Note: This is a story about the two actors who are chosen to play Edward and Bella in the Twilight movie. In this story I named them Meg and Adam, although you're welcome to imagine them as your preferred Twilight actors. I don't want to use any real actors' names because I'm not writing a 'real person fic,' that's not what this is. This story is purely fictional, I'm just exploring what could happen or the interesting dynamics of the people on set enveloped in a plot/storyline and romance as intense as Edward and Bella's in the books. This is a look at what happens to two people (actors) who have to portray such strong emotions that Edward and Bella feel, a love so deep, that as actors, where do you cross the line? How much can you separate fiction from reality and what happens to the on-screen chemistry you share with your co-star when acting out a love story like no other? Surely something's bound to happen…. And this is my go at it. Please enjoy and review!

I just made up random names for the actors/characters I made up that are playing the roles in the Twilight movie. Imagine them as you wish, really, except just know what I am not attempting to characterize the real life actors or any real people, the characters/people in this story are purely fictional and their own independent personalities, despite what the real Twilight actors come across as.

Actors' names (so no one gets confused):

Edward- Adam

Bella- Meg

Alice- Laura

Jasper- Brian

Rosalie- Olivia

Emmet- Derek

James- Cameron

Victoria- Rachel

Jacob- Alex

Esme- Gwen

Carlisle- Patrick

(Sorry, long ass author's note…haha)


My heart stopped as soon as I found out I got the part. No way. No way I kept saying, my hand clutching my heart as if it would stop- I was definitely too young for a heart attack wasn't I? but I was undoubtedly in shock. I was a major Twilight fan. Huge. I didn't even read books very often- something about this series caught my attention though, almost immediately.

And now I had just received the call from my representation that they wanted to sign the deal with me- I, Meg Copper, would be playing… Bella Swan? No way. You're shitting me. You're shitting me. Just admit it. This isn't a joke, it's not funny. Stop lying.

But no one was. It was real. Everyone around me, my family, my mom holding the cordless house phone with my agent on speaker, was all a blur to me, their voices and cheers completely drained out.

I saw my younger brother holding a video camera, taping my dumb founded reaction- I could've sworn I heard him say something about "-company wants me to capture this, they'll put it on the DVD release in the special features, the 'making of'"….

Holy shit! They were already talking about the DVD?! I barely even had time to wrap my mind around the sheer fact I'd be acting it out at all yet!

And then, I accepted it. I pushed the doubt, the anxiety, the worry, the confusion, the shock I had and only felt the excitement.

After all, what could be better?

I was going to be flown off next flight to Washington to start preproduction on a movie of my favorite book, playing the book's heroine.

Could I ask for more? No, I couldn't.

Everything around me seemed to spin back into place, the sound turned on, everything was back in color and in focus. I exhaled, a smile breaking onto my face, my hand still clutching my chest as I allowed myself breathe and be happy.

I was seriously the luckiest Twilight fan on earth. I was 'Bella.' But then it hit me…

Who would be my 'Edward'?


The last days of my Junior year had gone. Presently, I was throwing up a hackey sack, catching it in my palm as I sat on the edge of my bed, the sound of the beans in the sack crunching against my hand every time it fell from the air and back into my grasp. My mind replayed idly what had just happened in the last few weeks. It was all so surreal. Amazing. Such a part as Edward Cullen would be- to put it as my agent had said- 'outstanding.'

The fan base was huge. It was already producing buzz all over the internet and we hadn't even done anything yet. Cast members were probably still be added on as I sat here doing nothing. The movie would gain lots of attention.

But personally, I had never intended for it all.

At school I was enrolled in drama class. As an actor, it was a breeze- so much of a breeze I'm afraid I took it for granted and never studied for the vocabulary tests or technical terms or the history of drama through the ages. I completely let the written part of the class go, convincing to myself that I made up for it in the acting and participation part in class. However, the teacher had taken notice and cut back on anything acting related, reducing the class to everything text book.

