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Here's chapter 19...


I followed Ms. Charney uncertainly backstage. Was she going to try and call the mothership? I mean she was always an odd teacher but what couldn't she ask me about in front of everyone else?

We stopped the second we got backstage, separated from everyone else by a wall and curtains so if I needed help I could scream and hopefully someone could hear me. "Edward, I know you didn't necessarily want to audition in the first place but you did nonetheless but do you want to be Danny?" she asked.

Oh. That's what she wanted to know. What a relief. I understood that she couldn't ask in front of everyone else because I could have been pressured or they would have thought they could get out of the musical too. Ms. Charney looked at me expectantly.

Before I knew what I was doing, I nodded and Ms. Charney smiled. "That's all I needed to know." she said and left me backstage in my bewildered state. I didn't know why I said yes, I didn't want to sing or dance on stage in front of everyone, I didn't want to dress in leather jackets and act like a "bad" person. Simply put I didn't want to be Danny but for some reason I still said yes. Why?

I knew all my friends were in the musical, maybe that's why I said yes. Or maybe it was because Tara wasn't Sandy. Maybe even because Bella was Sandy and I would get to spend more time with her. That couldn't be it we spend lots of time with each other, with everyone else. Did I want alone time with my best friend? I guess I did and this musical gave me the perfect reason why.

I looked at the script in my hand, my eyes widened when I realized that Emmett might have a reason to punch my face in. The first set of actions on the first page read they kiss. I gulped, me kissing Bella, talk about an awkward situation. I really hoped it didn't affect our friendship. (isn't he being awfully dense?)

I walked out from backstage to find an interesting scene. Tara backed up against a wall, surrounded by my friends. I saw Jasper and Rose's blonde hair, Emmett's overwhelmingly large and quite frankly menacing body and Alice's pixie cut but where was Bella.

I stepped onto the stage the floorboards creaking under my weight. They all turned to look at me for a second with angered expressions that immediately softened and looked back at Tara their furious glares returning. Tara looked at me pleadingly.

I jumped off the stage and walked towards them. "What happened?"

They didn't answer me, Tara thought I was asking her and took the chance. "Help me Eddie! I only talked about the accident and-"

"I wasn't talking to y-" I let her words register with my brain. "You what!" I roared. I never thought I could or would be this pissed off before. Everyone in Forks knew better than to talk about it, everyone was smarter than that with the now obvious exception of Tara. In that moment I wanted to kill Tara for doing that to Bella, just the mention of her parents would fill her eyes with tears, but Tara took it to the next level actually talking about them on purpose. I clenched my fists and stuffed them into my pocket before I did something drastic that I probably wouldn't regret.

"Where did she go?" I asked quietly, through clenched teeth.

"Where she normally does." Emmett answered not looking at me. "Thanks." I mumbled, walking quickly to the auditorium door. I didn't know what he meant by his vague answer, there were two places she could have gone to the meadow or the hospital. The hospital, it's the hospital.

I hoped that they would really affect Tara this time. I was tired of her and her actions. She already lost my respect and trust, she had nothing else to lose but her reputation which she didn't have much of. I didn't care if they hurt her physically, emotionally or mentally, just as long as the message got through.

I ran to my Volvo and shut the door gently despite my anger. I threw the script into the passenger seat and sped (even more than usual) to the hospital. I made it there in ten minutes since Bella wasn't in my car complaining about my insane driving speeds.

I ran into the hospital doors, ignoring the glances from the other people in the hospital. I waited for the elevator while fidgeting impatiently. Ding! I was about to run into the elevator when I felt two hands on my shoulders holding me back. I hissed quietly and looked up angrily and confused to why anyone would stop me.

I was met by my father's eyes. He lifted his hands off of my shoulders after bringing me to the side, away from the elevators. I studied his face, he looked angered and frustrated, much like myself. "What happened?" I asked him.

He looked at me with a look of sadness and a grim smile. I thought the worst happened, they weren't, they didn't…? "I suppose you already know since you're here. Bella's upstairs in ICU with her parents because of Tara and her irrational actions." I nodded but I assumed I looked confused since my dad continued.

"Tara talked about the accident with details that I don't know how she came to know of unless her father told her…." he trailed off. I took a deep breath, trying to take control of my anger once again, I didn't want to say irrational things to Bella because of my anger, especially because I wasn't angry at her, not in the least bit.

