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Something Like Royalty


By Dudly (who, by the way, doesn't own Prince of Tennis)

"I'm sorry, I can't take you to the dance this Saturday, I'm already taken," Horio declared tragically, his face twisting with fake emotions. To abuse of his credibility, he gripped his heart with his right hand and let out a loud sob. "I am, I swear! By whom?"

He stopped in his theatrical show and snorted with such emphasise that his whole face twisted. "I can't tell. You see, I didn't even tell my bestest friends."

"What a jerk I am!" the boy shouted, addressing his auditory with visible amusement. Poor thing, he was an inch away from cracking up- not that anyone cared, because out of the three other boys in the room, two were already rolling on the floor and the third ignored him stubbornly. Annoyed at his kill-joy buddy, Horio ended his act with a bow before getting down of the desk he had been standing on.

"Th… that was… freaking hilarious!" Kachirou voiced between bits of laughter. "Great performance!"

Still laughing his head off, Katsuo fervently nodded his agreement.

Ryoma stayed silent, only glaring harder.

"Come on, Ryoma, don't spoil the fun!" Horio scolded, a grin firmly plastered on his proud face. "It's bad enough you don't want to tell us about your date…"

The disguised accusation provoked no change in the tennis prodigy's expression. They had gone through all of this three times already, yet he hadn't changed his mind. After all, they were supposed to adapt to his decisions. "Who cares about a stupid graduation ball?"

His friends' jaws dropped, one after the other. Soon, the three of them were glaring at him for the sheer blasphemy.

"It's the last event that will be happening in Seishun High," Katsuo pointed out hotly, his voice sounding very much like a squeak. "You care as much as we do."

The boy with black-green hair raised an eyebrow disdainfully. "Says who?"

That did it.

"EVERYONE!" they burst out in synch. Horio added, "You're the freaking prince of this school, Echizen!"

After a moment, a couple of seconds full of hesitant pondering, a thin smirk appeared on Ryoma's lips. There was a strange light dancing in his proud golden eyes. "Then the prince will be taking the princess, won't he?"

Gasps of disbelief echoed through the close circle of friends, provoking a heartfelt chuckle from Ryoma.

Princess: code name they used when referring to their President Council, Sheisun's most popular girl. Unbelievably pretty, she was also smart and funny. She had refused many offers already; Ryoma, however, got a wide grin and a happy yes.

It felt good, being at the top of the social hierarchy of his high school. Among all the various cliques, Ryoma and his friends were unanimously recognized as the coolest. That was why Ryoma, their bratty leader, could get such an impressive date for the ultimate celebration of their school days.

Unfortunately, it would all be over soon.

The day of his inscription to high school, a young piercing gaze had analyzed his surroundings with lot of care. From the concrete walls to the oversized windows that offered a wonderful view of the school's property, no detail had been ignored. There were five floors; Ryoma had visited them all, entered every room and smiled smugly when the principal asked if he could help.

Blissful memory; the geezer had thought he could be useful, and how blind he was, truly. The short boy had shaken his head and muttered some proper greetings before moving on in his private tour of the place. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate people bowing low while they explained him things he didn't know. No, Ryoma simply liked being the only one there, strutting in the middle of the hallway and having his footsteps resounding throughout the old building.

Seishun Gakuen was his kingdom to be, anyways.

Arrogant but true. It hadn't taken long before the students admired the godly Echizen Ryoma, so handsome, so smart and moreover, a fabulous athlete excelling at his domain- tennis. A fan club in his honour had been founded by a certain Tomoka, much to the dismay of Horio, who knew her since forever and obviously held feelings for her. That's when the one-brow student decided to befriend the aloof star of the tennis club. How the heck did Ryoma accept to be befriended remained a mystery to the world.

Three years later, glorious high school days were over. Ryoma stood alone in the same hallways he had first stepped in, heaving a wistful sigh that his mind couldn't comprehend. Seigaku, his comforting castle, would be his no more.

Another sigh; he had to go, in every sense of the term. He had to take a step forward, to go and conquer foreign lands. It was okay, for he was Echizen Ryoma.

From the beginning, he knew that high school was nothing but a step to get where he wanted to get. His friends wouldn't stay his friends for long; they weren't taking the same path, nor were they following the same dream. Even Haruhi, his newest girlfriend, even while being the pretty princess, wouldn't last long. They hadn't much in common- the only activity they shared was grocery shopping, which wasn't exactly thrilling to say the least. That, and a wonderful memory at a senior prom.

The prom had marked the end of an important step. The next one was college; a whole new world that Ryoma was sure to reign over with ease. No doubts ever came to him about it; he knew he had a charismatic personality. They didn't call him a prince for nothing.

They would be calling him that way too in university; he'd make sure of that. Handsome face, cocky stance, undeniable skills and pockets loaded with money would do him well.

The only thing he forgot was that above every prince stood a mighty king- this one wealthier, way more arrogant and absolutely unwilling to give up his throne.

College would be interesting indeed.

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