a free pass to Yume's next concert, if Shi-kun would like."

Shippo couldn't believe this woman. "I don't wanna go to your next fucking concert. You call me out here to break up with me. Out of the blue. And when I ask why, you tell me it's because I'm taking away your precious fucking spotlight. And you think I wanna go see your next concert?"

Yume curled her hair and let out a sickening giggle. "Yume's sorry, Shi-kun, really. But Yume has to be the number one. The only number one. Shi-kun should be happy he helped Yume achieve Yume's dream." She let out a giggle at her pun. "Get it Yume means dream?"

Shippo only glared in response.

"Look on the brightside, Shi-kun, at least now Shi-kun will become part of Yume's story and even more famous than before!" Yume replied.

"You don't get it, do you? We've been going out for almost a year and you still don't get it! I don't want to be famous. Why the hell do you think I'm only Inuyasha's assistant? I couldn't care less about fame and fortune," Shippo shook his head at the confused look Yume gave him. He sighed, "I should've just listened to Inuyasha and Sango. They could see this coming a mile away."


"Shut up, you fake bitch," Shippo snapped, "Why don't you just talk to me like a normal person? When you talk like that, you just sound like more of a fucking monster!"

She let out amused laughter. "Fine, Shi-kun. I'll talk like a normal person. I really wish there were cameras here. This drama could propel me so much higher. I should get a reality television show next."

Shippo couldn't believe this woman. "A reality television show? So everyone could see what a monster you really are?"

Yume laughed, "Of course not. So more people will know about Pretty Yume-tan. So that more people will watch my videos and more people will go to my concerts and more people will watch the dramas I stare in and the animes that I voice act in so that everyone will know and love Yume-tan! So that I will be number one, the only number one!"

Shippo took a few steps back. And he sighed, "You've been swallowed up by the fame game." He shook his head at her and gave her a look full of pity, "I hate to see what you'll look like when it finally spits you back out."

Yume tilted her head in confusion.

Shippo didn't even care anymore.


"Shippo, what's wrong?" Kagome asked immediately.

Shippo looked at all his friends (and Kouga) and sighed, "Yume broke up with me."

There were gasps of shock but Inuyasha and Kouga didn't seem surprised. But Inuyasha, at least, seemed sad.

"I told you she wasn't good enough for you," Inuyasha replied simply as he peeled himself an apple.

As Shippo let out a sigh, he felt the pain in his heart, "I know that now. She was... so sad... really. Pathetic even, I almost wish I could help her."

Kagome and Ayame both embraced Shippo tightly, even though he didn't really feel like he needed it.

"Someone like her can't be helped," Sango snapped, "Apparently, she's always been that way. Long before she even became famous."

"It's a game that some people will do anything to win."

Suddenly the pain came roaring back.

"Poor Shi-kun. Yume didn't think Shi-kun would actually fall for Yume that much. Hey, Yume'll give you a free pass to Yume's next concert, if Shi-kun would like."

He clenched his fists as tears came pouring out.

Kagome and Ayame just tried their best to comfort him.

Inuyasha stared at the apple, continuing to peel the skin off. He opened his mouth.

Here I am once again

I'm torn into pieces

Can't deny

Can't pretend

Just thought you were the one

Broken up deep inside

But you won't get to see the tears I've cried

Behind these

Inuyasha paused for a moment, looking up from the apple, before turning back to his peeling.

Behind these emerald eyes

And he continued in that vein while Shippo cried his eyes out.


Shippo eventually went up to bed, saying he was tired. The girls went home soon afterward.

There was a tense and angry silence in the room.

"So how will we fuck this bitch up?" Inuyasha asked.

Miroku tilted his head, pondering the question, "Hmm... well I don't suggest violence, although I very much think she deserves it. But violence would just make things messy."

"Meh, not if we do it right, it won't," Kouga replied, "I mean, she's such a fake bitch, lots of people will just believe she made it up if she told anyone."

Miroku sighed, "Yes, but do you really think the girls would approve of it-"

"Sango would," Inuyasha cut in, "In fact, I'm tempted to call her back here so we can go and punish this Yume bitch right now."

Miroku let out another sigh. The option was appealing but someone needed to be the voice of reason. And as much as it bothered Miroku to go easy on Yume, he had to be the voice of reason. After all, no one else would be. "More importantly, would Shippo approve?"

There was a silence.

"Eventually, he'd be wishing we videotaped it so he could watch it over and over and over again," Inuyasha answered.

Miroku gave Inuyasha a look.

"Okay, we won't beat the crap out of her," Inuyasha relented, "But she's not getting away with what she did to Shippo, okay? There's no way in hell I'm letting that bitch off scot-free for using Shippo and throwing him away."

"Well, why don't we use our words?" Miroku replied with an evil grin.

Inuyasha and Kouga blinked before sharing a conspiratorial grin.

