A/N: Okay, short chapter, I know. I promise, it will get longer. I always wanted to do a superhero story. Aaand I have a list of pairings I wanted to do from like a month ago, and MickiexKennedy was second on the list. And that mixed tag match didn't hurt, either.

Thanks to Killa for the superhero name.

"Damnit, Ken! You can't just smile at me and expect everything to be okay, alright? You're not Superman," Mickie ranted to her boyfriend.

If Ken were a normal guy, he would have just taken the verbal abuse given to him by his girlfriend, followed by a deep apology and a nice dinner date.

Ken Kennedy was not a normal guy.

Instead, Ken lounged on the couch in the living room of their apartment. He outstretched his arms and put his hands behind his head, supporting his neck. He grinned to himself as Mickie continued her screeching from the other room.

If only she knew, if only she knew.

On the sixth of every month, Ken always fell into the deepest depression humanly possible. On the sixth of every month, the darkness took over his soul.

It was always the monthly anniversary of the day his parents and best friend, Brian Kendrick, were killed in a car crash.

The dark depression turned into the blackest anger. His aggression turned into strength that he could use whenever someone he cared about was in danger. All he had to do was think about that fateful day, no matter how much it hurt him.

But if anything bad was to happen on the sixth of the month, they wouldn't be saved.

At least, not by Ken.

Superheroes turned into villains on that day, and Ken was the specific one.

"I am sick of this Bleach guy," Mickie sighed as she read the top headline of the day's paper.

Bleach Saves Diamond Robbery

Ken nervously glanced at his reflection in the glass of the china cabinet, particularly at his bleach blonde hair.

"Why are you sick of him? It's not like he's ever done anything to you," Ken asked, while thinking the complete opposite in his head.

"He's everywhere. I mean, not all of us need a hero," Mickie said.

"Oh, so I'm not your hero?"

"What exactly have you saved me from?" Mickie asked, her eyebrows raised.

"Were you happy before you met me?"

"Not really."

"Then I saved you from a lifetime of loneliness," Ken grinned, flashing his brilliant white teeth.

Mickie sheepishly smiled back, lowering her head and finishing up reading about the town's superhero, Bleach.

"Ken, can you answer the phone? I'm in the shower," Mickie called from the bathroom.

Ken let out an exasperated groan as he put his XBOX 360 on pause. He was playing Grand Theft Auto IV, and was in no hurry to stop his video gaming experience. He walked over the phone in not so great of a mood and answered, "Hello?"

"Ken? It's Chris," the person on the other side of the line replied.

"Jericho! What's up, man?"

Chris was Brian's brother, but everyone just called him Jericho. It was a nickname that he had acquired in high school, but no one really remembered how he got it. Ken and Jericho had gotten a bit close after Brian died, but they weren't the greatest of friends. There was always a sense of competition between the two of them.

"You want to chill at the mall in like two hours?" Jericho asked.

"Sure, just let me tell Mickie and get ready. See you then."

Ken walked over to his video game and made his character go to the safe house so he could save. Once he turned off his XBOX and checking that his console did not suffer the dreaded "Red Ring of Death," the news was on his TV.

Breaking News: Robbery and Gang Fight at Local Mall

"Duty calls," Ken grumbled.