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Ages: Kagome, Sasuke, Naruto: 13, Itachi: 19, Shisui: 22

Higurashi Kagome hid in the shadows, smirking slightly as she noticed her new target. Her blue eyes watched him eagerly, her body shifting in a vague excitement. Her black gloves swept back her long hair behind her ear and she wiped off any nervous sweat that dripped down on her face.

There was no way in hell that she would ever accomplish this and come out with her life intact.

But she had to do it; she had to prove her friend wrong.

'He's coming.' She noticed, narrowing her azure eyes as she noticed that he had company with him. Damn! She had studied his profile for the last few weeks, knowing that he had very few acquaintances and even fewer friends. However, he did have many ties to the ANBU unit and the Military Police Force.

Why shouldn't he? He was Uchiha Itachi after all.

'People are staring at him, it'll be harder to get close to him.' Kagome thought, sighing and enjoying what could be the last moments of her life. She watched him intently, her nervousness coming back at full force when she actually noticed that he was in his full ANBU uniform, further taunting her that he was more than capable of dispatching her life in an instant. 'He might get in trouble though if he actually does do anything to me, it's not like I'm gonna attack him.' Kagome thought, her body taut.

She was ready to pounce, and the witnesses would just make it all the better.

Uchiha Itachi calmly walked in the direction of the Uchiha district, his little brother trailing slightly behind him. He could easily feel Sasuke's glare trying to burn a hole through the back of his head but he simply ignored it. He wasn't sure why, but Sasuke had been distancing himself from him quite a while ago.

Itachi knew that he was feeling some kind of one-sided rivalry towards him, but he did not think it would escalate to this hatred that Sasuke obviously felt towards him. Sasuke used to have such a brother complex…

He glanced coldly towards his sides, noticing that people were staring at them yet again. He almost felt like rolling his eyes and he would have if he were capable. Ninja and civilians alike within and even outside of Konoha just seemed to couldn't get enough of the Uchiha clan, obsessed with their good looks, unusual talents, and Sharingan eyes.

He looked forwards again; these people were beneath him and simply not worth his time. Sasuke still trailed behind, his hands shoved into his pockets and still glaring at him.

He turned around to say something, his obsidian eyes still frozen chips of ice. "Sasuke, father wishes to—" Itachi was cut off by a dark blur darting out in front of him, and he automatically whipped out a kunai blade from his pouch, ready to dispatch the threat in front of him.

The blur was faster than he expected and Itachi tensed, his arm swinging out and effectively stabbing the threat in their side. What he didn't expect was the arms that suddenly wrapped around his neck, the person's weight pulling him down, down, down…

And into the soft lips of a girl…

Itachi was so startled and surprised that he stayed like that for one whole second, the crowd around him gasping and his brother staring at him with wide dark eyes.

He ripped himself out of the girl's grip, taking the kunai with him. His obsidian eyes froze even more, not expecting to fall into a trap of an insane fan-girl. He didn't even care that he had stabbed her; it was what she deserved for even touching his person.

Everyone was still staring at them with wide eyes, including his foolish little brother, who had his mouth dropped open unattractively.

"Yatta! I did it; I can't believe that I actually did it! Just wait 'till I tell—" Kagome jumped up and down, not noticing the crowd watching her and the Uchiha glaring at her coldly. If she had noticed that glare, she would've shrivelled up and died over a billion times…

Kagome smirked, her blue eyes glittering as she stared at the stoic Uchiha. She still couldn't believe that she actually accomplished the dare… now she would reap the benefits from her friend.

"Itai!" Kagome suddenly noticed the sharp pain in her side, grabbing it to try and stifle the pain. It didn't work and she just noticed the blood on her hand. 'He frikin' stabbed me!' She thought with irritation, glancing at the impassive Uchiha. She smirked at him, it seemed to Uchiha wasn't so untouchable after all…

"Well then, Tachi-chan it's been a pleasure." She said, flickering out of there before she would be impaled by his rather sharp looking sword. She would actually get all that money for completing the dare.

Itachi's frostbitten eyes could've stopped an active volcano as she actually called him 'Tachi-chan.' Who in the hell did that foolish girl think she was? Did she actually think she would get away with touching his person without his permission? He smirked coldly, his dark eyes flashing with something that could be called dangerous.

That girl's fate was now in his blood-stained hands.

