Update Alert

To all my reader who plan to, well, continue reading in this series: I have updated the first chapter of this fic's sequel: Three Days Grace.

And might I say, how the bloody hell did no body figure WHY I named the fic after I band? I mean, seriously – BAND. Well, anyway, as no one figured has it out, I guess I'll just have to tell you:

All ten chapters of Three Days Grace will be songfics. And all the songs are by – you guessed it (hopefully) – Three Days Grace.

I was originally going to just take this update down, but then I thought I'd have a little fun.

As anyone who's been paying attention to A/N's will know, this is a series. As such, I've already plotted out the story that'll come after Three Days Grace. (I just have to finish writing Three Days Grace).

I'm going to be leaving a little riddle to see who can figure out what the title of Part III will be. (If you get it right, then you'll get an honorable mention in Chapter 1 of Part III).

It's a four word title, so this is a four stanza poem. Each stanza is a word.


Ascension, of a an almost holy kind

Above power and up the ranks

A novelistic mirror of sorts,

To anything that's been once sank.


Originally once used to mean an origin,

Now used as a reference, today,

Read carefully for the answer in my whimsical lines,

In the First and Third, it lays.


So commonly used in every day,

A noun it does denote.

I shall give you the obvious answer,

For my second line's its host.


And lastly of all, a holy form,

Donned upon wings of faith.

A pure-made form, cast of the heavens,

The last word of this title's fate.


You can guess as many times as you want. Just don't expect me to tell you if you're right or not.