"I'll see you at home dad." I said quickly, seeing that the elevator was here. He nodded absentmindedly mumbling to himself about talking to the supervisor about Dr. Rinald. I found it hard to believe her father was a doctor in the first place.

I was as impatient as ever, willing the elevator to go faster now that I knew exactly what happened, Tara's words probably planted the image of the accident into her head, the same image that she had nightmares about and would come to my room every night telling me to make them go away, soon she got used to sleeping in my arms and couldn't fall asleep without me. I smiled at the thought.

The elevator doors slid open and I jogged over to her parent's room. I looked in through the window and saw Bella leaning against the wall, doing homework. To everyone else they would think nothing was wrong and that this was a peaceful scene; which was true but Bella wasn't alright.

She had a small smile on her face but she had dried tear streaks on her cheeks. She never did her homework in a quiet place, she was accustomed to being in a noisy environment (like my house or somewhere Emmett was). I knocked on the door not wanting to startle her. She looked up and smiled. "Hey." she greeted.

I walked in and sat down next to her. "Hey," We sat in silence the beeping of the IV in the background. I stared at her, how she bit her lip when she was strained, her eyes scrunching together in confusion, how she played with a strand of hair studying the piece of paper. I looked down at the piece of paper, it was English, Bella's best subject. And yet for the past five minutes that I've been…. watching, more like ogling, the voice in my head added in, her she was still on the same question.

"Are you okay?" I asked her focusing my eyes on hers. She nodded, not meeting my gaze.

"Bella, you can tell me anything." I said quietly, my eyes widening in horror at the error in my choice of words. She froze, turning to look at me, eyes wide. "I didn't mean it like that, not like last time." I apologized.

She blinked, her eyes shimmering with unshed tears. "Don't cry Bella. I'm such an idiot for last time. And I'm still an idiot for saying it again. Why do I do such stupid things?" I asked myself resentfully, turning away.

"I know you don't mean it Edward," she said putting her hand on my shoulder and turning me to face her. The sides of her mouth turned up slightly when our eyes met. "And no, I'm not okay." she whispered. I wrapped my arms around her, her head in the crook of my neck, her warm breath on my skin. I felt her tears soak into my shirt. I rocked back and forth, holding her tightly to me.

She lifted her head and sniffled. "Sorry for ruining your shirt." she said, honestly my shirt was the least of my concerns. I would let her ruin all my shirts if it helped her feel better.

"It's fine. Besides I can count on Alice to buy a new one." I said winking. A real smile spread across her face. "Now what happened?" I said getting back on track.

"Tara," I growled quietly, "talked about the limo, but I'm sure you knew that already." I nodded. "Then she said that they wouldn't wake up because they didn't want to see me. That's not possible right Edward?" she asked, her voice trembling.

"Of course not. Bella, your parents love you, they always will. Just like we all love you too." I said gently watching her.

Her face relaxed and for a moment she looked completely at ease. "Edward?" Bella asked. She took a breath, "Am I pretty?"

I looked at her confused and she looked hurt. "Of course you are, Bells." She looked into my eyes as I looked into hers. They were deep brown, endless pools of chocolate that I could stare into all day.

"You are the most beautiful person I've ever met. Your deep brown eyes full of meaning, your brown hair that isn't the least bit dull but full of life, your adorable blush that contrasts with your pale complexion, your smile that lights the world around you but that's just the surface. Inside is where the real beauty is. You are so selfless and caring to everyone around you with a few exceptions of course." I said, ending with a smirk.

She smiled her breathtaking smile, making me feel warm inside. "Thanks Edward, you're the best friend a girl could ask for." she said with a hidden emotion. I felt a twinge of sadness in my heart, best friend. That's what she thought of me, her best friend. That's what she was to me right? No. She was more than that. When she was sad, I wanted, needed to fix it, when she was happy I was happy. She was my other half that I didn't know how to live without.

I remember when I whispered 'Love you' to her as I fell asleep like when I used to comfort Alice but it was different. I remembered the numerous times I felt an unknown emotion fill me, a warmth spreading inside me that happened when I was around her but not anyone else.

That was when I realized, I was in love with my best friend Bella Swan, and I had absolutely no idea what to do.


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