"Natalie and the Lieutenant"

Authors note: This story has very little of Monk in it if any at all. Please note that I don't own any of the characters, I am just borrowing them.

Chapter 1 "Party Plans"

Natalie is on the phone with Monk.

"Yes, Mr. Monk. I understand. You are going with Dr. Kroger and a few other patients to a seminar in Los Angeles…Yes, I will be fine. Have fun." she says from the couch she was sitting on.

Julie has just joined her mother in the living room. She sits on the couch beside her mom. "That was Mr. Monk, I take it." says Julie

Natalie puts the phone down on the coffee table. "Yes, he will be out of town for 2 weeks at some sort of seminar with Dr. Kroger. Now, to change subjects, you have a birthday coming up missy. " Natalie says while putting her arm around her daughters shoulder. "I know you want a party at home, and a sleepover, anything else?"

"No," says Julie " I think that we got it covered. I just need to rent some movies for that night."

"Ok," says Natalie "Write out a list of movies you want me to get and I will pick them up for you"

"Thanks mom" says Julie. "I think I will head up to my room and start making the list." Natalie nods as her daughter gets up and leaves the room. The doorbell then proceeds to ring. Natalie gets up to answer it. It was Randy Disher.

"Hi," says Randy as Natalie is opening the door. "I have come to drop off your paycheck from your last case." He hands her an envelope which she puts in her back pocket. " I have also come over to see if you needed help with anything since Monk will be out of town."

Natalie smiles at his last sentence. Then Julie comes down the stairs.

"Mom, I am done with the list." says Julie as she hands the list to her mom. "Oh, hi there Lieutenant." Randy nods at her acknowledgement.

"Actually there is something you can help me with, Randy. Wait just one minute." she goes and grabs her purse and then turns to Julie and says" There is a pizza in the oven, it should be done in about 10 minutes. I have to go and pick up some last minute things for your party. " Julie nods "I should be home in an hour or two, and this time, save me some pizza." Julie just smiles and nods as she leaves the room.

"I was wondering if you could help me pick out some last minute things for Julie's party." says Natalie

"Sure, are we taking your car or mine?" asks Randy

"Mine" says Natalie with a smile They get into her car and she starts driving to the movie rental store.

Randy now has a confused look on his face as he says as they pull into the movie rental parking lot. "I thought we were getting things for a party. Why are we at a movie rental place?"

"Julie is having a sleepover party. I told her I would rent her some movies for the party." Natalie says as she parks the car and they both start heading into the movie store.

"Oh, now I understand." says Randy. He holds the door open for Natalie. She looks at him and smiles.

"Ok, the first movie we are looking for is Hairspray." says Natalie. They both start walking down the aisles looking for the movie.

"I found it" says Randy, who is a few feet ahead of her. Natalie walks up to him and he hands her the movie. They then find the rest of the movies on the list. On their way out of the store, Disher says:

"We got six movies. Will they even watch all six?" he asks as they get in the car.

"They are teenage girls." says Natalie, who is starting the car up, and then backing out of the space. "They may watch some of them, it depends on their moods, and if everyone has seen the movie or not. They may talk all night or do something else and not even get to the movies." Disher nods at her response. They then arrive at the party store. They get out of the car and enter the store. Natalie grabs a hand-basket.

"We only need a few things, as I have picked up the rest earlier." says Natalie. Randy nods.

"I have a question." says Randy "If this was all you was going to get, why did you need my help?"

"Well," says Natalie. "I wanted some company, and you offered your help."

"That I did." said Randy with a smile.

"And since you did offer your help, I was wondering if you help me out at the party tomorrow?" Natalie asks.

"Sure." says Disher, who felt honored that she would ask him that. "But first, what kind of help would you need?"

"I need someone to basically help at the games, and to make sure the girls stay under control, which I am sure they will. "Said Natalie, as they were paying for the items.

When they reached the car, Randy helped Natalie put the bags in her car. He then opened her car door for her and she got in. She said thanks and gave him a smile.