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Kagome gulped, her blue orbs flicking each and every way.

Fugaku glared.

The silence was completely deafening, and Kagome shrank back into herself.

Fugaku glared.

"Heh?" Kagome tried her mouth to say something, anything, but just… nothing–

Fugaku glared.

Kagome looked down to her fidgeting hands, playing with the dark material of the black arm warmers that she wore.

Fugaku glared.

'Oh come on! Just say something already!!' Kagome shouted within her mind, her heart thumping madly within her chest as she waited for the criticism that was bound to come from him.

Fugaku glared.

Kagome opened her mouth, but blinked as Fugaku finally broke the uneasy and tense silence.

"This is… poor and pathetic." He said pretty apathetically, no obvious remorse within his voice.

Kagome slumped to one side, the waterfall styled tears falling down her pretty, pale face in a rush. A dark depression hung over her head as she sat within the main room of the Uchiha mansion.

Kagome sat across from him, sitting on her knees and across from the Uchiha patriarch. He was sitting cross-legged, a few pieces of paper gathered within his calloused hands. Oh, those dreaded papers… she always hated to look at such things.

Which is why she rarely ever did…

Those damn report cards!! 'Ugh… I hate them! I wish did paid more attention to them,' Kagome mentally sighed, the academy ranking never really mattered to her. However, she knew that she was not the top kunoichi… and never had the desire to scramble for the top. No, scrambling for the top was for the fan-girls – the fan-girls who wanted to impress the very people who she was now living with, not that she wanted to or anything!!

'And besides,' Kagome thought, shifting again nervously as Fugaku glanced down at her report cards, looking at them with obvious disdain. 'The top kunoichi is probably that Uchiha chick,' She thought, knowing it was true.

After all, the Uchiha couldn't settle for any less, now could they? The Uchiha clan would probably throw some big meeting if one Uchiha didn't have the top spot within the academy, and disown them or something.

She shivered as Fugaku glared at her again with his icy obsidian eyes. Oh, the horror if he decided to activate his blood-line…

Fugaku glared at the girl, looking at the rather poor grades that she received in her days at the academy. Well, they were poor and pathetic grades for an Uchiha, but for an average shinobi… well, they were just… average.

Kagome certainly wasn't the top kunoichi on the class. No, of course it was an Uchiha – not that he, himself, expected any less from one of Sasuke's and Itachi's cousin. Still, he could not have one shinobi tainting his clan name and reputation, even if Kagome herself was not an Uchiha.

'As long as she beats the Hyuuga, then it's fine for now,' Fugaku thought, knowing the Hyuuga heiress was in Sasuke's and Kagome's class. There was no worry for that either; Kagome did rank better than the Hyuuga in almost every class… except for one.

Chakra control, that was the particular class that the Hyuuga heiress was better than Kagome, and Fugaku was willing to let that slide. He knew that the Hyuugas' had to have the perfect chakra control in order to perform their Gentle Fist style, and that clan trained their clan members to have the best chakra control almost as soon as they could walk.

Even the most inexperienced Hyuuga Genin would have better chakra control than most Chuunin, perhaps even Jounin.

However, Kagome herself wasn't all that bad at chakra control. She ranked third out of the ten kunoichi and fifth overall out of the thirty shinobi students in her class.

In order, only Hyuuga Hinata, Sasuke, Uchiha Nadeshiko, and Haruno Sakura beat her in chakra control. He was willing to let that slide for now.

In other classes, however, she was only average, not really standing out – except for one that caught his eye. Kagome did seem to be talented at Ninjutsu, she was the second top kunoichi for Ninjutsu (of course, the top Ninjutsu user for a kunoichi was Uchiha Nadeshiko)… but still, Kagome seemed to be getting better than average.

He could use that to his advantage…

Fugaku glanced up, his cold eyes icier than ever. "These grades are pathetic. However, I am willing to teach one jutsu before the Genin team selection tomorrow," He stated, Kagome blinking in surprise.

"Teach… me?" Kagome repeated, completely blown away by this new development. This was just… unbelievable! Being taught by an Uchiha – and not just any Uchiha, the Uchiha leader and patriarch at that! It would certainly raise her ranking… which was about thirteenth out of thirty.

"Meet me out at the dock at Nakano River in exactly ten minutes." Fugaku ordered, getting up from his sitting position, ready to prepare himself to teach Kagome the most basic Ninjutsu of the Uchiha clan.

Kagome was still just a child in his eyes – in the eyes of the Uchiha clan – until she could prove herself and her worth.

