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(Yuki's POV)

I groaned… the morning light was seeping through my window and mercilessly blinding me, even through my closed eyes.

I was so tired… I have never been able to sleep well, and only seemed to be when I had to wake up. I grumbled in distaste at the sunlight and shoved my face in my pillow… but surrendered by the lack of oxygen and with a sigh, I heaved myself off the bed, but in a swift motion I was brought down to the floor by the coiled sheets around my legs.

Tah… it's too early for this…

Finding myself now fully awake from my bed's considerate ensnare, I lifted myself from the floor, untangling my legs from the twisting sheets, and made my way to the closet.

I readjusted my pyjamas absent-mindedly while I searched for my school uniform.

I slipped off my night clothing, letting it drape off my body and to the floor, and slid my legs into the fabric of my slacks, pulling them up to my small waist. I grasped the tiny zipper between my white fingers and with a swift motion, pulled the ends together, and buttoned them up.

Next was the shirt. I slid my thin arms through the sleeves, my fingers limp as they came out the other end, and I adjusted it to fit on my slight shoulders. I buttoned the shirt, watching as each one done up would conceal more of my white skin, until there it was hidden under the dark fabric.

I turned to the mirror, my tie in my hands, and slipped it under the collar before routinely and almost mechanically manoeuvring my fingers until I had the tie on acceptably. I tugged at it one last time, and pressed my collar neatly down.

Then I looked at myself. I started at my socks… then slowly worked my eyes up the mirror, taking in where the clothing would wrinkle, and where it would fit perfectly on my body. My eyes made their way up my tie, examined the pale skin of my neck and how it contrasted immensely with the darkness of my uniform, and then I let my eyes drift along my chin, the sharp angle of my jaw, the thin paleness of my lips, and along my small straight nose. Finally, I reluctantly reached the violet depths of my eyes. I felt my heart pound once in my head… but only once. I calmed as I watched my eyes slowly dull, like a glass wall glazed over my cornea, concealing the emotion I sometimes let slip through them.

I looked at myself, and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

I lifted my pale hand to my smokey-grey hair, and combed my fingers through it, smoothing it to a presentable state.

Shaking my hair away from my face, I tugged once again at the hem of my shirt, nodded to my reflection with my eyes, and turned with easy willingness away from myself.

I walked soundlessly to my door, placed a hand on the doorknob, and finally let myself out from that choking atmosphere in my room.

-End of Intro-

Chapter One

(Kyo's POV)

This was Stupid.

I didn't get why I put up with this crap every damn day of my life just cuz Akito had a twisted sense of humour.

"- And when he's asleep he's snuggles with his pillow!" Shigure enthusiastically declared, beaming as he tapped Tohru's nose with his finger from across the table. I felt my eyes begin to twitch and gnashed my teeth together, my nails digging into the palm of my hand…. Caaaaallllmmmm dooowwwwnnnnnn… just ignore the moron….

"-And I found his secret diary full of poetry-"

"GODDAMMIT!! STOP MAKING UP STUPID GODDAMN STORIES ABOUT ME YOU DAMN DOG!!" I roared, smashing my fist into my food and breaking the plate- some shards sliding across the table as others embedded themselves in my fist.

"Oooh Kyo-Kun, don't break my plates!" Shigure squealed and Tohru yelped at my sudden violence- I felt warm liquid seeping from where the shards broke through my skin, but I ignored it.

"Kyo-Kun! Are you hurt?" She piped in immediately, her voice distraught with worry and her eyes wide as saucers. Great. This was exactly what I had been trying to avoid-

"I'm fine, dammit! Just stop listening to what he says!!" I shoved a pointed finger in Shigure's direction, who immediately sniffed the air and crossed his arms over his chest.

"There is no reason to be so uptight, Kyo; we all know you're a huggable little kitte-"

"GO TO HELL, YOU DAMN DOG!" I leapt over the table, wretched the sliding door open, and was about to make my grand escape of fury when-


I collided into something solid, feeling whatever I hit go off balance and tumbled down backwards, dragging me… I expected to crash onto the cold hard floor, but instead I found my body weight land on top of something soft and warm, knocking the wind out of it- feeling the warm breath hit my face and flood into my open mouth-

The sudden commotion was followed swiftly by absolute silence, where I opened my eyes all the way and found my shocked stare connect with large violet eyes, just as wide as mine felt, starring up at me with surprise as I felt warm breath once again ghost over my face and past my partly opened lips… I felt his heart hammering beneath my chest, his warm skin radiating through our clothes to mine, his suddenly naked eyes drawing me in deeper…

I've never seen those eyes so uncovered, so close…

They suddenly narrowed at recognition of my red ones, and with a violent but somehow smooth motion, he pushed me off of his body and I landed with a sound of shock escaping my lips on the small of my back on the contrastingly uncomfortable floor.

