Chapter 4-

Randy ran to the door and looked inside. Natalie's house had been broken into and trashed.

"Stay out here." Randy said " Let me grab my gun out of my car and call this in" After he grabbed the gun and phoned it in, he then went in, gun drawn, and came out a few minutes later. "it's clear" he said. A few minutes later the captain and some officers showed up.

"You ok Natalie?" the captain asked She nodded, but she wasn't really okay.

"There have been a string of break-in's in this area" said the Captain. He motioned for the officers to process the scene. Noticing the look of worry on Natalie's face, the captain could tell that Natalie wasn't okay. "Look Natalie, I could put a few police stationed at both the front and back door if that would make you feel more at ease"

Natalie nodded "That would be great captain, thank you." This made her feel a little better.

Once the captain entered the house, Randy leaned over and said to Natalie " I could stay too, if you'd like. " He said, then paused "I mean I can sleep on the couch, not with you, but if you want me to..." He stopped when he saw Julie approaching, who had just gotten dropped off.

"Mom, what happened? " asked Julie who was looking at the squad car. Natalie put her arm around Julie and before they walked off she said to Randy " I would like that very much" she gave him a quick smile before walking with Julie and telling her what was going on.

A little while later...

Randy has just gotten some stuff from his place and brought it over to Natalie's.

Julie had gone up to her room for the night. Natalie was sitting nervously on the couch.

There is a knock on the front door and Natalie jumps about 10 feet in the air. She slowly goes to the door and looks out and sees that it's Randy, and lets him in.

"You scared me!" she said.

"Sorry about that." says Randy as he gives her a quick kiss. "I see you are still a little on edge."

She nodded. "Do they have any clue who is doing this and what they are looking for?" she asked.

"I was actually just informed a few minutes before I came in that they caught the guys responsible. They caught them in another house, and matched their fingerprints to a lone print and some DNA that they found here. I told the officers they could go" Randy replied.

"I am glad they caught them. I will be so much at ease now" Natalie said. "Now,I got to decided what to do about you." She said teasingly. "I could ask you to go," she said pulling him close to her. "But I think I want you to stay." she said giving him a deep kiss.

He liked this idea, and before he knew what was happening they were both headed upstairs...

Authors note: Sorry this is so short. Had a busy week. I promise the next chapter will be twice as long.