Title: Behold

Author: Secret-Agent-Omega

Genre: Romance.

Rating: K.

Pairings: Mal/Inara.

Location on Firefly Universe Timeline: Sometime Post-BDM.

Spoilers: Mal and Inara love each other. Gasp.

Summary: A poem for Joss' beloved Captain and Companion.

Disclaimer: The people, places, and plentiful paraphernalia you know and love/hate are the property of their respective owners, namely Joss Whedon, his associates, and any groups which control or are controlled by said individuals. No profit is made by the author of this work of fiction from the creation or distribution of said work, nor is any infringement intended. Plagiarism is considered a serious criminal offense, and punishable by law. Please ask before redistributing this work.

Length without header: 1 page(s) at 12-point Times New Roman font; 118 words; 666 characters including spaces.

Feedback: Some authors don't care about feedback. I am not one of those authors. Giving feedback tells me that you took the time to read it and cared enough to comment on it. Receiving feedback is a wonderful thing, and every author should experience it.

Notes: I've been hoarding this one for quite a while, hoping to write a fanfic that it could be part of. Since that prospect doesn't look terribly likely in the near future, I thought I'd share. I'm still holding out hope, though.


By Secret-Agent-Omega

Behold the honorable thief,
Who loves a goddess manifest,
He holds her close in dreams each night,
And though he sleeps he finds no rest.

Behold the goddess manifest,
Who loves an honorable thief,
She feels his touch in dreams each night,
And though she sleeps finds no relief.

Behold the common longing felt,
They each desire their mating soul,
Together both would be complete,
Apart neither is truly whole.

Behold a junction in their lives,
Beyond which there is no return,
One path will part them evermore,
One leads to that for which they yearn.

Behold the goddess and the thief,
Their spirits now are intertwined,
Their hearts united come what may,
They meet the future undefined.