Sasuke shut his mouth, feeling angrier than ever. He didn't know why, but he didn't care. Now girls loved his brother so much that they were actually kissing him? He was jealous and he knew it. Sure, girls liked him as well but they had never tried anything like that with him (not that he wanted them to or anything).

It was annoying how Itachi got everyone's attention and he was left in his Nii-san's shadow. He was sick of it…

He watched as his brother smirked coldly, Sasuke instantly knew it was because of that stupid girl. He hid his own smirk; there was one thing he could beat his brother at.

He would, even if it killed him to do it.

That girl was officially going to be Uchiha Sasuke's girlfriend.

"Alright, I did it. Hand it over." Kagome said, her hand held out expectantly. Her friend cursed, reaching in the pocket of his orange coat to get his frog-shaped wallet.

"I bet that you're lying." Uzumaki Naruto mumbled, his blue eyes glaring accusingly at his one and only friend. Higurashi Kagome was the only one to befriend him in the academy and he was so grateful for it. However, he could easily see that she was suffering for it. People were starting to reject her like they did him and he knew it would eventually take a toll on her…

"Well, hand it over!" Kagome smirked, wrapping her arm around her friend's neck, her blue eyes glittering. "And I'm not lying! You can go ask around! I had plenty of witnesses." She said, snatching Naruto's money out of his hand. She gleefully counted it, there was easily over ten thousand yen.

That was good; she really needed the money for right now, even if it would not last long. She blinked, looking up at Naruto as he slyly grinned at her. "What?" She asked warily, taking a step back a bit as he took one forward.

"So, how did Uchiha Itachi kiss? Did he use his tongue? Was it wet? He used his tongue, didn't he?" Naruto snickered, loving how her face turned that pretty shade of red. He ignored how his stomach flipped over as he thought about that so-called kiss she had with the top ANBU within Konoha. He didn't like the feeling but ignored it, not knowing what it was.

"Tch, as if! I could never like someone as cold as any Uchiha! I only did it for the bet." Kagome snorted at Naruto's question, her liking Itachi? When pigs fly…

"Heh, I know that you secretly love Itachi—" Naruto was cut off as a black blur flashed behind Kagome, blinking their blue eyes at such a startlingly appearance. Naruto glared, seeing his rival standing behind his friend. "Oi, Sasuke-teme! What the hell do you want?!" Naruto snarled, stepping up to the youngest Uchiha heir.

Sasuke completely ignored the dobe, his dark eyes for only one Higurashi Kagome. He vaguely recognized her now, having seen her around the academy before. He had completely ignored her before; if she hung out with Naruto then she must have no talent whatsoever…

"Damn!" Sasuke cursed, feeling the presence of him. He was surprised himself to even get here before he could, but used it to his advantage. He grabbed the stunned and startled girl, slamming his lips over hers in a harsh and (at least one-sided on his part, and he really tried to) passionate kiss.

"WHAT!?" Naruto yelled in rage and complete surprise.

"What are you doing, Sasuke?" Itachi appeared in a dark flash, lowering his voice dangerously. He was about to punish that girl for touching his person, so what in the hell was Sasuke doing?

Sasuke released the poor girl, wrapping his arm around her in a semi-seductive embrace. His hooded, dark and smouldering eyes turned to Itachi, and he smirked widely. This was his only time to beat Itachi and he was going to take it…

"Don't you know, Nii-san? This is my girlfriend, Higurashi Kagome." Sasuke stated, Kagome, Naruto and even Itachi seemed to blink.

Sasuke smirked coldly at his brother. "I was the one who made her kiss you, to show everyone that you aren't the invincible shinobi everyone makes you out to be." Sasuke wrapped his arm around the stunned girl tighter.

"You can't touch her or I will tell the Police Force that you are bullying a mere Genin." Sasuke smirked and Itachi merely narrowed his eyes. Everyone turned around in surprise (except Itachi, who had sensed his presence long before anyone else) as an intimidating person stood there, having appeared to wandered on their conversation.

Uchiha Fugaku smirked, crossing his arms arrogantly as he studied his son and his (secret) girlfriend.

"Now Sasuke, why didn't you introduce me to this girl?" Fugaku demanded, knowing his wife would want to hear about this immediately.

Kagome could only blink her sapphire eyes, wondering why her life seemed to suddenly fall apart in an instant.

And it all was because of one little bet.