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Cameron rested her forehead against the wall of the conference room and tried to slow her breathing. She closed her eyes, trying to block out the image of his perfect face, but it was no use. It was as if the glory of his perfection had burned the image of his face into the backs of her eyelids. Closing her eyes only served to strengthen the image. Frustrated, Cameron smacked her hand against the wall.

In his office, House heard the thump and jerked awake. After an irritated glance at the clock, which revealed that he had been asleep for far less time than he intended, he picked up his cane, ready to chew out the idiot that had woken him up. He limped to the doorway between his office and the conference room, but bit back his anger when he saw Cameron sitting with her head pressed against the wall.

"Stress of the job?" he asked, announcing his presence to her.

Cameron opened her eyes and frowned up at him, but did not respond. House limped over to the coffee pot and poured another cup while Cameron watched him silently. Once House was seated at the conference table, Cameron opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted when Foreman and Chase burst through the door, looking frantic.

"We've got a problem," Foreman said gravely. "She just vomited a fountain of blood all over her room. And when I listened to her lungs, it was like I was listening to a truck engine rumbling. It doesn't sound like normal mucus though.

House frowned and tapped his cane on the floor. "Well that complicates things. I don't suppose you have a diagnosis."

Foreman shook his head. "No, but I think we should do an x-ray of her lungs. It should give us a better idea of what's going on in there."

"What did you find out from the husband?"

Foreman shrugged. "They were walking through the airport to catch their flight and Bella started vomiting, so Edward called his father and then called 911."

House frowned. "Why did he call daddy first?"

"His father is a doctor."

House rolled his eyes and waved his hand toward the door. "Go. Do the x-ray," he said, turning to Chase. "What did the tox screen reveal?"

Chase shrugged. "Nothing. Her blood is clean. No poisons, toxins, or anything else that shouldn't be there."

House frowned. "Then go help Foreman." Chase strode out and House turned to Cameron. She regarded him warily.

"Go talk to the husband and find our who his father is. I want to know how this irritating case landed on my desk."

Cameron grimaced, got to her feet, and hurried out the door. House frowned as she walked away, wondering what her problem was. Shaking his head, he decided he didn't care and stumped back to his office. Just a few more minutes of sleep….

Cameron leaned against the wall outside of the conference room and tried to calm her frenzied thoughts and heart. Of course House was sending her back into that room with…him. Her heart squeezed at the very thought of seeing his dazzling smile again, his lithe, muscled figure, his mesmerizing golden eyes….

"Lost in thought?"

Cameron jumped and turned to see Wilson standing next to her. "You scared me."

Wilson smiled slightly. "I'm sorry. So I hear House has a new patient."

Cameron nodded. "Yea," she said. "Bella Cullen, 18 year old female presenting with nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite."

Wilson raised his eyebrow. "I'm guessing she's not pregnant then?"

Cameron shook her head. "No. That was the very first thing we checked. Since she got here, we've added vomiting blood and fluid in the lungs to the list. Foreman and Chase are going to get an x-ray and I'm heading to talk to the husband again."

Wilson's eyebrows raised in surprise. "Husband?" he asked incredulously. "At eighteen?"

Cameron nodded. If you had seen him, you would understand, she thought. Something must have reflected in her face because Wilson frowned and narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Are you all right? You seem kind of flustered."

Cameron sighed and closed her eyes. "Is it that obvious?" she asked tiredly.

"What happened?"

Cameron opened her eyes and looked at Wilson, wondering how much to tell him. On the one hand, he was House's best friend… but on the other he was a compassionate and understand person. Indecision ruled her.

"Well…" she hedged. "Mr. Cullen is kind of…well…beautiful." She felt the heat rush into her face and she looked down at her feet. "I mean… he's… perfect, er…"

Wilson's frown deepened. "Stop there, Cameron. You don't want to carry this train of thought into conclusion. Get a grip on yourself. You don't need House breathing down your neck for the duration of this case."

Cameron nodded. "I know," she whispered. Wilson patted her shoulder, smiling slightly, and then wandered away in the direction of House's office. Cameron winced internally, hoping he wouldn't say anything, but she squared her shoulders and headed off down the hallway. The damage was done. She would just have to trust Wilson not to say anything. She turned her thoughts to the task ahead of her…not that it really helped her coherency very much…

Edward brushed his fingers lightly over Bella's forehead, surreptitiously smoothing out the worry lines he felt there. She was sleeping, but he doubted that her sleep was very restful. He could hear the rattling in her lungs and see how much she struggled to draw each breath. As obvious as it was to him now, he was astounded he hadn't noticed it before. He mentally berated himself for not paying closer attention. Bella frowned slightly in her sleep and he smiled. Even when she was unconscious she knew what was going on around her. She was exceptionally perceptive and he loved her all the more for it.

As he watched her sleep, he let his mind drift around the hospital, listening to the thoughts of the humans around him. He didn't find anything of particular interest to him though he winced as he picked up the deranged and grief clouded thoughts of an elderly woman who had just lost her husband of many years. The darker, less optimistic part of his mind wondered if this would be him in a few days time. At that thought his jaw tensed and he could feel a snarl rising up in his chest. He fought to control it, knowing it wouldn't do to frighten the humans who pattered in the halls outside of Bella's door. He was still fighting for control when the door slid open and an unexpected mind intruded on his private torture. In utter shock, Edward turned to the newcomer.

"Alice?" he asked incredulously. "What are you doing here?"

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