Death is an Art.

Chapter Two

Slowly taking Ron's hand, Kim gave it a squeeze. Ron returned the gesture then took in a deep breath and let it out.

"Okay KP, we have a real freaked out dude after us. Now what did he say about where the bomb was?"

Kim took a slow breath.

"He said it was in an ordinary object."

Ron snorted.

"A normal item. That could mean anything."

Kim let go of his hand and turned to him.

"Yeah but remember what he said. He said if we use the object. So it would have to be something we can handle."

Ron looked around the room.

"How about a rug, we use it to walk on, or a chair that we would sit on?"

Kim sighed.

"Well, we will just have to be careful, but we need to get moving. I think it is just a little weird that the last training we had a GJ was bomb location and defusing."

Ron glanced over to her.

"If and when we get out of this, I think I will owe you one entire weekend at your service. You kept me awake during the classes. Man! I was looking forward to staying here. We save the world and unwind with nacos and a movie. Save the son of a nation's leader it's the one way express to a super Chalet."

Kim gave Ron a sly grin.

"Saving the world has other perks too."

Ron turned to look at her.

"Such as?"

Kim put her arms around his neck and rubbed her nose against his.

"Cuter boyfriends."

Ron giggled a little as he pulled her tighter to him.


Catching Ron's eyes with hers she placed her hands on both sides of his face.

"I need you to focus Ron or else we will not get out of here. I am planning to spend a long time with you so let's get to work and find that bomb."

Kim pulled back from Ron and looked around as she carefully stepped over to the table. On the table lay a couple of books, a tray of cookies and two cans of drink. Kim scowled at the snack laid before them.

"That's really cute."

Reaching into her hair, she pulled a bobby pin out. Straightening the bobby pin she slowly knelt and used the bobby pin to slowly lift one of the cookies. Glancing under it, she didn't see any wires or levers. Pulling back she knelt lower to see if the tray was sitting flat on the table or was there something under it. The tray lay flat on the table. Kim slowly glanced under the table to see if there was something under the table that would be triggered by the tray or its contents. All she was seeing was the wood of the table. Moving slowly, Ron stepped around Kim and lay his hand against one of the drink cans. Placing his other hand on the can he slowly tilted the can so that he could see under it. Just as he got the can so he could see under it. He sneezed. The can he was holding fell over and knocked the other can over. Kim shrieked and fell backward covering her face.

Both teen froze for a few moments the Ron let out a breath. Kim slowly stood and glanced at the tray. The two drinks lay on their sides the contents spilling out. The cookies lay scattered across the table. Kim glared at Ron for a moment then rolled her eyes.

"You did the same thing during training."

Ron nodded.

"Yep at least this time what we were looking at didn't blow up and cover us with red paint."

Splitting up, Kim went one direction while Ron went the other. Both of them slowly searched the items in the room. They came to realize that there were a lot of objects in a room that one might take for granted until they needed to use. Slowly and surely, they searched the room.


Ernst sat with another man on the side of a hill across from Kim and Ron's room. The other man lay on the ground watching Kim and Ron's movements through the scope of an assault rifle. They both could see Kim and Ron moving through the room. Lowering his binoculars, Ernst rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"Keep close watch Johan. Their reputation for moving fast is well known."

Johan barely moved as he continued to scan both teens through his scope.

"It would be so easy Ernst. The girl first, then the boy. I could place a bullet right between those pretty green eyes, or maybe right through the middle of her perfect forehead. I could also place a bullet right through her chest. What chest that she has."

Grimacing, Ernst placed his binoculars back up to his eyes.

"That is why I am an artist, and you are a butcher. The art of death is finesse, the challenge, the mental process of facing death. You, you are a butcher, a mechanic. All you have to care about is aerodynamics, and the mechanics of launching a bullet through the air to strike a target. Team Possible doesn't deserve such a pitiful death. They deserve a death of struggle, both mental and physical. That is why I am sitting here and you are lying there."

Johan watched as Kim approached one of the lights. She gingerly inspected it, moving it slowly.

"Where is it Ernst? Is it one of the lights? Perhaps that book on the edge of the table? The faucet of the sink?"

Shaking his head Ernst continued to watch the teens.

"No, no Johan. Just watch. Let's see just how smart they are."

Johan watched as Kim approached the television. Ron joined her as they both inspected the wide screen device. Ernst smiled as he watched them move.

"Well, well, well, they ARE full of surprises. Notice how they move in unison, yet each inspects the device from a different angle. They have had bomb disposal training. This is working better than I thought."