And so, one day, for extra credit for 85 of the class that was failing for just not caring… our teacher read off open auditions and casting calls in our city's newspaper. Anyone who would go and prove they had tried out, or at least got a glimpse of what it was like to be an actual struggling actor- would receive enough extra credit to at least pass the class.

I opted for it immediately. I scanned the paper and circled the entry in the ad section calling for an open audition of boys ages 16 to 23, lean and preferably tall. There was a brief description of the project, but it only stated: 'based on a best selling novel' and something about forbidden love, vampires, humans…. Yadda yadda yadda.. I brushed it off like it was completely whack. And to be honest that's why I chose it. It sounded ridiculous. I had never heard of such a 'best selling novel'.

However, upon going to the audition, I saw guys around my age, all lined up. A common item among all of them was a black book with pale hands holding an apple. I snuck a peak at the guy in front of me- apparently this work was called 'Twilight'.

My eyes widened, it looked familiar.

My sister was an obsessed fan- though she kept it subdued, since she was on the verge of 19 and busy with college.

I had to phone her up, but she didn't answer. So instead, I took a deep breath and hoped for the best. I soon realized that this wasn't some random, stupid audition. This could be something huge… I had to get my hands on one of those books. I had to get a part, any part. I didn't care. I'd be an extra. My ego or résumé wasn't nearly big enough to be better than that. I had only done two independent films, well received by critics but virtually unknown to all of society- which allowed me to live a pretty normal life- with the exception of one fan made site in my honor- a whopping 150 members in the community. I laughed. God bless them. Other than that- I was completely normal, which allowed me to go to school regularly.

Fast forward a grueling five hours at the audition, waiting for my turn, I auditioned and got a call back. Fast forward again, I was advancing steadily through the field of actors in want of this part. Again fast forward- and it was down to me and two other guys.

Now here I was, sitting on my bed, tossing up a hackey sack, and waiting to leave for the airport. Preproduction would start as soon as we landed, after the whole crew and cast had some sort of meet and greet, celebration or something to get the movie going on positive energy. I was excited. And then I heard my dad call me from downstairs, it was time to go. I tucked my annotated copy of Twilight underneath my arm, and headed out towards the door.


As soon as I got the name of the guy who would play Edward, the name kept popping into my head. Adam Povelli, Adam Povelli, Adam Povelli… what a strange last name I thought, as it continued through my mind it started to sound like a song.

I let out a nervous, shuttering breath. The welcome dinner was tonight- cast and crew… all of production… the author herself I had heard… it was too much. My nerves were shot. I couldn't handle it. This was unlike any movie I had ever done- granted I've only done three…independent films as well as Adam, so I heard he had done.

I couldn't breathe in the dress I was wearing. It was form fitting, but not inappropriate for my age group or the event. It was a dark, deep navy blue, almost black. My hair was down in auburn waves. I had thick, long hair, reaching just past my mid back. I hoped hair and makeup wouldn't go too hard on it once we got started with the filming…

"Breathe!" came the sound of my best friend's voice. Charlotte grinned, placing a hand on the exposed skin between my shoulder blades. "It'll be fine. Remember, they chose you! And if they change their minds, well… it's not too late to send you back home and get another one," she laughed.

"Ugh… not helping…" I whined, feeling ready to throw up.

"Seriously, Meg, what are you worried about? Are you just nervous? It's just an introduction thing, no biggie." she shrugged, folding her legs under herself on the hotel bed. Just then there was a knock on our door. I knew it was rep coming to fetch me.

"Ah! No!" I yelped, not wanting to face it yet.

"GO! You'll be excited! This is like every Twilight fan's biggest dream… the closest anyone's ever gonna get to be in that world… take advantage of it Meg, don't let it go to waste. They'll hate you more if you waste it, knowing you're a fan getting the ultimate, than if you at least try and still do a crap job at playing Bella."

