A Gathering

What was lost is now found

in a place where we can be heard.

Taken in from the cold.

A loner.

Stepping on territorial grounds.

Eyed by other members both good and bad.

Seeking to belong.

One member howls, playing with another.

A Romantic snuggles close agasints his mate.

We have no leader, but are one

A pack.

Moons rise and packs gather.

Pups play freely, under their parents watchful eye.

Leaders spar, tumbling over each other.

Lovers remain close, never they give up.

It's nothing but a gathering.

Everyone takes turn to sing their Lunar Song.

But none are ever the same.

Our songs are unique, revealed, sacred and untouchable.

Do they have names? If so what are they?

Our songs only have feeling.

When one leaves, we all mourn.

When one is joyful, we all praise the moon.

Everyone sings differently.

My song is diffrent as well.

It's not about sadness or grief or even pure joy.

It's about hope and belonging.

What was lost is now found.

Not a gathering of animals.

A gathering of a family