"But first," Inuyasha replied, "We have to teach this bitch who she just messed with."

As Shippo yawned and tried to sleep for the umpteenth time, he heard maniacal laughter from the floor below. He wondered if he should stop them.

"Shi-kun should be happy he helped Yume achieve Yume's dream."

He decided Yume needed a lesson or two.


Yume walked with a satisfied smirk. Her break-up with Inuyasha's assistant had received more publicity than she had anticipated. Now everyone knew her, even if it was just as the idol girl who broke Inuyasha's assistant's heart. It helped even more that he wasn't talking to the press about it so she could spin it any way she wanted to and no one would counter.

Although countering would drag the whole thing out and get her even more publicity.

Yume put a finger to her chin as she contemplated getting Shi-kun to come on television with her. That would certainly wrack up attention. If he cried, that would wrack up even more attention. She was about to break into laughter when she felt a tug on her arm.

She turned to find one of the Sengoku Scenesters, Inuyasha she believed, standing there with a smirk on his face. She blinked, wondering if he was interested in her. That would set the tabloids crazy. After all, going out with her ex's boss and not to mention that Inuyasha was going out with Kagome. The love square is the icing on the cake. And Inuyasha would give her so much publicity. After all, he was gone for weeks but the tabloids would never stop talking about him. She giggled, "Hello, you're Inu-tan, right?"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes before tightening his grip on her arm a little, "Cut the crap, Lil Miss Fake."

Yume blinked. Okay, so he wasn't interested in her. But this could still prove to work in her favour. He seemed mad at her over something. Probably Shi-kun. The drama would wrack up so much-

"I was wondering if you really think you'd get away with stomping all over Shippo's feelings. I honestly only put up with you going out with him because you made him so happy. But after the way he came home yesterday, you're lucky I haven't killed you yet," Inuyasha sneered through clenched teeth.

Yume wasn't sure but she might have actually be scared. But what a story this would make to tell the press. And anything involving Inuyasha would propel her-

"You seem to think it's fine to just use people and throw them away? Well, you're wrong. And you picked the worst possible person to use. Because not only is Shippo my assistant, but he's also my cousin. And he's like the baby of the Scenesters. And let's not forget how much our girlfriends love him."

"Um...Inu-tan, Yume-tan has somewhere to-" As useful this whole incident is, she's got a photo shoot to get to.

"So we're gonna see to it that you learn exactly what you put him through," Inuyasha continued, starting to sound very much like a villain from a comic book, "By taking away what's precious to you."

Yume let out a laugh. Are they going to find some girl to take away her most precious person? Are they going to get her next boyfriend to break up with her? How stupid. Don't they realize how dispensable everyone around her is? "Go ahead and try," Yume replied matching Inuyasha's tone.

"I don't think you realize how powerful we Scenesters are," Inuyasha replied, "There's only one reason you're popular and that's because none of your fans can see your true colours."

Yume blinked, starting to feel genuine fear. She tried to shake Inuyasha off. They can't do that. That can't stop her.

"And believe me, we can see to it that they do. Don't think no one will ask us about Shippo, because they all will. And we'll tell them the truth and nothing but the truth. And will ruin your reputation one interview at a time."

Yume's heart started pounding as she imagined it. Her popularity dropping. Would her fans protect her? They should protect her, right?

"I hate to see what you'll look like when it finally spits you back out."


Shippo was really trying to put the whole Yume incident behind him. He stared at the blackboard with a sad expression. He could hear some of his female classmates chatting about him.

They were probably talking about how he had been dumped by Yume. He wouldn't blame them.

When the teacher stepped out of the room, he had to go get something, one of the girls stepped out the circle and headed towards him.

She was going to ask him about Yume, right? Or make fun of him for being dumped? Or will she try to get a ticket to a Sengoku Scenester concert? Haven't they realized he can't do that for them?


Shippo sighed and turned to her. It was Aizawa-san. He didn't think she was the type to do any of those things about. But you can't really judge a book by its cover, can you? Now Shippo knew that from personal experience. "Yes, Aizawa-san?"

"Um...will you meet me on the roof at lunch?" she asked, blushing.

Shippo's eyes widened. Wait...what?

"And...I-I'm sorry about your break-up with Puri Yume-tan," she added in a way that sounded both genuine and fake. Like some part of her was secretly happy.

Shippo blinked as she went back to sit with her friends. He suddenly remembered her insulting Yume-tan an oddly frequent amount of times over the past year. Like all of a sudden, Yume had done something to irk her.

Shippo felt his face heat up. And let a smile spread on his face. Suddenly remembering something else.

Before Yume, there was Aizawa Sakura.

Originally that last scene wasn't gonna be in it. But I decided Shippo really should have some sort of happy ending. And the song Inuyasha was singing was an edited version of Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson, I was listening to it while writing this chapter.

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