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Caught in the Act

"What's the matter, Jess? Don't tell me he's late again!"

Jessie looked up from her Potions book at that sarcastic remark with a scowl. Actually the same scowl that Rebecca Reed deserved, yet again, after reminding her just how late her boyfriend was, yet again! Repressing a growl, she returned to her book.

"Jess?" Rebecca teased, drawing out Jessie's name.

"I told you not to call me that," Jessie mumbled.

Rebecca laughed. "Jessie Bloom, are you pouting?"

Jessie answered by raising her Potions book.

"Oh, Jess. You know I'm just messing with you," Rebecca sighed. "Why you had to start dating that Slytherin, I'll never know. There are plenty of dateable guys right here in Ravenclaw that would treat you a lot better than Mark does."

Jessie closed her book slowly and looked up at her best friend. Ever since Mark Copeland and her started dating months ago, Rebecca would always make those kinds of comments, but usually in fun. Lately though, they were both realizing how alarmingly true those statements were becoming.

Running her fingers through her dark brown hair, Jessie locked her sapphire eyes to Rebecca's brown ones when her friend moved to sit next to her. "Well he is a Prefect..."



"Exactly. You'd think they only had one Prefect per house with all the duties he has to do," Rebecca sneered.

It was true. Mark's Prefect duties seemed to be his only concern as of late. He would now show up eventually to their arranged evenings together with nothing but an apology and a promise to make up for it. Then on top of that, he would just leave. Even on nights where there was at least an hour left until curfew! He had never acted like this before.

"No, and that's what makes this unacceptable," Rebecca stated, tugging lightly on her black tresses.

Jessie started a bit, realizing that she must have said that last part out loud. No, their relationship wasn't near what it used to be. She remembered how shy she was to be paired with him in Potions, given her weakness for cute blond guys. Mark had told her that he found her shyness endearing and pursued her relentlessly thereafter. They were practically inseparable after that, and as time wore on, Jessie was seriously beginning to think that she was in love. Funny that, how fast things can change.

A knock on the portrait disturbed the quiet silence of the common room.

"Speak of the devil," Rebecca scoffed as she waved a quick Tempus spell. "And only an hour late tonight."

Jessie did growl this time as she stood and smoothed out the cashmere pullover that she had worn just for him.

"Oy, Jessie! Sorry I'm late again," Mark began as soon as Jessie appeared. "Professor Snape had me patrol the other side of the castle, and then..."

Little did he know that Jessie had already tuned him out because she now accepted the fact that everything he was spewing were nothing more than his usual excuses. If he really cared about her, for one, he would've at least hugged her first before engaging in a conversation. Well, if you actually want to call this drivel a conversation.

"... that alright?"

She blinked at Mark, who seemed to be waiting for an answer. "Mmm," she toned.

"Good. I promise I'll see you Saturday then," Mark smiled as he leaned down to kiss Jessie's cheek. With a quick wave, he was gone, leaving as fast as he came.

Resisting the urge to wipe her cheek with disdain like a five year old, Jessie walked back to the couch and grabbed a book from her book bag.

"Jessie? You okay?"

Jessie could hear the worry in Rebecca's voice. "Yeah. I just need some time to think. I'm going to go take this book back and... just think."

She left before another word could be said.

Taking her time on her way back, Jessie decided that her little trip to the library was exactly what she had needed. Upon reflection, she realized that the fog that had surrounded her since she met Mark had finally lifted. The honeymoon phase, she thought it was called. She had been so focused on him lately that she had inadvertently taken herself out of the equation. She simply needed to tell Mark how she felt and go from there. Yet, judging by the knots that were suddenly residing in her stomach, it was going to be easier said than done.

So caught up in her thoughts, it was only when she was staring at the Hufflepuff portrait that she finally grasped that she had taken a wrong turn somewhere. Blowing out a frustrated breath, she turned to make her way down the hall that would take her to the moving stairs, now that the perimeter walk was out of the question.

"Bloom, wait!"

Jessie paused mid-step at her name and looked down the corridor opposite from where she came. Blaise Zabini, with his usual mischievous smile, swaggered his way up to her, but he wasn't the one that had her attention at the moment. The Head Boy, Draco Malfoy, was with him as well, and Jessie hoped that the heat she suddenly felt on her face wasn't painfully obvious. She knew that her weakness for cute blonds paled in comparison to the six foot, blond god that was now standing mere inches away from her. Swallowing to wet her suddenly dry throat, she addressed Blaise.

"Zabini, what can I do for you this time?" Jessie asked sarcastically, knowing very well that Blaise only had one subject of conversation where she was concerned, and that subject was Rebecca. It was no secret that he was head over heels in love with the girl, and being her best friend, Jessie reluctantly became Zabini's personal messenger whether she had liked it or not.

Blaise chuckled at her tone. "Nothing like that this time I assure you, my lady," he smiled and bowed. "I actually wanted to speak with Miss Reed myself on this lovely evening. Might I inquire as to where she is presently?"

"No need to lay it on so thick, Zabini!" Jessie snickered. "I suspect that she is in her common room waiting for me as we speak."