Yuki stood up in one graceful movement, and calmly dusted off his shirt, tugging at the hem to re-adjust it, "watch where you're going, stupid cat, you'll be the next natural disaster if you keep this up." His eyes glared at me, suddenly resembling the cold hard floor that I was still sitting on.

My brain finally kicked back in business, and I felt offence rage through me as the shock flew off my face to be replaced by anger, "Wha- you- DAMMIT, YOU STUPID DAMN RAT, THAT WAS YOUR FAULT!!" but Yuki just rolled his eyes and made his way into the dining room, leaving me, hair on end, fuming on the kitchen floor.

(Yuki's POV)

The day was dragging…I placed my hand on my warm forehead and closed my eyes, taking a moment to breathe. I'm suffocating in here… the atmosphere was tight, and I could feel my heart pounding. This didn't happen often, when I would get overwhelmed like this from being surrounded by so many people… but it happened often enough.

They were all smiling, and laughing… each time I looked around, they were in groups, everyone. Friends. Their smiles were undisguised, and their laughs rang like bells through the hallway- no heavy feeling linked in with that sound. It was so pure, so honest. And then I'd see their eyes, not one of them were coated and detached… They had no reason to be. Not like mine.

I'm suffocating…

I dropped my hand thoughtfully from my face and glanced up at the clock perched on the hallway wall. I had one more class left. One more long dragging class….


I turned around at the pleasantly familiar voice and smiled the best I could as I watched Tohru approach me, beaming.

"Good after-noon Honda-San, how are you?" I inquired gently.

"Perfect! I just wanted to tell you that I will be going out with my friends after school, so you don't have to wait up for me!"

I put on another smile "Thank you for telling me, Honda-San, I hope you have a good time."

"Yes, it's no problem! Please tell Shigure and Kyo for me, I should be back in time to make dinner," Tohru explained.

I nodded, "Then have a good time, and I shall see you later." Tohru smiled, thanked me again, and left after her routinely bow. I watched her leave, and once she was out of sight, I let the grin slide off my face.

Without wasting time, I entered my final class and placed myself in my seat. Soon the room was reasonably full and the teacher had already begun the lecture. I tried to concentrate, but the tightness in my chest seized even more. I had to think about something other then this atmosphere- I had to distract myself...

And for the first time since it happened, I allowed myself to think about that little incident…

It had been a few days from when Kyo had conveniently tackled me onto the floor, but for some reason it was still crystal clear in my head. I mean, of course I had heard him yelling from the other side of the door, but that wasn't unusual, plus it was the morning, and I am not known for being especially attentive to the little things… but apparently that would have made my life easier when the door had suddenly flown open and the impact of his body had knocked me off-balance and taken him down with me… it was totally unexpected.

Not the fact that he accomplished yet again to do something so idiotically clumsy, but having his body fall on top of mine. I hadn't remembered the last time I had been so obscenely close to the cat--or to anyone, for that matter. What shocked me wasn't how firm he was, but how soft and… warm he was, how heavy he felt on top of me that surprised me. I haven't made any physical contact with him other then the whole fist-to-face scenario that we were both quite used to by now, so I hadn't thought about how he felt physically… I had just grown accustomed to the thought of him being hard as rock, heat-less… I guess I never saw him as a human. More of an enemy created to ruthlessly detest my existence.

I was really taken a-back. Maybe it was because the contact we shared that time hadn't been out of fury or rage, but accidental… I had expected him to do something Kyo-like: jump up in a fit and yell something at me around the lines of "Damn Rat", but it had taken me completely off-guard when he had done the complete opposite.

He just… stayed there. His chest hard against mine… I was sure he could hear my heart beat race out of shock… and then he lifted his face and looked at me.

But it wasn't the way he was supposed to look at me, the way Kyo the Cat looks at Yuki the Rat. There was no anger, no fury, no irrational rage or disgust. He didn't cringe… but I could feel his body tense- just a little.

The way he looked at me- I was startled. I've never seen his eyes without that hate veiling them… The red of his irises I was so used to seemed to turn a warmer more… soft, vulnerable shade of orange. But what caught me off-guard even more was the look in them… It was the intensity of his eyes, the curiosity… like I had intrigued him.

I've never felt so vulnerable- like I was something extraordinary- his eyes were so powerful, I felt like he could see straight through my guard…

And that's when I realised that I had it down- and as quick as we had fallen, I put my shield back up, narrowed my eyes at him, and shoved him off away, composing myself once more.

Hopefully he'll learn to become aware of his surroundings, that unpredictable inept feline.

"Stupid Cat." I muttered out loud- attaining questioning glances from a number of students sitting closest to me, pulling me out of my reminiscing. I smiled an apology and turned my attention seemingly to the teacher.

Only a few minutes later, the bell rang loud throughout the school, and the students suddenly vanished before I could look around. Heaving a sigh, I packed my bag, and began my trip back home.

Those vibrant red eyes embedded in my mind the whole way…


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