The sun rose on day 3 of Sakuyamons pregnacy. The last day.

"Finaly I can get this Roomon out of us," Rika said in relief

"Indeed," Renamon added

"See the baby digimon," Guilmon cheered

"Momentai," Teriermon said.


About and hour later Takato and Henry came.

"Is it here yet?" They asked.

"No not y..." Just than Sakuyamon water broke

"Oh man it's on the way Takato panicked

"Takato keep it together," Henery said "Now help me deviver this egg."

Sakuyamon was lying on the floor, her arms wrapped against her stomach, and an obvious look of pain on her face. Luckly Henry and Takato brought everything for this moment. She was about to give birth

Towels, water, and even some booster needles, just in case.

"Push Sakuyamon push," Henery urged.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M DOING"!? Sakuyamon screamed.

Just then she let out a huge blood curdling cream so loud that people in the U.S.A could hear it.


In U.S.A, George Bush was wrighting some laws when he hearrd something.

"Did you hear something?" Bush asked one of his secret servise men

"No sir," the man responded


Back in Japan, Rika and Renamon, now seperate, held their Roomon digi-egg.

Everyone said congrats to the two of them.

"Well now what do we do?" Rika asked Renamon

"I'l take care of it Renamon said

"But, but it's your child you can't just abandon it Rika," Takato stated

"All digimon are born without parents to raise them. I will send him to the digital word where he canbe raised like all digimon." Renamon said

"How are they raised?" Takato asked

They live in a sort of digital daycare until they are old enough to fend for themelves," Renamon said as she left for the digital world.

"Wait," Rika said, "Renamon will be the firt two digi-parents Rika said. "This little thing is our child and it will be raised by the people who love it."

Renamon was suprised by Rika turn in attitude.

Just then the egg hatched and Roomon was born.

"Hello, I'm Roomon," he said

"It has your eyes Rika," Takato commented

"Want to play?" Roomon asked

"Yay play" Guilmon said

"Momentai," Teriermon said.

With that the three began to wrestle, Renamon even joined in the fun.

Everyone felt proud and happy today. And knew little Roomon would grow up with a loving family.

The End