Watching through the darkness the two men watched as the two teen worked on the television. They both reached down and opened slots in their boots. Pulling small tools out they began to disassemble the television. Johan turned to see Ernst to see him smiling.

"So it's the television, typical American teenagers would always use it."

Johan turned and watched through his scope as the two teens slowly took the cover off the TV.

Kim's eyes burned from the sweat pouring into them. They had worked on the TV for several minutes now taking great care on how to proceed. As they pulled the cowling off the back of the TV she glanced inside and said a number of words that Ron rarely ever heard her say. He turned to see what she was looking at and added his own unique words. Inside the TV on the electrical wiring was a small handwritten sign.



Johan squinted through the scope as the two teens dropped the back of the TV on the floor and sat back. Both of them stood up and walked over to the main table. The girl picked up some paper and a pencil she had checked earlier and began to write. The boy stepped to her side and watched as she wrote. They both pointed to objects in the room and continued to write. After a few moments they both looked down at the phone sitting on the table. Johan sucked in a breath.

"THE PHONE! It's the phone."

He turned to see Ernst smiling and nodding.

"Quite right Johan. Its the phone."

They watched as the two teens inspected the phone from different angles. The boy was reaching for the phone when the girl stepped on the phone line and pulled it from the table. She made a dive for it, but is crashed to the floor and the receiver popped off the hook. Both teens shut their eyes and waited. Johan spun his head to stare at Ernst.

"You said it was the phone!"

Ernst nodded.

"Oh, it is the phone. However. It only works if someone is calling. It is time to close the game."

Ernst pulled out his cellphone and dialed a number.


Kim stood shakily and replaced the receiver to the cradle. Placing the phone back on the table she stepped back and covered her face with her hands.

"I can't believe I did that."

Ron stepped over and pulled her into a hug.

"S'ok KP. It could have been me."

Kim pulled him further into a hug when the phone rang.


Ernst watched the two teens as his phone rang in his ear. They both looked at the phone, then separated and walked away from the phone. Ernst snapped his phone shut then hit redial. He watched as the two teens ignored the phone. He noticed that Johan was moving to shoot. When he looked up the two teens were walking near the door. Suddenly the boy spun and threw something at the window. It shattered at the top and the glass began to fall. The steady "phut" "phut" of Johan's silenced rifle came to his ear. There was a split second stop then a steady thrum as Johan sprayed the room with automatic fire. When the glass cleared all they could see was an open door and a wall with several holes in it.


Ernst walked through the remains of the chalet room. The two teens had disappeared. There was a small blood trail outside that stopped after a few feet so one or both of them had been hit. He walked through the shambles of the room as Johan joined him. Johan slipped another clip into his rifle.

"Should we not be after them. They cannot have gone far. It's only been a couple of hours. One or both of them is wounded."

Ernst shook his head.

"No Johan, by now they have arrived in a public area. It would be impossible to do anything now. That is alright. We shall have another chance. They have shown themselves to be worthy adversaries. I look forward to continuing my game with they. They are truly artists in their own right."

Ernst looked down at the table to see the paper the girl had been writing on.

"Greetings from Team Possible. We have a message for you."

Ernst glanced at the paper closer to make out the small writing. He was just making out the writing when the phone that was sitting on the floor rang. Ernst glanced up from his reading to see Johan bending over to pick up the phone.


Johan glanced up as he picked the receiver up off the cradle. He heard the pop of the detonators before his world turned white.


Standing in the phone booth Ron heard the line cut off. He waited for a few seconds until the operator came back on the line.

"I am sorry sir. The line seems to have disconnected. Shall I try the line again."

Ron smiled as he looked at Kim. He winced as he raised his arm to cup her cheek. She looked up into his eyes as she continued to bandage his arm.

"No thank you operator. I think the party I was calling got the message."

Ron hung up the phone and pulled Kim into a hug. Turning around, both of them walked from the phone booth outside of the drug store where they had called Wade and gotten some supplies to take care of Ron's arms where one of the bullets had gouged a shallow channel. Stepping to the street, a cab pulled up to the curb and they slipped into the rear seats. The driver turned to them.

"Your friend has made arrangements for a flight for the both of you. I am to take you to the airport. Is everything okay?"

Kim nodded as she cuddled down into Ron's arms.

"Yes, everything is fine."

The taxi driver turned around and pulled away from the curb.

Kim pulled Ron into a kiss and the vehicle pulled out into the night.


I hope all of you have enjoyed this little story. I took this idea from a "Twilight Zone" episode.

This one really jumped on my back and I had to write it.

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