Feel the Same way I do

Bailey Reynolds- Popular Children's author and illustrator , has a popular series out about talking dragons. Thirty-five, single mother of one. Has some dragons of her own to slay, after her daughter was kidnapped by her ex, she becomes super protective of her daughter who was missing for three months.

Emma Reynolds- Four years old, shy and scared of people in general, after her mother's ex kidnaps her and holds her for ransom, Emma has trouble relating or talking to anyone.

Giselle Deveraux - Bailey's next door neighbor, the only person, she leaves Emma with, Retired actress who loves Emma like a grandchild.

Scott Hall- Retired wrestler- Lives down the beach from Bailey, her other neighbor.

Summary: Scott notices Bailey and sets his sites on her , he decided he wants to have a one night stand with her, however he meets his match in her, as she has no time for a womanizing man and puts him in his place, this just intrigues Scott even more, and he goes out of his way, to get her in his bed.

A/N- Yeah I know another Scott fic, what can I say I love the man, My Scott and Mark muses live in my house and demand stories, I like to read about him, like to write about him, what can I say..I need a Scott fic.

Bailey ran the long stretch of beach just like she did every morning, since she had moved here three months ago. Lucky for her, her friend and Neighbor Giselle, was up at the crack of dawn every morning, she would come over at five and on sit Bailey's deck and drink coffee, in case Emma woke up.

Bailey tired to block the thoughts from her mind but they always came, her ex boy friend, he wasn't Emma's father, she had dated Josh for three months and he had turned into a asshole always bumming money for her, when she had enough and broke up with him, he had devised the brilliant plan to kidnap Emma and demand a million dollars for her return, he had went on the run with her baby for three months before they caught him.

It had been the worst time in her life, losing her daughter for three months had changed her, she vowed no one would ever hurt her daughter again, thankfully Josh was in prison for a long long time, but Emma was different when she came back, too quite, too scared, she hardly said two words to anyone, her mother included.

The only think Emma took a interest in was her mother's drawing and painting, more specifically for her wildly popular series about talking dragons. 'Ketu the kind Dragon' series was loved by many children and her own was included, Emma loved to watch her work on the pictures and Bailey had painted pictures for Emma to hang in her room, Emma seemed more comfortable with a fantasy life than reality.

She took Emma to a child physiologist once a week, but it didn't seem to be helping, the girl wouldn't talk about Josh or the time away from her mother, she knew Emma hadn't been sexually abused, thats the first thing the hospital had checked for when they found her, Bailey was at a loss how to help her daughter, she figured time and patience was what was needed.

Scott sat on his deck and watched the woman run as she did every morning, she was a beauty, she had short black curly hair, she wore a tank top, that showed off tattoo's , he couldn't tell what they were from here, she was short, but had nice big breasts and a nicely rounded ass, God she was gorgeous.

Just watching her made his mouth water, he closed his eyes and imagined her naked beneath him, his dick was hard as a brick, he hadn't actually made a play for her yet, he was patient. Scott would have her, women didn't turn him down, he knew he was good looking and he knew how to sweet talk women.

He was just enjoying the view for now, maybe he would start running in the mornings and accidentally meet her running, that seemed like a good plan, he grinned and got up and went back in his house.

Scott made more coffee and looked around at the house he had bought ten years ago, he loved the place, it was quite, he had just a few neighbors and he liked his privacy, he had one rule with women, he never brought them back here, this was his private life, he only shared sex with women, not anything personal, one time with a woman and that was it. It was early , he decided to go out and grab some breakfast.

Bailey sat on the steps of her deck, drinking a cup of the strong black coffee Giselle had made. "Thanks."

Giselle smiled, she was sixty five years old, she had never had any children though she had been married six time, she was a lonely woman, she had spotted Bailey and Emma the day they moved in.

She recognized two hurt souls when she saw them, she had walked over and introduced herself, and Emma had been fascinated with her fingers that had so many rings on them , they had looked weighted down, Emma had taken to her immediately.

Emma loved to go to Giselle's house and play dress up, and wear her jewelry, it was one of the few things she enjoyed.

"Emma is just not improving Giselle, I worry about her." Bailey was saying.

"Maybe she needs a daddy."

Bailey snorted. "Yeah, that worked real well the last time." She said setting her empty cup down.

"Bailey, you know all men aren't like Josh." Giselle said.

"Yeah, Her father wasn't no prize either, that jerk, I told him I was pregnant and he had the nerve to have his publicist try to bribe me to keep quite." Bailey said looking out at the waves rolling in.

Giselle sighed, she could understand Bailey's bitterness against men, but she had to move past that, Conner Addison was a quite famous actor, that Bailey had feel hard for, she had met him and party her publisher had asked her to attend and they had went at it hot and heavy for months, when she turned up pregnant, he had tried to bribe her to keep quite.

