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Chapter One- The Meeting

"I'll ask you again, Saturn. Where is Neo Queen Serenity?" A thunderous voice boomed. A bruised and battered Hotaru looked up into the eyes of her captor. Her lower lip was split, there was a long gash down the side of her arm and she had cuts and bruises everywhere. She felt like ramming this man into the wall, but she couldn't move for her hands were tied behind her back so all she could do was look at her captor defiantly.
"I'll never tell you! NEVER!" Hotaru shouted and with a loud slap and strong hand came down on Hotaru's cheek. She wanted to cry out in pain, but she bit back her sobs. She would not let them get pleaser from her pain.
"You will tell us, Saturn!" Hotaru saw him pull out a silver knife, "You will or you shall suffer more pain then you already do!"
" Do your worst! I'll never betray my Queen!" Hotaru shouted and her was snapped up and the knife shown in her eyes.
"Very well Saturn, I shall." The sharp knife made contact will her pale skin on her cheek. Blood oozed from her new wound. Hotaru forced herself to remain still as blood assaulted her lips. The taste of her own blood caused bile to rise up in her throat. As soon as she tasted the bitter liquid she forced it back in her throat. She felt so weak; she had lost so much blood. Her eyelids became heavy and it was a struggle to keep awake.
"I'll leave you alone to think about your decision. I'll be back within an hour." He promised her and ran his cold hands down her bruised and bleeding cheek, "Save yourself the pain, Saturn. Tell me."
As he left Hotaru felt anger rise in her vanes, "Kill me now! I'll never tell you! NEVER!" He turned to her a wicked smile on his face.
"Kill, Saturn? Give you the easy way out? No, I don't think so! I'm going to make you watch Small Lady die real slow! Just like I did with your family!" Hotaru felt tears water up in her eyes. Not Rini.
"NOOOOOOOOOO! I'll kill you before that happens!" Hotaru shouted struggling at her bonds, but all that did was cause red rings around her wrists.
"Don't even bother, Saturn, you know you can't brake free." He laughed, "Remember what I said." He left and Hotaru allowed one tear to fall down her cheek. What was she to do? She couldn't let them kill Rini, like Michelle, Amara, and Trista, but she could tell them were Serena was hiding ether. Hotaru, Michelle, Amara, and Trista had sensed evil brewing in the universe and after the Inner Senshi died they decided to hide Serena. Michelle, Amara, and Trista headed for the Time Gate where they would hide Serena. Hotaru stayed behind to protect Rini. Trista had called her to tell her that they had created a small dimension unable to be detected by enemy force and hid Serena in it. Then shortly after that the enemy had caught the Outer Senshi and they were killed. Then only two Senshi were left, Rini and Hotaru. At first they feared they had caught Serena, but then they started to chase them for information of Serena's whereabouts. That was a sigh of relief for them, but the sigh was cut short when they were kidnapped and taken here. That was almost two weeks ago. She hadn't eaten anything since then in fear that they had drugged her food. When she wasn't being tortured she was starving, but right now she was just to weak to even feel her hunger. Her eyelids became heavy and she felt her whole body welcome the sleep. Hotaru shook her head, NO! Stay awake! Hotaru slid down the poll she was tied to and fell to the ground. She felt unconsciousness creep up on her. She looked at the glowing object at her feet. They called it a Dragon-Ball. She had found it right before she had been kidnapped. Other then that all she had to remember the Senshi by was an amulet Rini had given her. 10 different colored gems were engraved onto the golden disk. There were four gems, marine blue, navy blue, black, and purple, that created a circle with a little space between each around four slightly small gems, blue, red, green, and yellow creating a circle with space between each. In the middle were the last two gems, pink and white. It was around her neck on a gold chain. Rini had told her that each jewel represents a Senshi. Marine Blue, Neptune, Navy Blue, Uranus, Black, Pluto, Purple, Saturn, Blue, Mercury, Red, Mars, Green, Jupiter, and Yellow, Venus. There also was a Latin phrase 'Dominatio Per Prosum'. When a Senshi was alive the jewel that represented her would glow. Now only three glowed, purple, white and pink. Two were kidnapped and one was in hiding. There was no one to save them. No one to help them. She looked up to they sky.
"Serena! Please send me a savior! Send someone to help me and Rini!" She shouted and her head snapped back and she felt unconsciousness taking over her. She closed her eyes and welcomed the darkness.

Gohan ran through the abandoned where house in search of 4th Dragon-Ball. He looked behind him and saw Trunks keeping in pace with him. He looked at Dragon-Ball Radar in his hand. Two more feet and I'll be there! He looked at Trunks and smiled.
"Hurry up, Trunks! I think I found it!" Gohan said and Trunks rushed to his side.
"Where is it?" He asked and Gohan looked around him. Then he sighed in irritation.
"I don't know! The radar says it shoulder be right here!" Gohan said as a wave of irritation washed over him.
"Are you sure it isn't broken?"
"YES! I'm sure! Damnit!" He shouted and pounded his fist on the wall. Then the floor opened up and they fell into a large hole. When his eyes regained sight he was in a well-lit room, not in the dark outside.
"Ah, what did you do?" Trunks asked. Looking around at his surroundings. Gohan shrugged and looked at his Dragon-Ball Radar. Now the Dragon-Ball was further away. He cursed under his breath.
