Notes-There are many different ideas out there that have been used to change
or alter Ranma's fate in some way. The idea that he is stuck as a girl is
one of them, it is one that I both like and dislike equally. It is a good
thing if it helps Ranma to grow out of his shell and makes him happy in some
way, but bad because it has a tendency to ruin the entire idea of what Ranma
1/2 is. I debated on this idea for several days before deciding to do it,
but it had to still be Ranma in some way and that meant that I had to replace
some of the elements that I took away by turning him female permanently. To
that end, like most of my other stories, this is a SM crossover and that
will be used to make a new back drop for this story. It is set during the
first season with Jedite and the other generals so that I can build a bit of
history for her.

What does this mean for the rest of Ranma's history, rivals, and
girlfriends? It will be altered to fit the new circumstances as best as one
can without destroying it entirely. This mixed in with Sailor Moon is going
to cause some true chaos in everything . It will also mean that certain
characters will be OOC as some like to say, I will keep the basic
personality traits that make them who and what they are though.

Princess of the Moon
By C. Rose


'Panda no baka' went through Ranma's mind as the guide tried once again to
pour hot water over her head. She sighed as the wanted transformation did
not take place, it looked like she was going to be a girl for the rest of
her life now. She sat dejectedly on the little stool in the guide's hut,
anger and depression written on her face. They just had to come here, it was
a great training ground, yeah right she thought. She watched as the guide
poured hot water over the panda and he transformed back into her father, an
aura of anger formed around her as she glared at the old man and made him
cower against the back of the hut.

Ranma just couldn't believe this was happening to him, just what Kami had
he pissed off to deserve this? She had been having a perfectly normal fight
with the asshole that was her father and knocked him into a spring,
perfectly fine. Then she had finally heard the guide shouting out a warning
just as this giant panda jumps out of the pool, it's body glowing with chi,
and back hands her clear across the small valley where she smashes into a
wooden fence that was being used to block off several springs. These were
the ones that were far worse than the regular ones, these were the monster
springs, the mind altering springs, and the permanent springs.

Splash down had been a shock of cold water and an intense feeling of
numbness as it spread through her body and altered her. Spring of Drowned
Girl, Ranma has surfaced and shaken her head and wondered what had happened.
She could tell that something was off right away, just standing had been a
chore when she realized that her sense of balance was off, lower than it
should have been. Then the second part of her new curse, Panda no Baka, had
hit her and altered her whole world. Her outlook had changed just slightly,
but enough to let her know that she had no way to go back to what she was.

The guide was as apologetic as he could get, bowing to her and trying to
tell them that he had tried to warn them. Ranma didn't blame the guide, she
remembered ignoring the little man when they arrived. She was a girl now,
forever, but that wasn't the whole problem. If she could change back and
forth she might have been more forgiving, but could feel this feeling inside
of her that she couldn't place. As a man she had never felt anything like
this, it was power, she was sure of that, but what kind was a total mystery.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you old man?" Ranma snarled,
her eyes burning with a silver light.

Genma screamed like a little girl and fell to his knees in his patented
'Crouch of the Wild Tiger' and started whimpering and begging for her
forgiveness. Ranma didn't know it but she was blazing with massive aura and
reminded him of some of the masters escapades in the past. Her new form was
breathtaking to say the least, a little taller than her old male one, a
dancers lithe body, a set of large breasts, and red hair that had burst out
of it's customary pig tail and grown before their eyes until it reached the
back of her calves. It was waving in the power of the aura she was putting
out and making her drop dead gorgeous, the power nearly blasting him off his
knees even as he cowered before her.

"Well?!!" Ranma yelled.

"I-I-I..." Genma gibbered as Ranma growled and kicked him with the full
power of her aura behind it. With a grunt of pain, Genma was sent flying
through the roof of the hut and far into the sky on a flight that would last
some minutes and end in a village of Amazons some miles away who where even
them just beginning get into their yearly Martial Arts Tournament. All the
women were wearing their armor and weapons as they heard a scream and looked
up into the sky. Genma fell out of the sun and impacted the table holding
the feast of food that had been prepared for the winner, they were not
happy. They took much satisfaction in making their displeasure known to the
unconscious man that had interrupted them.