"Uh…. You're right." I was surprised it made sense, in some odd way….Her surprising wisdom somehow made me manage to wobble over in my heels, steadily gaining my composure and confidence in each step.

The dinner was being held at a banquet hall in the same nice hotel we were staying at. It was a very nice hotel, with an even nicer event room.

There were circular tables clothed in linen scattered around the room, a wide open space in the middle that could be used as a dance floor- please no dancing… I cringed.

Upon entering further, one of the event workers lead me by taking my forearm in their hand lightly, gesturing for me to follow them to a table secluded somewhat from the rest of the crew's tables. This table was rectangular, somewhat elongated and over looked all the others, though it was on the same level as them.

I was shown to take my seat by the placement card with my name on it. I sat down, smoothed my dress and examined the italicized card more closely.

Meg Copper- it said in bold, fancy, cursive like script. And then

Bella Swan- was etched smaller underneath.

I glanced around, before I knew it other people were surrounding me, seated at the same table by people in the same uniform as the one who had escorted me.

My heart fluttered. They were all beautiful. I looked up just in time, blinking in amazement, as I watched a curly, red haired woman take a seat opposite me a few chairs down. She was obviously Victoria. I must've looked star struck to her, when she caught my eye she smiled, even though I both knew we had never seen each other before, despite we had previous work as actors.

I didn't have time to dwell as I heard a chair being pulled out across from me. My gaze shot directly to the source. I caught his eye, his piercing blue eyes. He smiled at me, apparently taken at my youth and obvious glow for the events surrounding me.

I quickly spotted his placement card. Cameron- his first name. James- his character. I grinned deeply. He laughed as he spotted my name and title.

"You know I shouldn't be laughing at you. Our characters don't get along." his eyes were lit with humor, trying to be friendly. I shook my head.

"No, they don't. You stay away from me…" I warned, with a bright smile at the tease of my own joke. Of course characters were separated from their actors… but if that's true how come I'm so excited to meet "Edward"?

My encounter with 'James' and briefly with 'Victoria' enlightened my mood immensely and drowned my unnecessary nerves. With excitement and anticipation I glanced at each and every placement card and spotted out the assigned seats of the actors who would be playing all the main characters.

I saw to my left was the girl who would be playing Alice…. Oh how cute, I thought. I couldn't help but seep the characters and the actors who would be portraying them together in my mind- it was hard not to with the way this production dinner was going. It was as if they were setting everyone up as if we were the characters, everything so far was fairly aligned with the book.

To my right was the actor to be Emmet, across from him was "Rosalie" and to her side, in front of "Alice" was "Jasper" (how very appropriate) and farther down towards the card that read "Charlie" and "Renee" were cards that read "Carlisle" "Esme".

My eyes hungrily took everyone in, catching a glimpse for the first time the people who I would be spending most of my time with. They all looked so… clean… as if they had popped off a screen or some page of a magazine and right into real life. They were just as handsome as any page model, if not better.

But where was the supposed most beautiful one of all? There was no 'Edward" card in sight. It had already baffled me as to why this actor wasn't sitting across from his fictional soul mate. Every space remotely near me was taken. Then, at the very end, I glimpsed the woman who I knew to be the director, and then the author herself, and then I saw him….

He has to be Edward, I thought. He has to be.

He looked in deep conversation with the author, leaning in on the table with his elbows and gesturing with his hands. The author kept nodding, as if explaining something, and the director simply listened and smiled, as if further proven that she had chosen the right guy for the part since he seemed to be taking the initiative and taking it seriously.

He was… attractive… very attractive. He didn't look like Edward. Not yet. I didn't look like Bella for that matter. None of us really did resemble our characters except for the basics, such as height, build, etc…

Adam, the actor playing Edward was tall, muscular, but lean…his hair was brown and slightly messy, yet probably longer and shaggier than Edward Cullen would ever have his. I frowned, knowing hair and makeup would have to trim his beautiful hair and dye it for the role.