She would only be considered an adult if she could properly use the Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu.

Kagome sighed, walking… dragging herself down to the river that the Fugaku ordered her to. She was excited, yet nervous, what if she got hurt in the process of this lesson? She already had been stabbed by Itachi, which surprisingly, had healed very quickly. And she just gotten herself blown up, just released from the hospital.

All in within two weeks.

She had no real desire to go back to the hospital when she was just released. Kagome perked up, hearing a noise. She quickly turned, narrowing her blue eyes in the direction of the few scattered trees. She blinked, noticing something, someone over there.

Kagome stopped walking immediately, just watching the little person kneel on the ground and hover over something. The little girl hadn't noticed her yet, and for that, Kagome was glad. The little girl was cute, but that's not what caught Kagome's observation.

It was the fact that the little girl greatly resembled herself when she was smaller, except for the cute little side ponytail that girl had on the side of her head. Also, the black shirt that the little girl was wearing had the Uchiwa emblem imprinted on the back.

'An Uchiha?' Kagome thought, smiling a bit widely, her blue eyes twinkling. 'Must be Sasuke's cousin or something. She's cute! If that's even possible for an Uchiha,' She thought the last part sarcastically, accidentally stepping on a random twig. She cursed within her mind as the little girl instantly turned around, her very dark brown eyes slightly afraid as she gathered something in her arms quickly.

The little Uchiha gave her a frightened look, before darting off, the small golden-red animal clutched firmly within her small arms.

"No! Wait –!" Kagome said, stretching her arm out uselessly. It didn't work as the girl darted into the trees, vanishing out of her sight. She sighed, running her fingers through her short, silky hair. She didn't really mean to scare the girl off!!

"Damn! Now I'm late!" Kagome cursed, taking off in the direction to Nakano River. She got there in a few moments, stopping instantly and gulping harshly as she noticed the Uchiha patriarch standing there, looking very impatient.

Fugaku was in full Jounin uniform as well, he was obviously planning to go to work after teaching her the jutsu that he was planning.

Kagome gulped again, taking a few steps until she actually reached the dock. "Ano, I'm here…" She said a little timidly, flinching as he glared at her. She pouted internally; she was only a few moments late! There shouldn't be a big deal about it!

"Leave now if you are not going to be serious about this." Fugaku stated coldly, knowing that Kagome had a reputation with the Kyuubi brat for playing pranks. He was not in the mood for such childness. Being a shinobi was much more than a game – which unfortunately was most children thought as they registered for the academy, especially the girls. Sasuke had told him that almost every girl in his class had wanted to become a shinobi merely to impress him or some other Uchiha.

It was pathetic; they did not take it seriously. Instead, they tended to focus more on their looks or hair.

Luckily, Kagome did not seem to be one of those fan-girls. It may have been the reason why Sasuke was attracted and dating her in the first place.

"No, no!! I'm completely serious about this!" Kagome instantly remarked, frowning slightly. Maybe it was about time that she took her training seriously and to the next level. She was usually too busy out playing pranks with Naruto to actually focus on her training, but that was about to change. She could no longer afford to do such things, the Genin selection was the next day, and then real missions would begin…

Fugaku stared at her for a moment with no emotion, seeing the determination in her blue eyes surging forward. He nodded just barely, directing Kagome to stand on the edge of the dock so he could show her the most basic jutsu of the Uchiha clan.

'Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!' (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique) He quickly produced the hand seals, gathered in his chakra to his chest, pushing it up through his throat, and then released it from his mouth, easily conjuring a giant red ball of hot flames.

Kagome blinked and gasped, her heart sinking immediately. Did he really want her to accomplish such a feat? There was just no way in hell that she could something like that… she was only good at the academy's standard and basic Ninjutsu.

The fire stopped from Fugaku's mouth as he turned to look at her with cold eyes. "This is the basic Uchiha Ninjutsu." He almost felt like smirking as she only looked to the air in awe. "And these are the correct hand-seals in order to produce the Katon justu…" He said, showing her slow enough for her to remember what to use.

Kagome nodded, feeling nervous. She already knew that she would not be able to do such a thing on her first try, but she was willing to give it a shot. "You bring your chakra from your mouth to your chest and hold it." The Uchiha patriarch stated, Kagome listening intently. "Then right after that, you blow it out." Fugaku stepped back, intent on seeing her try at least once before he went to the police station for his shift.