Back at the springs Ranma had taken both packs and emptied them on the
ground to search for anything that she might need. She rummaged around until
she found what she was looking for, her father's money belt and the money it
contained (stolen of course). She also set aside her father's scroll case,
Tanto, and several books. She then spent the next several minutes examining
her new body, and decided that there was only a few ways she could survive
this without going insane. Oh, she was mad right now, but had done something
like this in the past when she was subjected to the Neko-ken, she had barely
survived that because she had tried to hold all the pain and fear inside
her. Luckily that old lady that had helped her had been smart enough to
teach her some special ways to deal with it. This curse could be hated and
rejected like she did with the Neko-ken, or she could accept it, adjust, and
move on with a laugh. It would serve the old fart if she never came back to
him, all his plans were dead now, the perfect revenge she figured. She
grinned, the old fart had started to talk in his sleep lately, it had been
quite an education learning about how he thought of her.

There were some good qualities she was just beginning to realize, the
transformation had altered her mind and implanted a large amount of
information. A good amount of it was shocking the hell out of her,
everything she didn't want to know about girls was there, it made her
shudder when she realized once again that this to was permanent. There was
also information on skills she had never heard of, like how to talk one's
way out of a fight and lots of information on math, science, even a bit of
magic lore. The last would have to be looked at carefully, maybe she could
find a cure for being turned into this..freak. Ranma felt herself starting
to cry and forced herself to stop, she would stay in control because she was
a man no matter what she looked like.

She had no intention of ever obeying the panda again, what little trust she
had felt for him before coming here was gone. Ten years on the road had
taught her enough martial arts to survive without the old man and she wasn't
going to give it up now that she was missing some vital parts, and the first
order of business was getting herself back up to fighting trim in this new
body. The lack of proper balance was driving her up the wall, to even get a
portion of her edge back she was going to have to retrain her body in
everything she could remember.

Digging back into her pack, Ranma decided that she needed to put something
else on and pulled some of her good clothes out. She cursed this new body as
she lost her balance and fell over when she pulled her gi off and tossed the
top off into the trees, her new tits bouncing free and giving the guide a
free show. He wisely kept his mouth shut and admired the red headed beauty
as she moved. She then pulled on a red silk shirt, arm bracers, and black
pants. She had no feminine modesty so didn't even thing twice about stripping
out of her wet boxers and putting on some dry ones right there in front of
the hut.

Off on the other side of the springs a bandana clad boy was overlooking the
springs when he was hit in the head by a gi top. He growled about idiots and
turned to teach the upstart a lesson in manners when he saw Ranma. His eyes
widened into saucer plates and he gaped at the girl's beauty as she changed
clothes, but when he saw the whole show and fainted when blood exploded out
of his nose, visions of perfect breasts bouncing, rounded cheeks curved just
right, and all the poof he needed to know that she was the natural red head
of his dreams. Luckily he fell backwards and landed on his back, otherwise
he would have landed in one of the springs.

After having all that hot water dumped on her in a futile attempt to change
her back, her hair was very wet and plastered to her back, it was just how
she liked it when she needed to tie it up. Pulling it back tightly, she
started to use the string to section in off into five inch segments, but
there was so much there that she had to force it into the shape she wanted
and after about half an hour she had a super long braided tail that hung
down to below her waist. Ever the martial artist, she tied a small throwing
star into the end of it so she could use it as a weapon if she needed to.
She finished and called out for the guide, but he was just sitting on a
large rock smoking his pipe.

"Guide!" Ranma yelled, waving her hand in front of his face.

The guide screamed and fell off the rock with a loud thump. "Yes Mr.
Customer?" He asked, bowing low in apology, also to hide his blush.

"Where is the nearest place I can get some training in without being
hassled? I don't want to deal with people right now."

The guide sweated and was tempted to send her to the Amazon village, but
her little display of power earlier had frightened him. He may have taken an
oath to send those most likely to be good stock to the village, but even he
knew when someone could very well take their anger out on him. He pointed
off in the direction the customers had used to enter the valley. "Off that
direction is replacement for this training ground, two day travel if walk.
Much better challenge than this cursed place."

Ranma nodded and headed back over to the packs and stuffed anything in his
that he might have need of. He took all the scrolls and most of his pops
money, though he did leave him enough to buy a meal or two, like he would
use it for that. "The panda is likely to return, do not tell him where I
went, he went to far this time and I am breaking all ties with him." Ranma
told the guide.

With that Ranma shouldered the heavy backpack and headed out looking
pissed, her foot found the one root in a three mile radius that was sticking
above the ground by several inches to trip over and she smashed into the
ground face first with a howl of shock. Climbing to her feet she staggered
off complaining about being top heavy and being turned into a klutz all in
one fell swoop, "Panda no Baka!" Ranma yelled out. She then walked on for
several more minutes before she saw a man passed out on the edge of a cliff
over looking the valley, there was blood all over his shirt, but a giant
grin on his face. She wandered over to see if he was alright, that was a lot
of blood to lose as well.

" round and perfect...hehehe..." He giggled at whatever was going
through his mind.