Blaise's smile turned feral. "So there's a chance that she's in her skivvies!" he beamed, elbowing Draco, who just shook his head in amusement.

Jessie shook her head as well. "If you're going to race over there now, do me a favor and tell her that I am alright and not to worry, okay?"

Blaise's eyebrows came together in confusion, and Jessie was startled to see concern in the eyes of both men. "You're not hurt... physically, are you?" Blaise asked while giving her body a quick scan.

When Draco joined Blaise in his inspection, she was sure her face would explode from how hard she was blushing. "No! No, nothing like that," she rushed. "Not... physically."

Jessie shut her eyes as she realized that she had just all but screamed that she had indeed been hurt, just not physically. She opened them again to find that a hard glint had joined the concerned eyes of her audience.

"But you're alright," Blaise quietly stated.

Feeling a small smile form on her lips, she decided that at the moment she was alright, thanks to them. "Yes, I'm fine now. Thank you, Zabini," Jessie smiled. Turning to Draco, her suddenly shy blue eyes bravely met his gray. "Thank you as well, Malfoy."

The half-smirk, half-smile Draco gave her had Jessie quickly blushing again.

With his mischievous smile firmly back in place, Blaise put a friendly hand on both of his companion's shoulders. "Very well then, you two, I'm off to see my love before it gets too late. Don't do anything I wouldn't do," he said, squeezing his goodbye before taking off down the hall in a jog.

It was only when his echoing footsteps faded from the hall that Jessie realized she had been left standing at a three way intersection with Draco Malfoy. Alone. Just them. Together. Oh my god! Shyly, she stole a glance at Draco and was relieved when he gestured for her to proceed him down the same way she needed to go.

Their footsteps were the only noise in the unusually quiet hallway of Hogwarts. Jessie was reluctant to break the silence that she found almost comforting considering who she was walking with. There was really no need for her to be so nervous around him if she thought about it. After all, he knew that she was currently taken, sort of, and everybody knew that he was dating Pansy Parkinson, so why couldn't she strike up a casual conversation with him? Because you nearly melt into a puddle of goo every time you even think about him, Jessie's inner voice mocked. She scoffed at that voice, wondering when it had started to sound like Rebecca.

Keeping her tone quiet, she gave a small smile to Draco. "Should I be worried?"

Draco looked at Jessie with a raised eyebrow. "About what?"

"About doing anything that Blaise wouldn't do?" she giggled.

Draco's eyes widened before he smiled and quietly laughed. The sound seemed to come from deep within his chest, and it swirled around Jessie in the most wonderful way. Before he could answer, another giggle, almost muffled, made their steps slow to a stop.

Now completely still, another muffled chuckle echoed like thunder through the hall. Turning towards the sound, she saw that Draco had heard it as well and was scrutinizing some of the classroom doors that they had previously passed. Taking out his wand, Draco slashed a murmured spell, and Jessie watched in awe as every door in the hall began to turn red. As a door a few feet away from them turned green, the spell stopped, and an evil laugh rang through the silence. Jessie grabbed a hold of Draco's arm and clung to it without a second thought. A normal reaction to the sound of Professor Snape laughing like that, she decided.

Draco never relinquished his arm as he put his wand back in his robes. "Looks like we have a winner," he smirked.

"A winner?" Jessie squeaked eloquently.

Draco looked down at the captor of his limb and put his hand on top of hers. At his touch, Jessie's focus snapped back to Draco and... his arm. That she was holding. With his hand on hers. Touching. Oh my god! Jessie flushed and slowly unraveled herself from his person, but not before he gave her hand a little squeeze to let her know that it was okay.

Clearing her throat, she tried again. "A winner?"

Draco snorted and gave her an amused smile. "A winner. Snape taught me his own personal spell when I became Head Boy. It was made to quickly find 'rule breaking frivolity'," he finished, sounding eerily like Snape himself.

Jessie gasped in understanding. "So, in that classroom," she said pointing at the green door, "there are students..."

"Doing something bad? Maybe," Draco shrugged. His eyes gave off a gleeful spark as he looked back down at Jessie. "There's only one way to find out."

Jessie's mind started racing as they walked to the glowing door. "But..." she began, dropping to a whisper as they stopped, "won't they hear us? What are you going to do?"

"They can't hear us," Draco said, and Jessie winced as though he had just shouted. "Really, they can't. That's just one part of the spell. The first part not only identifies the room that a student is in, but the spell also knows by size and color, what that student is doing. I know that there's more than one person in there because the entire door is lit, and the green tells me that the activity inside is of the sexual kind."

Barely containing the urge to moan at the way he said 'sexual', Jessie voiced a quick thought. "And the laugh?"

Draco coughed. "Yeah, well, that seems to only happen with the green ones," he said as he rubbed the back of his neck. "The second part of the spell is genius," Draco continued. "It's as though the door has been charmed with two of the most powerful Silence and Notice-Me-Not spells. To the people inside, the door no longer exists. I could open it wide and scream at the top of my lungs. I could even take pictures, but until I actually step past that barrier, they wouldn't suspect a thing."