He wore a black blazer jacket with a black shirt underneath, the hollow of his throat barely sticking out as the loose neckline of the shirt slid down him, it was most likely a little too big for him.

He never looked my way, he was too busy engulfing the author in conversation, most likely about his character, to look up.

I wasn't left alone though. I took my gaze off of him long enough to notice "Alice" sitting right next to me.

"Hi!" she said enthusiastically. Her eyes were bright, and her hair a shiny, shoulder length brown. "I'm Laura!"

"Meg," I offered with a genuine smile, shaking hands with her.

"OH does that stand for something?" she tilted her head, and slightly turned towards me in her chair.

"No," I shook my head. Many people thought it stood for Meghan, or something else I had never even heard of- but it annoyed me to NO END when someone would assume they were calling me by my "real" or "full" name when they called me Meghan or something else rather than Meg- because it wasn't the case at all.

"So are you excited? Have you read the book yet? I mean, obviously, we basically have to… but I've never even heard of it before I found out about the role. But I'm basically psyched to be playing Alice! But man! You're Bella!! That's gotta be crazy for you! " I nodded enthusiastically.

I let out a snort, "Tell me about it… I still can't believe I'm here, you know? This all.. It makes me feel like it's gonna be something huge but it doesn't feel real… like I can't imagine shooting… I can't even imagine what filming's gonna be like or interviews or press… or the fans! I don't believe it's happening," I said simply, glancing down at my ice water in my glass before taking a sip.

"I know…" Laura sighed, "I guess we'll just have to face it." she smiled. Just then the actor who was playing Jasper caught her eye, sitting right across from her. She gave him a small wave and he laughed, waving back. He let his gaze linger on her before someone came up to his side and occupied his attention. Laura took the opportunity to lean into me..

"I don't want it to be awkward, at least start talking to him now, you know?" she whispered, her hand slightly covering her mouth, obviously trying to be discrete, yet the playfulness in her eyes gave her away.

I laughed, "Right. I understand."

"Thank you" she grinned, looking forward to the actor named Brian who would be Jasper.

I turned away and glanced at the blonde playing Rosalie. She was really pretty, obviously, but that was about the only thing she held in common with her character. She was laughing loudly and talking to nearly everyone in earshot, being friendly and getting to know everyone. She seemed like a people person, not stuck up like Rose. Cameron sat next to her, turned slightly towards "Rosalie" (who was actually an actress named Olivia) and "Emmet" (who was really Derek).

Olivia caught my eye almost immediately, her eyes widening and reaching a hand out over the table and clutching mine. "HI!"

"HI!" I tried to sound just as overly and genuinely excited as she was. I'd feel like a downer otherwise.

"How are you!? Gosh! You're so young!"

"I know, right?" I laughed slightly then returned to my drink.

When I looked back at the other side of the table, Adam was gone.


I didn't want to be rude, but I wasn't sure when I'd get this chance again, when I'd see the author of the series again anytime soon, so I wanted to ask her every question I had for my character and his motives, his thinking, his logic, his relationships…

His emotions and where he got off thinking he was 'unworthy' or undeserving of the character Bella's love, so I had gotten the impression. He seemed to me to think he was absolutely the most selfish creature on the planet and completely revolting. Once I started conversing with the author, who proved to be a very nice lady and eager to help, I found out I was right.

I was caught up in the discussion that I had neglected to introduce or get myself introduced to any other of the cast members. No one came around and ushered me to meet them, or bothered coming up to meet me, I suppose being polite and not wanting to interrupt my conversation with the author.

While the conversation was a rewarding one and immensely helpful for my research for the role, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of regret for it- I had completely missed out on the whole meet and greet part of the dinner, which was the first half, completely about introduction, which instead was occupied by my conversation with the author.

I could only half regret it, I had gained a lot in return, but at what price? I tried not to feel guilty or rude and I rationalized I would still get to know everyone, after all we were all apart of a cast now. I hadn't missed out… but the feeling in the pit of my stomach told me I had.