She felt this urge to kick the pervert over the hill, but refrained when
she realized she knew him from somewhere. That bandana and those fangs were
very familiar, but she just couldn't place them right off the bat. She
shrugged and dragged him off into the forest and away from the cliff,
hopeful he would avoid the springs. When she went to retrieve his pack she
got her first shock, it was heavier than hers, by almost ten times as much,
it explained his well muscled arms and back. She looked him over jealously,
just that morning she had been blessed with as similar build, but now it was
gone. Though she did seem to still possess much of her skills and power as a
girl, she just hoped she would be able to compensate for it by the time she
reached Japan again.

Something about this situation felt wrong to her and she decided to leave
before her cursed existence caused her even more problems, the last several
years had been nothing but constant fighting and training, most of the
problems had stemmed from her father in one way or another too. She grabbed
her pack and set off out of the area, leaving the Lost Boy to wake up alone
and blushing down to the tips of his toes as he headed west, left the area
and half an hour later was over looking an ice field in the middle of
nowhere. He had been here several times in the last weeks and used his
special gear in his pack to keep warm while he trudged the ten or fifteen
minutes to the nearby jungle and settled down for the night.

The next several weeks Ranma spent getting her edge back, retraining her
new body to flow through kata designed for a male body. At first her
wanderings and training had been total hell as she tripped an fell every ten
feet, her balance so messed up that she had to spend an entire day just
learning how to walk properly. After that most every thing else quickly
returned as she adapted it, she even made a delightful discovery. Her speed
had always been pretty good, now she could blur from sight a she practiced.
At night she read through the scroll the panda had in his pack and found
several of them pretty easy to learn, though she would half to change the
main reason for the moves to put the to decent use. Why the old fart had a
technique for stealing panties in his possession, but it could work on other
things as well. He even had a Ki charged speed attack that could push her
speed to astronomical heights, she figured once she mastered it she could
throw over 500 punches in a few seconds flat!

Why the hell he hadn't been teaching her these she didn't know, but figured
it had something to do with his always holding back information, even when
she needed it for a fight or just survival. Ranma's training took on an
obsessive quality as she moved across China and avoided most towns she came
across, she had found a number of wanted posters of her father and her old
male half and was glad she had ditched the old man. He would have turned her
in if could get away with it, taking the money and running as fast as he
could. Finally she reached the coast and over looked a small fishing
village, it was just what she needed right then. She set up camp out in the
woods and filled out several post cards she had found in the old man's pack,
they were all the same, so she figured he had just grabbed a bundle for a
rack somewhere and pocketed the lot of them. She thought the panda on the
front was a great omen for the old fart, a kind of forewarning that he hadn't
even known about. It made her grin evilly.

She spent a few hours after that practicing her Ki control and was thrilled
when she pushed her punching speed up to over ninty per second, but she was
disappointed in the down side to the technique. For her speed, she lost a
good amount of the power to her punches and wasn't able to do much damage
yet, but the scroll said to keep at it until the force of her blows
returned. After that she filled out a couple of the post cards, one that the
idiot had planned to send to some guy named Tendo with an extra couple of
lines about his killing his son in a training accident and his curse. Ranma
figured it would be good for a couple of laughs when he showed up at their
door as a giant panda. The second was to his mother, letting her know about
the accident, her parting of ways with the panda (he just had to let her
know about that) and that he had no intention of killing herself now that
she had lost her manhood so was giving up the Saotome name.

It was a bit harsh, but she figured that any one that would let her suffer
through the tortures of training that Genma had put her through didn't
deserve more than that. The Seppuku contract in the old farts bag had been
an eye opener and made her so mad that it had burst into flame while in her
hands. It had also been the final thing she needed to cut her losses and
ditch the old fart, may he become a panda fuck toy for some lonely monkey.
She was putting some thought into changing her name completely, but wasn't
sure if it would do any good. Even if she changed it, someone would
eventually track her down and figure out who she was and she had no
intentions of getting married to some boy just to keep her secret safe. She
had changed, but not that much, girls still turned her head as easily as
they always had, no matter how much the old man had tried to beat the
reaction out of him.


It was about midnight several days later when Ranma reached the coast of
Japan and waked ashore glowing a bright red as she used her aura to dry her
clothing. Several of the couples on the beach ran away in fear, screaming
something about a demon. Ranma ignored them as she made her way into the
city, scaring the crap out of everyone that saw her. Since Ranma didn't have
a mirror, she couldn't see what she looked like, but a cat hiding in a
nearby alley was watching her intently and gasped as she saw the small
silver crescent moon on the girl's forehead, tears poured down the cats face
as memories filled her head.