Picking her jaw up from where it had fallen on the floor, Jessie looked at the glowing classroom door in amazement. Being a Ravenclaw, she knew how complex and difficult a spell like that would be to master, let alone create. There was no question; Draco was powerful. And Professor Snape... well, Snape had to be extremely powerful as well as brilliant to make such a spell. Jessie wrinkled her nose. He could also be an extremely powerful and brilliant pervert.

"You don't have to look if you don't want to," Draco said. "I can give whoever it is their detentions later if this makes you uncomfortable in any way."

Jessie could have kissed him for saying that. "Thank you, but I'm okay with it. It is your job after all."

"Right then," Draco smirked as he gripped the handle.

With a click, the door opened just enough for Draco to look through. After a couple moments, Draco drew in a sharp breath, shut the door, and slowly turned to look at Jessie.

"What?" she gasped, wondering what he had seen to make him become so pale. She watched as he seemed to be at war with himself, and after taking a huge breath, he held his hand out to her. Taking his hand, he gently pulled her closer and placed her directly in front of him. Draco wrapped his left arm around her stomach so that there wasn't any space left between them as he opened the door.

Half expecting something to jump out at her, Jessie unconsciously placed her arms around the one that held her and gripped gently. The room was dark except... there, the candles that were glowing near the front. The tables that lined the classroom obstructed what was going on around said candles, and Jessie suddenly hoped she wasn't going to witness someone like Crabbe or Goyle in all of their glory. The arm around her waist stopped that train of thought as it tightened around her. Over the table tops, a silhouette came into view against the quiet glow of the candle light. Clearly a woman, Jessie could see her bowed head as well as her very naked chest. The image started to move in a way that obviously suggested that she was not alone, and that her companion should be somewhere underneath. As though they were summoned, two hands deliberately came up from below, followed by the upper half of the other occupant. Before the two shadows could meld into one, the pair's heads fell back in pleasure and their faces were unveiled to the light.

"Oh my..." Jessie strained.

Draco's arm anchored her as Jessie's knees gave out. He closed the door and carefully lowered her to the floor. Draco sat and gently reclined her yielding form to rest against his bent leg. Jessie sat in shock, staring forward with unseeing eyes.

"Cheating," Jessie stated to no-one in particular. "He's cheating on me," she whispered, turning her confused and hurt eyes to Draco. "He's cheating on me... with the same woman... who's cheating on you?" Jessie professed incredulously, still not believing what she had just seen.

Draco's usual mask was firmly in place when Jessie first looked at him, but as she talked, it had slipped slowly. She could see the pain of betrayal in his features, as well as a few others that she couldn't quite identify.

"It would seem," Draco sighed as he lowered his eyes, "that some questions have been answered tonight... in great detail," he sneered. Draco shook his head in disgust and glared at the floor. "Utter fools. A true Slytherin doesn't play with fire. A true Slytherin knows how powerful it is, and how bad it can burn," he ground out. The stone walls only strengthened the increasingly angry pitch that Draco was building. "A true Slytherin wouldn't add fuel to a fire that she knew she could never even HOPE to contain! A TRUE Slytherin creates his OWN spark and is ALWAYS ready to consume anyone WHO TRIES TO DROWN HIM!!" Draco shouted, filling the very air with his voice.

"Oh, Draco."

When Draco looked up at his name, Jessie wrapped her arms around him. Though in an awkward position, she held him tightly with the same comfort and support that she felt he had given to her just moments ago. She let out a relieved and somber breath when her hug was returned, grateful that he didn't reject her embrace. That he at least acknowledged her understanding and accepted it.

Draco's demeanor visibly changed as they released each other. The mask of the 'Slytherin scowl of nonchalance' had placed itself firmly back onto his face, and Jessie felt saddened to see it. Hoping that the sudden change was brought about by embarrassment, she thought quickly on how to alleviate it. She'd been the timid type her entire life and knew what she would like someone to say if she were in Draco's place, but that was just it; she wasn't Draco. Slytherins thought differently about... of course! Weakness for weakness.

"I wish I could do that," she sighed, feeling the truth from that statement. "I know I should be angry, but I guess I'm just trying to rationalize why he would do this. I can't imagine that I... pushed him away, or caused this. For him to put on an act with me and then go to another man's girlfriend? I just can't understand!

"You have every right to be mad. As long as you and Parkinson have been together, and to see that... I'd be furious as well. I, on the other hand, have only been with Mark for a few months and yet I..."

Jessie trailed off as realization set in. Mark didn't know that she had found out, and she would have to see him again. Then what? What about Potions tomorrow? Her normally pale skin became white as her thoughts started to run wild.

"Hey," Draco soothed, "if you're worried about confronting Copeland, don't."

Jessie blinked, seeing that she had been staring at the green door in horror. She shifted as Draco moved to stand and accepted the hand that he offered to help her to her feet. With a gentle tug, they resumed the walk where they had left off.

With a wave of his hand, Draco ended the spell and smirked at Jessie. "You forget, we still have Zabini and Reed to tell."