I had just finished eating, everyone else was done before me, save for a few and the director who still sat at the table talking to a producer over a drink.

Eventually, I felt a light tug at my elbow. I recognized the man as apart of the crew, he wore a badge around his neck signifying he was apart of the movie company and event instead of hotel staff. I quickly wiped my hands and face on the linen napkin before he introduced himself to me and lead me up out of my chair to work me through the crowd of the other people who would be working on this movie. I glanced around as we walked, I saw Cameron talking in a small group of stunt doubles, he was the only actor I recognized off the bat without ever having to read his placement card at dinner.

"Thank you so much for agreeing to this, you don't know how much this means to her, she's a huge fan already, obviously because she loves the books and really it's nice of you to take your time…" the man said graciously, walking by my side over to a table featuring a woman and a younger girl, younger than I, maybe 15.

What exactly had I agreed to? Oh right, his daughter wanted to meet me, that's why this man came and got my at my table.

"Adam, I would like to introduce my wife, and this is my daughter Michelle" he smiled. The man worked on the camera crew, as he explained.

I smiled at the girl, poor thing I could tell she was nervous but she really had no reason to be. I wondered if it was simply because I would be playing Edward, basically like every girl's favorite character…

I stuck my hand out for the girl to shake, smiling friendly at her. She beamed, blushing.

Oh God.. I really hope people don't start treating me like this. I was just an actor, interested in this part, just like every other role I've taken- I hope people don't start to like me- merely because I'll be playing Edward Cullen…

"Hi, nice to meet you," I smiled, easily getting back to my normal self, laid back and friendly. It's just how I was, yet I could be subdued and slightly held back at times, around people I especially was interested in or cared about their opinion too much.

After meeting the camera man's daughter I made my way over to some company employees, Cameron had introduced me to some stunt doubles and a couple camera men who were about his age, early to mid twenties.

I quickly forgot about everything I had been worrying about, laughing and warming up to the environment, looking around and taking in all the faces I'd soon be seeing on set.

People were starting to drift away from their tables and mingle amongst themselves, drinks and glasses in hand. It was a nice atmosphere.

I was standing in the group with Cameron and the crew members, laughing, when I turned my head and saw the actors playing Alice and Jasper talking by themselves, laughing freely. Across the room was Rachel, the red haired woman talking to the actor I knew to be playing Carlisle, with a woman who I guessed was his wife in real life.

And then farther down, I glanced a beautiful face. I was completely surprised. I hadn't seen this face all night. She was the only one new to me, never before seen to my eyes, but I knew immediately who she was. She had to be Meg- or was it Meghan? Or one in the same. Either way, she was stunning. The soft almost warm glow of the chandeliers above in the event hall illuminated her face. She held her glass in front of her with both hands as she stood smiling and laughing with Olivia and Derek. Derek was a tall, solid guy around 23 I was guessing, Olivia around the same age, very pretty and blonde and blue eyes, however, I couldn't help but wonder who would be better for the part of Rosalie, her or Meg… because the way Meg's face looked in my eyes, rivaled the one I envisioned as Rosalie as I read the novel. I was shocked how immediately I liked her- not just her looks (her slightly heart shaped face, her big bright eyes, her surprisingly thick, wavy, soft looking auburn hair, her curvy figure-yet subtly so…and beautiful smile) but from what I could tell by the way she interacted with the others, "Rosalie" and "Emmet" (of all characters, I thought, ironically and inwardly grinned), she seemed really…. Cool.

I had no other way to describe it. She had this way of holding herself, how she tilted back slightly when she laughed, arching her back a bit and cracking up, and how her facial expressions changed- as if she were going through a range of emotions and didn't take herself too seriously. I desperately wanted to talk to her. I anxiously glanced around…

Someone introduce me, someone introduce me…. I inwardly chanted. I looked around again and it was as if everyone was being introduced by someone else. Why hadn't anyone thought to… oh I don't know- introduce EDWARD AND BELLA? After all, we had never met before and uh… wouldn't it be in the best interest of us all if we got to know each other now?