If she didn't get it on her first try (which he already knew she would not), then he was willing to give her a week to accomplish using the Katon jutsu. If she could not… then –

'Okay, just concentrate!' Kagome thought, moving forward until she was standing on the edge of the dock. She slowly formed the unfamiliar hand-sign sequence, making sure that she did not mess up on the first step. 'From my mouth,' Kagome took in a deep breath, allowing her chakra to gather in her chest. 'To my chest,' She held her breath as she let the chakra rest in her chest for a second, her blue eyes snapping open. 'And then blow out!' Kagome did just that, her mouth opening to allow the fire escape.

Only for it to go so very wrong.

'Oh God!' Kagome immediately panicked, instantly clutching at her throat as her blue eyes watered. Pain, intense pain bubbled in her throat. She lost her footing, falling into the cool water, not even feeling her body change under her 'prank gone wrong.'

Fugaku merely stood there, his hands in his pockets, watching the scene with no emotion. He was not surprised that she could not accomplish the jutsu, but he did not expect for it to backlash so violently. He almost felt like sighing, but he would not help her.

He would not lower himself to such things.

Fugaku waited a few moment for the girl to surface, his eyes narrowing as he noticed that her gender had changed. It irritated him greatly, it instantly reminded him of Sasuke's plight, and how he changed into a female. The girl and the Kyuubi brat had better hoped it was not permanent, because if it was… then who knows what he might do to them…

Fugaku looked at the coughing… male arrogantly. "I am giving you one week to accomplish this jutsu," The Uchiha leader stated, already walking away, and not offering her any help. He turned around, seeing her treading water and looking at him with slightly pain-filled blue eyes. He smirked slightly.

"However, you may want to produce the Katon jutsu before that. Your Genin selection team is tomorrow… and also…" Fugaku smirked coldly as she looked at curiously (though with pained eyes) when he stopped.

"Sasuke accomplished this justu within one week… when he was seven."

With that, Fugaku left, Kagome only looking at his back with slightly bitter, pained eyes.


Haruno Sakura quietly crept through the forest, her green eyes sparkling as she noticed the familiarity of the trees. That meant she was getting really close! She smiled widely, excitement bursting into her chest. Her hand came up to tuck a strand of pink hair behind her ear, adjusting the large red ribbon that was tied on her head.

All the Genin were officially graduating tomorrow, and she only hoped that she would be on Sasuke-kun's team. No, she had to be…! She could not let her rival, Ino, beat her at anything!! Her fired green eyes dimmed slightly, sighing a bit at the thought of her former best friend.

She didn't want to end her friendship with Ino so easily, but Sakura was just so insecure… and jealous. Whenever she was with Ino… it was all about her! Ino this and Ino that! When she was with Ino… Ino got everything… and while she… she was just left in the dust, forgotten to everybody, only remembered as the big forehead girl.

Sakura hated that, she couldn't stand it. She had to stop relying on Ino and stand on her own two feet… even if meant breaking her friendship with Ino.

Sakura jumped suddenly, a loud cursing breaking her out of her thoughts. She stumbled, quickly hiding behind a tree, not wanting to be caught. Though it wasn't official, it was pretty well known around Konoha that the Nakano River and the forest surrounding it were pretty much the claimed Uchiha property and training grounds.

She might get in trouble being caught on these grounds. Sakura shook her head, her green eyes lighting up. She always snuck here, and hasn't gotten caught once. She always snuck here because she loved to watch Sasuke-kun train at the dock on the edge of Nakano River.

And it sounded like he was training now! Sakura smiled wider, her green eyes lighting up even further as she ran quickly through the trees. She stopped, hiding behind one right before a clearing, the excitement bursting as she noticed a figure on the dock.

She blinked, watching in concern as the person cursed, glaring down at the water while dripping wet. She noticed that it wasn't Sasuke-kun at all; the hair was the same blue-black but in a different style…

Kagome cursed, swallowing all the cold water in one gulp. She sighed, feeling the pain numb slightly. She had allowed her chakra to flow into a bit of water, and then drinking it, and it seemed to have worked. It numbed the pain a bit… enough for her to keep on continuing with the training.

What Fugaku had said completely fired her up; she had to complete this technique faster than a week. After all, she couldn't just let a seven year-old Sasuke beat her, now could she? No… she didn't want to look that weak and pathetic, even if she was going up against the most elite clan within Konoha…

A sudden snapping of a twig alerted her and broke her out of her thoughts, Kagome swinging around to look. She blinked, not expecting to see an embarrassed looking Sakura standing there, a guilty look upon her face.