He said having a child was bad for his image, Bailey told him to shove his money, she wasn't exactly poor herself, and she had walked away raising her child alone. "Can I drop off Emma around one, I'm going to the gym today."

Giselle nodded, Bailey was very fit, she ran and worked out often and her body was fit and toned, she was really a beautiful girl, she had beautiful curly black hair, with deep green eyes, she was only 5'4, and she had several dragon tattoo's on her arms and various tattoos' on the rest of her body, she didn't look like a text book children's author.

She had plenty of men come on to her, ask her out, but she shot them down quickly, the only thing she cared about these days was her daughter, she didn't have time for men, or so she said.

Bailey fixed French toast and set it in front of her daughter. "Thank you Mama."

Bailey looked at her daughters much to serious expression and kissed her cheek. "You're welcome baby."

"I have to work this morning, I'm trying to come up with a new dragon for Ketu, but I just cant seem to get it right, maybe you can look at my sketch's and give me some tips."

She watched her daughter's green eyes light up. "Yes mama, I would like that."

"Good eat up and we'll get started, do you mind staying with Giselle today, when I go to the gym?"

Emma nodded. "Yes, I wanna play dress up."

Bailey smiled. Once a while, she would see a flash of the old Emma, the child she used to be, instead of the little adult like person, she was now.

Her daughter was a little replica of her, black curly hair, with the same green eyes, Bailey could see none of Connor in her, and she looked hard, but all she saw was herself, however Bailey's own childhood had been less than ideal, she had been shuffled from foster home to father home since she was five, her mother couldn't handle her no more and gave her up.

Bailey had no idea who her father was, she was tough , mean and always in trouble, walked around most of her childhood with a chip on her shoulder. She had discovered writing at a early age, writing a world of her own, where things were perfect and happy, she got good grades and scholarships for college and went straight on into her writing career, using her love of drawing and painting to illustrate her own books.

She had wanted to give her daughter the wonderful childhood, she never had, but Josh had screwed that up, now she was fighting to get her baby back, find the little girl, that had been so happy and care free.

Bailey got up to wash the few dishes and then went to put in a load of laundry. "MAMA!"

Bailey turned and rushed back in the kitchen to find Emma in tears. "What baby?" she asked lifting her daughter in her arms, Emma wrapped her arms around her mother. "You were gone." The little girl sobbed.

"Oh honey, I was just doing laundry." she said pressing kisses to her daughter's cheeks.

Emma just clung to her mother and Bailey held her close. "Emma, its going to be okay, mama will never leave you."

Bailey was in the boxing ring at the gym sparing with one of the regulars, she loved boxing and the workout was great.

She blocked two punches and returned a uppercut to her partner's jaw. Little did she know she was being watched.

Scott was a member here, it was close to home, he worked out several times a week himself. "Hey Donny, who's' the chica in the ring?" Scott asked sipping a bottle water.

Donny was the owner, he was in his fifties, with brown curly hair and blue eyes , he glanced at his buddy Scott. "No one for you, find someone else to fuck."

Scott turned to look at his friend. "She yours?"

Donny just shook his head. "She don't need some pussy hound after her, she's a nice woman, leave her alone."

Scott smirked. "I'm free, she's free, why shouldn't I have a taste?" he said going to ringside to watch her box, she was good, and that surprised him. She had on workout shorts and a tank top, and she looked good enough to eat, he would love a taste of that.

He watched her shake hands with her partner and take off her head gear and gloves and jump out of the ring. Scott grinned and walked over leaning on the ring watching her. "Hey baby."

Bailey turned to look at him, she groaned inwardly, he was good looking, but he was the usual 'I'm looking for pussy sort' who thought they were irresistible to women. "My name is not baby." She said and turned to walk off. Scott followed confident his charm would work. "What is your name, I want to know what to yell when I'm coming later."

Bailey stopped and turned around to face him. "Listen Casanova, your lack of charm is not going to work on me, fuck off." She snapped.

Scott grinned, she was even more beautiful with fire shooting from her pretty eyes. "You know you want me, come home with me."

"Are you deaf, or just stupid. Get the hell away from me." She said and tuned to leave.

Scott put a hand on her arm. You know you want me, I can tell, c'mon now, I'll make you come at least five time." He promised.

Bailey reacted with anger and reached out slapping his face. "You fukin freak, leave me alone." She grabbed her bag and rushed off.

Scott grinned and rubbed his red cheek, she was so damn hot, he had to have her, and he would, there was something about her that made him hard, just looking at her.

Lucky for him, he knew where she lived.