I was starting to get impatient and a little annoyed no one bothered to introduce us. We hadn't even sat near each other during the dinner- that was the strangest part. Who wouldn't think to sit 'Edward' and 'Bella' together? Granted, yes, I did wish to speak to the author- but they could've at least put Meg next to her or to me….

"Excuse me," I said to my company, Cameron nodded and I left, weaving in and out of the people. I had no idea so many people it took to make a movie of this size- it was nothing like the indie films I had been on.

I made my way past tables and managed not to make eye contact with anyone else, for fear I would be stopped in my tracks halfway there and Meg would see me before I had the chance to get to her… but unfortunately.. I was stopped.

A feminine hand gripped my bicep, stopping me cold in my tracks.

"Sorry," Rachel laughed, and immediately let go.

I let out a nervous laugh, running my hand through my hair, a grin on my face though.

"Listen whatever you were about to do- I'm sorry- I just wanted to say hi," she laughed, a man standing next to her gave me a nod, I was guessing he was her boyfriend.

"Oh… hi…" I offered a small, humorously awkward wave and glanced around.

But I stayed there talking to her for some time, brief compared to everyone else I had conversed with for the evening, which was ironic, because so far her company was the best. She was pretty cool and she and her boyfriend were funny.

Midway conversation, I looked sideways to see where Meg was. She was in the same spot, still talking to the Rosalie actress. I had a soft smile lingering on my face from my conversation with Rachel and her boyfriend and its place was only more firmly planted there when I caught Meg's eye. She was laughing lightly, and then she turned to me, spotting me just past "Rosalie". We locked eyes but I couldn't tell if she was smiling at me, she could've still been listening to what Olivia was saying. It seemed like she was as unsure as I was about the situation. I decided to clear up her mind a bit, so I stared a little longer at her, even though I could hear Rachel's boyfriend address me. I grinned at her more directly and then turned reluctantly back to my conversation.

Meg made no move. She simply returned her gaze back to Olivia once I had looked away.

Eventually, Rachel was swept off somewhere to meet Cameron, her boyfriend tagging along. We parted ways, shook hands and exchanged "it was nice to meet you."

I took a deep breath and a confident stride forward, heading straight for my "Bella." I couldn't decide if I wanted her to see me coming or not. I forced myself not to be nervous. I had no reason to be, right? I was anxious to meet her. I had to.

As I neared closer, Olivia apparently saw Meg look over her shoulder, a subdued shocked look on her face- or maybe it was a face of panic? Either way, Olivia darted off, giving Meg an arm squeeze and leaving.

Meg didn't even look at her as she left. Her eyes stayed fixed on me. With every muscle and fiber in my being I tried to gracefully make my way to her- avoiding every person, every shoulder, chair or table that was in my way. I didn't want to risk anything embarrassing.

And then I stood in front of her. She was so much more beautiful up close.


My heart was thundering in my chest. I was frozen like a deer in the headlights, completely paralyzed by a predator.

"Hello, I'm Adam," he introduced himself to me simply. He offered his hand, his drink in the other. God he was so cute up close. He licked his lips and pursed them slightly, a natural reflex I'm sure, he probably wasn't even aware of it- although I very much was…

"Meg," I replied, taking his hand. Underneath my grip his hand felt slightly rough, yet kind of soft at the same time, they were muscular, kind of meaty. I was kind of embarrassed to even be attracted to his hands…they gave away that he was probably a guitar player, yet they weren't blistered or calloused. He gave me a welcoming smile as we shook, when he pulled out of my grip, his hand slide out of mine, slowly gliding over my skin until all contact stopped as he brushed over my fingertips and dropped his hand to his pocket.

"So I don't know if you noticed, but no one thought to introduce 'Edward' and 'Bella'… so I decided to take it upon myself, I hope you don't mind." he grinned, sipping his drink.