Luna ran out of the alley to catch her princess, but had to dive in as the
girl turned to look at her and screamed in fear. Luna spun around to protect
her princess, but found nothing out of the ordinary, she looked back and
blinked. The red headed girl was over half a mile way and accelerating,
screaming in fear about...cats! What was going on here, the princess had
never been afraid of cats before, dragons yes, cats no. She ran after her,
but knew it was hopeless in the end, the girl was just to fast. Luna heaved
a sigh and pulled out her communicator, having your own subspace pocket was
very handy, and hit the all call non-emergency button.

"What is it Luna?" Ami Mizuno asked, wiping sleep out of her eyes. Soon
all the other girls except Usagi were listening in.

"I just saw the Princess!"

"What?!!" Yelled three very wide awake girls. Rei and Ami looked shocked
beyond belief, Usagi would have complained about losing sleep, but she was
asleep, so didn't say anything.

"I was in this alley when I felt this strong aura heading my way and I hid,
a few seconds later this tall red head walks by, she was glowing a bright
red and had the Royal Crescent Moon symbol on her forehead. Just the sight of
it brought back a large chunk of my missing memories."

"Where are you Luna, we'll meet you there." Said Ami.

"I'm afraid that something weird happened and she ran off screaming." Luna
said nervously, if not for that crescent moon she would have been a little
suspicious of the girl and thought she was a member of the Dark Kingdom.

"What do you mean, Luna?" Rei asked as she squinted at Luna.

"She seems to be afraid of cats for some reason, took one look at me and
ran off in a panic."

"Luna, can you describer her a little better?" Ami asked as she typed in
her mini computer.

"Sure, she was about 5'10, 115 pounds, blue eyes, in incredible shape, and
had this long red hair that was tied back in a long pony tail that reached
down to below her waist. She was wearing a red silk Chinese shirt, black
pants, and was bare foot. She also had this strange grace that only the
Princess could have used as she walked." Luna was a trained observer and an
adviser to the Princess when she showed up, she had to know her job. "She
was also carrying this large backpack and glowing a bright red."

"Glowing?" Rei asked.

"Yes, I'm not sure why, but she didn't seem to be in any danger and there
were no Youma about that I can sense."

"Luna you said a backpack, is it possible that she wasn't born in Japan,
but possible China? She was wearing Chinese clothing."

"She looked Japanese to me Ami, so I don't know." Off in the distance is
large explosion and Luna picks up the telltale signs of a Youma on the
rampage again. "Looks like I spoke to soon, there's a Youma attack a few
blocks from here."

Usagi's communicator beeped and signaled that she had received the message
and would be in the area as soon as she could. Luna wondered what had woken
the girl up, usually a bomb couldn't do it. She took off for the battle so
that she could help the girl's fight it, they were still so green she even
hated to send them out. It took her several minutes to reach the fight, but
she looked around the corner of a building and gasped as she spotted Jedite
laid out on the ground across the street, a familiar back pack on his
chest. The she took in the Youma and gasped.

Her princess was fighting it with her bare hands and using skills that she
didn't remember her ever using. There was that bright red aura around her
again and she seemed to be using it to increase her speed and power a
thousand fold. The Youma was one of Jedite's usual kind, sorta female with
odd powers, this one seemed to be able to use electricity as a weapon as it
fired blast after blast at the Princess. The girl was unlike anything Luna
could remember as she dodged at speeds that even the Scouts couldn't match,
she slowly made her way forward every few seconds until she was in the
thing's face and...


Gasping for air as she leaned against the building, Ranma hoped she had
lost that damned cat. Ever since the stupid Neko-ken training the things
seemed to follower her around like she was cat nip or something. She just
hoped she didn't lose it before she found a way to cure herself of the
blasted fear, if she didn't, she feared what she would do. As soon as she
calmed down again she paled and looked around to see this thing walking down
the street, it was vaguely female and dressed in this red and yellow costume
covered in little black lighting bolts, it was giving off this aura of that was coming from above it.

She looked up and spotted this blonde haired man hovering arrogantly as he
survayed the area. He hadn't seen her yet, but knew it wouldn't be all that
long before he did. Something deep inside her clicked and Ranma knew she had
to defeat this guy, he was evil and a traitor to boot. She examined the
situation and decided the guy was leaving himself open in his arrogance, a
sneak attack would take him out quickly enough and allow her the time she
needed to take out the monster. She slowly pulled her pack off her back,
spun it a couple of times and threw it at the blonde. It arched up and
impacted right in his chest and sent him slamming into the building and to
the ground, she smiled as her super heavy pack landed on him and knocked the
wind out of him.

