The Doctor flipped another Anglolan over his head. Frankly, considering their weight and armament, he considered he was doing quite well.

Another figure ran up. He braced himself -

"Oh my, what a foppish figure! What does he think he's gotten himself into, I wonder?"

A young lady in a most unmodest mode of dress ran up beside the fellow, panting. "Doctor," she gasped out," are you really sure you should be telling other people how to dress?"

The Doctor frowned "Are you speaking to me, young lady?" He glanced between the two of them. "Neither of you is Anglolan..." He gritted his teeth. "A Time Lord?! Are you here to..."

"No, not to free you from your bondage, sadly enough." The other fellow straightened his coat, and the Doctor got a better look at him.

Crazy-quilt long coat, pants, umbrella... who was this madman?

"In case you hadn't noticed, sir, there is a battle going on!" The Doctor narrowed his eyes. "Do they send fools to taunt me now? What arrogance!"

He turned away to draw a communicator from his coat and start shouting for some support from UNIT.

The man shouted "Arrogance? Arrogance?! Of all the infernal..!" He turned and stormed off.

The Doctor heard the telltale whoop of a TARDIS departure, then no more.

"Well, that was unproductive," he remarked to himself.

"Now, where was I?"

He took up a new fighting stance...

"I cannot believe this!" snarled the Doctor, as he ran about the TARDIS console, punching buttons and yanking levers madly. "I only wanted to improve things for the fellow, but the damned fool insists on being all heroic yet again!"

Peri looked up timidly. "Doctor, he really thought I was talking to him instead of you. Could that possibly mean..."

The Doctor looked over at Peri crossly. "Of course it means something, my dear Peri! It means in my youth, I was a bloody idiot! Now let's see..." His hand stabbed down on a brown button

Seven different alarms sounded, and the TARDIS flipped a few times. The Doctor managed to hang onto the console as usual, but Peri's handhold, naturally, slipped.

Ah, nothing new then, thought Peri. Her head smacked into something unforgivably heavy, and she slipped into blissful unconsciousness.