"Oh! I-I'm sorry! I-I'll just leave!" Sakura immediately bowed, stuttering her apology, her face glowing a light red at getting caught. She didn't want to get in trouble and being banned from Nakano River just because she was spying on an Uchiha train. That meant she could never see Sasuke-kun outside of the academy classes…

"No, it's fine…" Kagome blinked, wondering what Sakura was doing in this particular place. She blinked again as Sakura blushed lightly, kicking her foot along the ground in obvious nervousness. "What? It's me, Ka—" Kagome immediately stopped her sentence, not wanting to reveal it her, simply because Sakura did not know it was her in the first place. Kagome did not people to know such an embarrassing thing that she changed into a male and gained a... penis just by being splashed with cold water.

Sakura leaned in, her green eyes lighting up. She had never seen this boy before; she knew that he didn't go to the academy, even if he looked her age. And he was an Uchiha… and very cute, just as cute as Sasuke-kun! Her face blushed even more and she almost squealed at the confused look on the mysterious Uchiha male's face.

"Are you an Uchiha? My name is Haruno Sakura." Sakura smiled, walking a bit closer to the dock where the male stayed.

"Uhhhh," Kagome almost fell to the floor in shock, how could she be mistaken for an Uchiha? Sure, she had the dark hair and pale skin…! 'Oh that's right! I'm wearing an Uchiha shirt,' Kagome grumbled in her mind, remembering how Mikoto basically forced her into the damn shirt when she had moved into the Uchiha manor.

"Yeah! Yeah, that's right!" Kagome suddenly said, she would rather be mistaken as an Uchiha then reveal the stupid prank gone wrong. "My name is Uchiha… Kai/" Kagome sweated, making up the name on the spot, and trying to make it sound similar to her own name, so she wouldn't forget in it in the future if she ever needed to use it again.

"Kai-kun! That's a cute name!" Sakura giggled, moving closer and onto the dock. She smiled again. "So what are you doing, Kai-kun?" She asked, leaning over to glance at the cool water.

"I'm training," Kagome said, blinking at the unusual situation. She was was never close to Sakura, they just never became friends because she hung out with Naruto. Most of her classmates seemed to avoid her after that, not that she minded. But this was just… strange, even if Sakura had never been outright hostile to her like she was to Naruto.

"Are old are you? Why aren't you attending the academy?" Sakura asked curiously, tucking a stray strand of pink hair behind her ear. She glanced up, almost sighing at how handsome the male was. He was definitely an Uchiha, with his looks…

"Oh, I'm thirteen… and I didn't attend the academy because…"Kagome panicked, not able to come up with an excuse. She muttered something, Sakura straining to listen. "It's not important… I'm training here!" Kagome tried to sound like an Uchiha, but failed miserably as Sakura only smiled wider.

"Can I watch?" Sakura asked eagerly, feeling giddy as Kai only nodded gruffly. He was so much like Sasuke-kun!

"I guess," Kagome muttered, though she didn't want to see anyone witness her pathetic Katon attempt. She just didn't have the heart to tell Sakura off.

"Okay!" Sakura giggled, standing back and watching intently as Kai stepped up, producing hand-signs in a sequence that she had never seen before. It must have been an Uchiha technique or something.

"Katon –" Kagome did all the steps, her attempt just as pathetic as the last. She held back a whimper, feeling the burn in her throat throb slightly. Maybe she should go back to Mikoto to get it checked out or something…

Sakura watched a smoke fizzled from Kai's mouth, not even paying attention to his lame attempt at the fire technique. No, her green eyes were for his good-looking face, and suddenly got an idea!

'Won't Ino-pig be jealous!' Sakura thought, smirking as she moved a bit closer to 'Kai.' She suddenly latched onto his arm, ignoring the wet fabric of Kai's shirt. "Why don't you take a break from training? We can go out to lunch. I'll even buy for the both of us!" Sakura gushed, watching Kai blink cutely. She squealed in her mind, he was just so cute!

Perhaps even cuter than Sasuke with his expressions!

"A-alright, I guess," Kagome stuttered, blinking her blue eyes. She certainly wasn't expecting to be asked out on a date, and by Haruno Sakura no less!

"Let's go!" Sakura giggled, dragging the cute male Uchiha with her to one of the various stands of Konoha.

"W-wait a minute!" Kagome stuttered, stumbling along with Sakura, her voice distance as they left Nakano River and the dock.

She sighed in her male form, knowing it was going to be a long afternoon. All she wanted to get done was the Katon technique!

Her male form was generally because of the Uchiha clan… ever since she had met them, all hers and Naruto's pranks had gone wrong.

And that was because of the kiss dare…

A dare gone wrong...