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Third story, I'm just giving myself more variety to write about if I get writers block for some stories.

I sighed. It was just another painful day and I didn't know how much longer I could handle it. My long brown hair covered my face in shame as I closed my eyes remembering the past, the better times.

Someone tapped my shoulder lightly. I opened my eyes and peeked through the sides of my hair.

"Hey." Alice whispered softly.

"Hey." I mumbled back.

Alice was always my best friend, second to him. Her hyperness was enough for two people and she loved to shop ever since she was first introduced to a mall. She was like a pixie, her short stature and short hair completed her. She was the complete and utter opposite of me and yet we are the best of friends.

A warm tear rolled down my cheek and hit the edge of the wooden lunch table. He wasn't here to wipe my tears away and ask what was wrong anymore; he was always with her now. He was entitled to his own life but I thought that our friendship meant more to him, but I guess it didn't.

"It's okay Bella." She whispered into my ear. I felt her cool breath next to my ear. I looked at her and half smiled.

"If you say so, Al." I whispered back sadly.

Alice looked at me and winced. I knew she was thinking about how I used to look. My eyes used to be a deep chocolate brown and my hair was livelier. My face used to have a healthy, happy glow to it but not anymore. Now my eyes were dull and my hair hung limp around me. Dark rings were under my eyes and I don't think that they will ever go away. It's too late for that. I used to be a happier person, someone who couldn't wait for the next day to come but clearly not anymore.

"Bella, you have to forget about him, move on."

"I can't Alice! He is my best friend, I just know him to well and too long for me just to forget. I just don't know anymore." I looked away from Alice and stared off into the distance.

My eyes landed on the giant oak tree across the street in the park. I remembered the day when we marked the tree as ours, Edward and I. We are the best of friends. Edward + Bella BFF, is what we carved into the oak tree to be preserved forever or at least until the tree was cut down.

Alice sighed exasperated. "Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked.

"Is there anyway for him to stop spending time with her?" I asked sarcasm dripping from every word. Alice shrugged.

"Hey baby." Jasper said as he scooped a giggling Alice up into his arms. I watched them, feeling as if I was intruding all the while wishing I had someone to love like they did. I turned away from them as their lips met, pain searing through my body. Blond hair, blue eyes, Jasper was always someone who I could count on, he could empathize with anyone almost as if he could feel what they were feeling. He was handsome but he had nothing on my best friend besides he was Alice's boyfriend.

"Hey Bella." Jasper said after he was done kissing Alice. Their hands were intertwined on their laps just like Edward and Tara did so much lately.

"Hey." I said back. I laid my head on the wooden table, moping once again.

"Only a couple more months until summer," I mumbled to myself.

"What's up everyone?" Emmett boomed, the grass crunching under his feet. Rosalie rolled her eyes at his outburst. They took their seats at our table. "Did I do something wrong, Rosie?" he asked, confusion clearly expressed in his voice. Only my big brother could be oblivious to his actions. Only two people left… I thought to myself.

Speak of the devil, Edward and Tara walked to our table laughing and whispering into each other's ears. I looked down at the table as they said hi to everyone. My beautiful and handsome best friend that I was not so secretly in love with. His bronze hair messy as always, a crooked smile that used to be reserved for me graced his face.

"Hey Bella." Edward said.

"Hey." I said avoiding his eyes looking back at the table.

"Did I do something wrong Bells?" he asked. I could tell everyone at the table minus Tara was rolling their eyes, slapping their foreheads or simply just glaring at him.

"No." I replied.

"I need to go do something." I said quickly, hating feeling like the 3rd wheel or in my case the 7thwheel.

"Do you need help?" Edward asked.

"No." I murmured as I lifted myself from the table and of course tripped.

I closed my eyes and braced for impact to the ground like always now that Edward was with Tara but I never hit the ground. I opened my eyes slowly to find myself in the arms of my best friend. He smirked and I blushed.

"Thanks." I said as he set me on my feet.

He nodded and replied, "Maybe you do need help." He smirked and his lips formed my favorite crooked grin.

"Yeah sure whatever." I mumbled trying not to look at my favorite smile on his face.

"See ya guys!" I said as I swiftly walked away from the table.


