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Cuddy walked into the exam room and pursed her lips as she saw the figure sprawled out on the exam table, snoring softly. She surveyed him for a moment, her eyes traveling over his scruffy beard and his wrinkled clothes. It was obvious that he hadn't gone home the night before. She sighed.


His reaction was almost comical. He jerked and blinked up at her sleepily, squinting against the bright morning light streaming into the room through the window. When he realized who he was staring at, he groaned and rolled over.

"Just five more minutes."

Cuddy pursed her lips again, this time suppressing a laugh, and put on her best "dean of medicine" face.

"Your shift started five minutes ago."

House glared up at her through his squinted eyes. "And it'll still be there in five more minutes."

Cuddy put her hands on her hips "You have a patient. Get up and get to work."

"But Mooommm!" He puckered his lips, looking exactly like a petulant child. Cuddy fought down another laugh and held the door open for him.


She glared at him as he gathered his cane and limped out the door, muttering darkly. Once he was out of sight she shook her head and smiled after him fondly. Mornings with House were always interesting.

House burst into the conference room and headed straight to the coffee pot. As usual, Cameron's perfect brew was steaming hot and waiting for him. He poured himself a cup and then turned back to the table where his team was waiting for him. He glanced around at them, waiting for someone to start the differential. Cameron pulled a patient file toward her.

"18-year-old female, presenting with vomiting, nausea, and loss of appetite. She and her husband were on a stopover at the airport on their way to Paris for their honeymoon when she started vomiting uncontrollably."

House took a sip of coffee and leaned on his cane. "She's pregnant. Fun to make happen, boring to diagnose. Give her your condolences and send her on her way."

Chase raised an eyebrow. "Patient is a virgin."

"She's eighteen and she's married," House scoffed.

Foreman rolled his eyes. "Pregnancy was one of the first things the ER checked. Pelvic exam confirms, she's never been with a man."

House narrowed his eyes, momentarily out of ideas. Cameron, Foreman, and Chase stared at him, waiting for instructions. House thought quickly.

"Cameron, do another pelvic exam," he instructed. "Keep the husband out of the room. Chase, take some blood and run a tox screen. Check for everything. Foreman, talk to the husband. Find out from him what happened at the airport."

As his fellows hurried off to follow his instructions, House sighed and rubbed his eyes wearily. Ducking into his office, he shut the blinds and leaned back in his chair. Maybe he could catch another hour of sleep while they were occupied.

Cameron stared through the glass at the girl lying in the hospital bed on the other side. She was young and pretty, though in a simple way that hinted at an inner beauty, rather than anything that could be seen with the eye. Her hair was long and dark, reaching down towards her waist and fanning out around her head. Her eyes were also dark and they seemed to be very bright and filled with intelligence. As Cameron watched, the girl suddenly turned her head and looked directly at her, a small smile gracing her full lips. Cameron took a deep breath and stepped through the automatic doors. The girl watched her approach serenely, taking in her appearance.

"Hello," Cameron said, holding her hand out to the girl. Chase entered behind her, standing back and to the left.

"Hi," the girl said, smiling brightly and shaking Cameron's hand firmly.

Cameron smiled. "I'm Doctor Cameron and this is Doctor Chase."

The girl nodded politely at Chase and then turned back to Cameron. "I'm Bella Swan…er…Cullen." She shook her head and blushed. "I'm sorry. I've only been married for a few days. It's hard to remember that my last name isn't Swan anymore."

"It's ok," Cameron assured her, smiling again. She sat down in the chair next to Bella's bed, her expression becoming serious. "Dr. Chase is going to draw some blood from you so we can start ruling out some things as to why you're ill. I'm going to do another pelvic exam."

A look of horror flashed across Bella's face. "Another pelvic exam?" she asked incredulously. "One wasn't enough?"

Cameron grimaced. "Dr. House is very thorough."

Bella pursed her lips, but didn't argue further. Instead, she glanced around the room, seeming a bit anxious. On her other side, Chase was sterilizing her skin with a cotton ball, soaked with alcohol. She turned back to Cameron, a worried look in her eye.

"I don't do so well around blood," she said, her voice shaking slightly.

Cameron repressed a sigh. "Dr. Chase is very good. You won't feel a thing."

Bella mumbled something incomprehensible and turned her head away from the needle. She sucked in her breath as it pierced her skin and suddenly grabbed Cameron's hand, her eyes wide.

"It's ok," Cameron said softly. Bella looked like a scared child and Cameron squeezed her hand reassuringly. A few moments later, Chase removed the needle and placed a cotton ball and some tape over the small needle mark. Bella sighed, relieved, and released Cameron's hand.

"Sorry," Bella mumbled, blushing again. "I just hate needles."

Cameron smiled. "It's all right."

Bella nodded and closed her eyes for a moment, leaning back on her pillow. "Do you know where Edward is?" she asked.

Cameron frowned. "Edward?"

"My husband," Bella explained, opening her eyes and glancing around anxiously. "He said he would be right back."

Cameron raised her eyebrows. "Maybe he went to the bathroom or down to the cafeteria to get a snack."

Bella smiled widely, as though Cameron had told a particularly amusing joke. "Maybe," she said, though she looked unconvinced. Cameron's frown deepened.

"Are you ready for me to proceed with the exam?" she asked abruptly.

Bella grimaced. "Not really." But she lay back anyway and put her feet in the stirrups at the end of the bed.

The exam was conducted in silence and Cameron was not surprised to find that the ER doctor had been correct. Bella was still untouched. As Bella sat back up and Cameron threw away her gloves, she heard the door slide open. She didn't pay much attention to the newcomer until she heard Bella's heart monitor go haywire. She turned to scold whoever it was that had upset her patient and she felt her mouth drop open in shock

There, standing beside Bella's bed, was the most gorgeous man Cameron had ever seen in her entire life. He was pale, paler even than Bella, who's fair skin was almost white. His untidy bronze hair swept low over his perfect brow and fell towards a pair of strange, golden eyes that seemed to dance in the white light of the hospital. His features were perfect, his body lithe and muscled. She stared at him, unable to look away from this perfect, inhumanly beautiful boy. For the first time in her life, Cameron found herself wondering if she were seeing an angel.

"Doctor Cameron?"

Bella's sharp voice drew Cameron back into her proper frame of mind and she wrenched her eyes away from the beautiful boy, shaking her head.

"Yes?" she asked, acting as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Bella frowned slightly.

"I'd like you to meet my husband, Edward Cullen." Bella turned to the beautiful boy. "Edward, this is Doctor Cameron."

Edward nodded and extended his hand toward Cameron with an amused smile on his face. She grasped his hand briefly and gasped audibly when her skin contacted his. His hand was freezing, as though he had been holding it in a bucket of ice water for a very long time. Cameron stared at him as he smiled a heart-stopping, crooked smile, showing a set of ultra-white teeth. She looked down at her feet and tried to reorganize her scrambled thoughts.

"N-nice to meet you, Mr. Cullen," she stammered, not daring to look at him. She heard him chuckle softly, the most beautiful, musical sound she had ever heard in the world.

"Please, call me Edward," he said, his voice just as alluring as his laugh. She glanced up at him and caught sight of another devastating smile. Cameron's heart began to beat frantically and she was glad that she wasn't the one hooked up to a heart monitor. She could suddenly understand why Bella's had been acting up. Edward's smile widened, almost as if he knew exactly what she was thinking. Cameron blushed and looked away again.

"I have to, uh, I have to…go," Cameron said, distractedly, turning to Bella. "I'll umm…be back later…to check on you."

With one last wide eyed glance at Edward, Cameron turned on her heel and practically sprinted out the door.

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