"Oh yes, you've completely ruined my night," I said dryly. He laughed into his glass, his laughter echoing slightly and I laughed. I like the way his face crinkled up when he laughed, and the sound of it. It was light, almost giggly, boyish… I had to hear it again.

"So are you looking forward to preproduction? We've got a lot of things to cover before shooting…" I asked.

"Oh yeah, no problem. I've got it all down." he winked, "what about you?"

I shrugged, "We'll see… it depends on what I have to work with…" I cleared my throat suggestively, meaning him..

That worked and he laughed again, this time it was louder and more hearty, taken by surprise and genuinely humored.

"Are you insulting me?!" he sputtered, a broad, bright grin on his face.

"Haha! Maybe!" I smiled.

"Damn…" he chuckled, "that's messed up,"

"I call them as I see 'em."

"And what exactly do you see??" he inquired, raising an eyebrow over his glass.

I pretended to look down on him, sticking my nose in the air slightly, as if unimpressed, "Just another pretty face."

And then he looked straight at me, seeing through my façade. "So do I."

I felt a flash of heat flush my face and he laughed under his breath at my expense. I just blinked, losing all confidence I had and no longer able to tease him. I was afraid, afraid I could start to like him- I already did.

I cleared my throat again, avoiding his eyes and looking down at my drink, "Yeah, well…"

"I think it's crap I didn't get to sit next to you in the dinner. I'm just gonna put that out there." he said frankly, shrugging a shoulder.

"Oh…yeah.. That.." I stammered.

"Excuse me, Mr. Povelli? Could I bother you just one second for a photo? I've got teen girls at home and I always take pictures home from every movie I work on, but they're unimpressed- this one though is surely to get their attention."

"uh…" Adam seemed to consider it a moment, "Sure I don't see why not, no problem…"

I stepped aside so the man could get his picture.

"Oh no, miss! Ms. Copper would you mind as well?" he said towards me, gesturing with his camera.

"You want me to take the picture?" I guessed.

"No, he wants you in it," Adam clarified, lightly wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me into his side. The man snapped the picture in a flash, literally, thanked us, and then was on his way.

I was slightly embarrassed about what had happened, but Adam didn't seem to notice or care. A moment passed by awkwardly (well, at least on my part) and we just watched people pass by in silence.

Just when Adam had turned to me, opening his mouth to speak, it seemed another person was at his arm. Are you serious?? I screamed in my head. It's not like we're movie stars. Everyone needs to stop acting like we're about to break.

A slightly older man had tapped his elbow, "I'm sorry, Adam, hate to interrupt but we've got an early start tomorrow. I have to get you back to the hotel."

"Oh, shit," Adam cursed, whirling around to turn to say goodbye to me.

I gave a smile and a wave.

Adam sighed. "I have to leave… lame…." he rolled his eyes, "I'm not staying in this hotel yet- I'm transferring over within the week- but for now I'm staying about a 45 minute's drive away… so I guess I had better go."

"I understand." I nodded.

"Goodnight." he smiled lightly.


"GOOD night, you mean?"

"No… just 'night'" I laughed, "See you later! I don't think you've earned my well wishes yet."

He pinched the bridge of his nose, shaking his head and sighing with great effort, "You're killing me, miss."

"That's fine," I shrugged lightly.

He smiled and I could tell his escort, or security, whoever it was, an assistant or something (who knew?) the man behind him was getting impatient- Adam seemed to leave it unnoticed.

He placed a hand on the bare skin where my arm met my shoulder, almost hesitantly, but then deciding to go for it.

"Be careful, ok? Be safe."

"Be safe?" I scoffed, "you ain't Edward Cullen."

"Be honest. You're glad. You like me better."

I tilted my head back and laughed. "Aren't you confident??"

"Not really. I'm just a talented actor." he winked and was finally dragged off.

I couldn't help but be totally smitten even as he walked away, every couple of steps glancing over his shoulder and smiling back at me.

He had no idea he was melting my heart with every glance he made.