My eyebrows wrinkled in confusion as I watched my best friend walk away. She was always so sad lately and her favorite smile didn't work today. I turned around and sat next to Tara who immediately grabbed my hand. I smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

"Does anyone know what's wrong with Bella?" I asked. Alice and Rosalie glared at me incredulously while Emmett closed his eyes taking deep breaths and Jasper just smiled sadly.

"Did I miss something?" I asked, incredibly confused.

"You're pathetic." Emmett muttered under his breath rather loudly.

"I'm not!!" I replied beginning to get angry.

"I have a wonderful girlfriend and a best friend that I can trust." I continued. Alice scoffed. I glared at her my anger building, I knew she and everyone else except Bella didn't approve of Tara for some reason but she didn't have to show it.

"Some best friend you are, you have no idea what she's going through." Emmett muttered.

"So if you know tell me!" I said, getting frustrated. Tara laid her head on my shoulder and a hand on my shoulder in an attempt to calm me down, no one could do that except for Jasper or Bella.

"No, we wont tell you because you're too busy wrapped up in your own goddamn bubble to notice the things around you!" Rosalie snapped.

"I have a right to know!" I said, my voice raising.

"No, you don't its not our secret to tell," Alice added. "Besides if you really were such a great best friend she would have told you. If you were more observant you would have known by now, Mr. Oblivious!"

"Fine! If you're not going to tell me, I'm going to look for Bella!" I screamed and stomped off ignoring Tara's calls.


The grass crunched under my feet as I walked across the courtyard. My feet met the asphalt of the parking lot. I walked to my old pickup truck and opened the door, the warmth welcoming me. I slammed the door and rest my head on the seat.

I remember the first day I saw my truck on my birthday. Dad and Mom got it for me, I smiled. It turned into a frown after I remember that it was also the day my parent's went into a coma. I insisted on going to Port Angeles for dinner and my parents accepted. We, my family and Edward, Alice, Jasper and Rosalie went to my favorite Italian restaurant to eat. After a filling meal Emmett brought the 'kids' home while my parents took a quiet drive home.

We got home and waited for my parents so that I could eat my cake. They never came, instead we got a phone call saying that my parents got into a car accident and crashed into a tree. The impact was hard so now they are in a coma. I never looked at a piece of cake the same again, let alone eat it.

I sighed looking forlornly through the window. "Mom, why did you have to go into a coma when I need you the most!" I cried softly. "I want to tell him so badly! It's so hard to keep secrets from him, I don't know what to do anymore." Another tear rolled down my face. I opened the glove compartment to my truck and took out the scrapbook me and my mom made.

My fingers moved along the cover and traced my name Isabella Marie Swan, my fingers traced the small seashells and leaves on the cover. I opened the book.

September 13th 1989. A picture of me in the hospital in my mom's arms was there while my dad had a huge grin on his face. Em was excited in the picture as well, you could tell by the expression on his face. I chuckled to myself, something's never change.

I flipped through the various pages of pictures that included my parents and Em on different holidays. November 6th, 1992. I smiled sadly, this was where Edward made his first appearance.

The door bell rang as mom was playing with me. "Be right back Bella." She said sternly. I nodded my head. I heard her walk to the door and open it. "Esme!" she exclaimed. "Come in!" I heard more footsteps. I tried to peek over the top of the couch but I couldn't see anything.

"What brings you back to Forks?" my mom asked.

"Well.. we're moving back and…" the woman began.


"We're your new neighbors!" the woman said excitedly.

My mom squealed equally excitedly as they walked towards me. I jumped off the couch and ended up tripping. I saw a small boy and girl staring at me. The boy stepped forward shyly and bent down. "Are you okay?" he asked me, tilting his head curiously, concerned.

I nodded staring at him just as he was doing to me. I thought boys were all stupid and laughed at me when I fell but he was different. I was about to pick myself off of the floor like I usually did when mom or dad weren't around when two hands helped me. "Don't forget about me!" the girl said running over putting her hands on her hips.

"I'm Bella." I said quietly putting my hands behind my back.

"I'm Alice and this is my brother Edward!" she exclaimed grinning while Edward smiled timidly. I smiled back, I had this feeling we would get along just fine and get closer through the years.

Someone knocked at my window. I looked up surprised only to find the one person I was escaping from staring back at me.


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