The monster gaped at her boss and didn't react as Ranma ran up and punched
her in the head and sent her reeling, then she had to take several kicks,
punches, and combos before the girl backed off. The monster straightened and
looked at Ranma, anger evident in her eyes. "Who the hell are you?"

"Ranko." Ranma said, figuring a fake name could be used after all.

"Die, Ranko!!" The monster yelled and started to fire off blasts of
electricity, but Ranma just grinned and dodged them easily. The speed
technique had gotten easier and easier to do since he learned it, she had
even gotten to the point that she could use some force in the blows now and
this was good time to test just how much! She weaved forward though the
thing's pathetic attack and began. Her arms vanished form sight as she used
the thing as a punching bag, completely overwhelming it's total lack of
resistance, she finished it off with a punch to the jaw and heard a loud
cracking sound. The monster fell into a pile of dust at her feet that glowed
for a few seconds before vanishing.

Ranma blinked and shrugged, less mess to clean up. "That was easy, I
thought it would put up a better fight than that." Then grinned as she saw
the blonde starting to stand back up, he was holding his head and looked
righteously pissed off, Ranma smirked at him.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I take it you and your monsters use the same speech writer?" Ranma asked

"Who are YOU!?" Jedite yelled.

"No one that matters idiot, if were going to fight, bring it on. I figure
you won't be as well trained as the stupid monster I just took out,

Luna giggled quietly.

Jedite growled and fired off a blast of dark energy, but Ranma dodged it
and was in front of him before he could even gloat about his powers. She
punched him, in the stomach, as hard as she could and grinned evilly as
Jedite fell to his knees and coughed up some green blood. He looked up at
her in fear just before she kicked him in the back and sent him sprawling,
Luna was in awe of her speed and power. Ranma stalked forward and Jedite
panicked, he jumped into the air and vanished through a black portal.

"I'll be back!" He yelled as he vanished.

"Read enough comic books, you moron?" Ranma muttered to the now empty area
and went to reclaim her pack. "Are you going to come out now, or am I going
to have to come up there?" Ranma called out and looked to the roof of a
nearby building. Luna noticed Mars and Mercury had been watching the fight,
Moon was there, but she was asleep again.

"May we come down and talk?" Mercury asked.

"Go ahead."

The scouts jumped the three stories to the ground and landed easily
enough, this impressed Ranma quite a bit, but she started to snicker as they
got closer and fell to her knees a few seconds later. The Scouts stopped and
looked at each other in confusion, Moon let off a loud snore from the roof.
"What's wrong?" Mercury asked.

"How can you walk around in public in those outfits, I've never seen
something so stupid in all my life." Ranma laughed out, rolling around now.
"I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those get ups."

"These are our uniforms, they are the very height of fashion and magical
protection!" Mars yells out.

"But...Bwahahahahaha...s-sure Thumbalina, then you go out and perform swan
lake, right? Bwahahahahah." By this time Ranma had tears rolling down his
face and it was getting harder to breath. "...and w-what's the one on the
roof? Is she some kind of Snorlax or something?"

Mercury blushed at that, Usagi's mom had forced a valium down the girl's
throat at dinner and she hadn't been very coherent since. "Um...heheh...can
we talk about what where here for?"

Still gasping for air, Ranma couldn't stop herself from giggling at the
girls a little more before she calmed down enough to talk. "What did you
want to talk about?"

"Um...well...we...thought you might be one of us and came to find out."
Mercury said quietly.

"You've got to be kidding me?" Ranma said.

"No, one of our...friends saw you earlier and said she saw pretty good
proof that you could be the girl we have been looking for." Mars said.

"And who might I be, if I am the one your looking for?"

"The Princess." Mars said, with a straight face.

Ranma lost it and started laughing again, she was rolling a few seconds
later. "Sorry girl's, I don't have time to play dress up right now." Ranma
said as she snickered, rolled to her feet and shouldered her pack. "Maybe we
can play again some other time, Bye." She jumped over them, rebounded off a
building and jumped to a nearby roof and vanished before they could even
come up with a wave goodbye.

"Luna how can that girl be our Princess?!" Yelled Mars, who was impressed
with the jump the girl had made.

The cat came running up, trying not to giggle at the girls. "She had a
silver crescent moon on her forehead, that makes her a very good candidate
since only those of the Royal Moon Family have it on their heads."

"I can't believe for a second that this girl is the Princess, she is rude,
mean, insulting, and doesn't even know how to dress as a girl, let alone a

"I disagree Mars." Mercury said as she looked at her computer.


"That girl is nearly Sailor Moon's equal in power according to this and
hasn't even tapped her full powers yet."

To Be Continued...