"It looks like the Dragon-Ball is around here. So let's go... this way." Gohan said pointing to a path to the left. After they ran down the hall for a while they came to down to a sign that said DO NOT ENTER! PRISONERS HERE!
"Prisoners! What for?" Trunks asked.
Gohan shrugged again, "Dunno. But let's see if we can help them." They entered the door and came into a dark room. There were many empty Sells, but when the came to the exist door they found a girl on the far left. She had long pink hair tied up in ponytails with tight buns on each side of her head and turbulent blue eyes and she had her lanky legs pulled up to her chest. She looked up at them.
"Who... who are you?" She asked.
"Um... I'm Gohan and this is Trunks. Who are you?" Gohan said and she stood up and her height matched Trunks even through was younger them.
"I'm Small Lady of Earth, but you may call me Rini." She said, her eyes sparkling. Gohan and Trunks looked at one another and then back to Rini.
"Small Lady of Earth? What does that mean?" Rini huffed in a way that made Gohan believe she wasn't all too happy about explaining it to them. But she sighed and cleared her throat.
"I come from a different Dimension. There a Dynasty of Women from the moon ruled the Solar System. My mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, was last to rule Earth. She was my mom, so that makes me Princess to Earth and Heiress to the Universe in my Dimension. My best friend is also a heir, but just a plant called Saturn." They just stared at her. She looked rather annoyed, "Okay, are you just gonna stand there? Get goin' or free me!"
Trunks smirked, "I say we just leave you here!"
"Fine then! GO! Just do something! I hate slackers!" Rini shouted and they stared at her.
"Wait! Don't you want us to save you?" Trunks asked.
"Well, of course I do, but I'm not going to waste my dignity begging to you! So help or get lost." Rini said angrily.
"I'M LEAVING!" Trunks shouted and Gohan was starting to get worried that someone might here them.
"Wait, Trunks! If she's a princess, her people probably need her! Let's help her out!" Gohan said and Trunks muttered angrily under his breath, but didn't say thing. Trunks raised his hand to the bars.
"Stand back." Trunks told Rini, "Or you'll get hurt!" Rini glared at him, but moved back nonetheless.
"Oh, what are you going to do? Ask the bars to separate? Brilliant plan, Einstein!" Rini said sarcastically.
"If you shut up for one second then I'll show you!" Rini stuck her tongue out at him, but didn't say anything. Power was summoned at his fingertips and the bar was blasted into the Sell. Rini was shocked, but did not look impressed.
"You really do want us to get caught, don't you? You moron!" Rini shouted at Trunks and grabbed him, but the collar of his shirt.
"What do you mean?" Trunks asked, anger showing on his every feature.
"I mean that a deaf person could here that attack. We'll have Youmas on our tail within-" A siren echoed in the room and it became a dark red. Gohan pushed the two apart and made sure they weren't going to go at it, again.
"Fight later! We have to get out of here!" He shouted.
"But Gohan, what about the Dragon-Ball?" Trunks asked.
"Forget the Dragon-Ball! We have to get out of here." Gohan told him and Rini looked confused.
"Dragon-Ball?" She asked.
"Tell you later." Gohan said and they ran through the door. They ran down a long white path and came to fork in the road. Trunks and Gohan turned right, but ran down the left path. Trunks turned to her.
"What are you doing?" He shouted after her.
"I'm I have to find, Hotaru-chan!" She shouted over her shoulder. Gohan and Trunks looked at one another.
"Hotaru-chan?" They asked each other. Gohan shrugged and chased after her. They had an easy time getting up to her. She looked behind her back once when she had heard their feet against the marble floor, but after that she never looked back.
Rini ran past many corners till she came to another door and she waited for Gohan and Trunks to caught up. She glanced at them one more time and the pushed opened the door. What Trunks, Rini and Gohan saw next stopped them from thinking. Tied to a poll, with jet-black hair covering her face, was a girl. She was wearing a short spaghetti strap purple dress and was kneeling down on the ground. She had long gashes up and down her arms and her face was bruised and cut with some many lashes from sharp objects. Who would do such a thing? She was out cold and Gohan noticed a golden amulet around her neck. Then he noticed something he never thought he would see. The Dragon-Ball! Gohan didn't reach for out of respect. It was obvious that the girl had found and kept it as good luck charm. But Trunks, however, reached out for it. All that he got was a slap from Rini. Glared at him and he glared back.
Rini then ran forward, "Hotaru? Oh, Hotaru! Are you okay?" Rini only reached a ground. Hotaru groaned and looked at Rini, but her hair still covered her face. Gohan could see Hotaru smile then fall back into unconsciousness. Rini reached for the rope that tied Hotaru and when her hands were freed Hotaru collapsed forward and Rini caught. Even though it looked like the girl hadn't eaten in quite some time, Rini still buckled under her weight. She turned her head and glared at them.
"Don't stand there like morons! Help me!" They moved forward and Trunks, being closer to Rini, reached for Hotaru. Rini glared at him and didn't hand Hotaru over. Trunks glared at Rini.
"Hand her over! I'll carry her!" Rini glared more and handed Hotaru to Gohan. She stuck her tongue out at Trunks.
"I don't trust you with Hotaru! I do trust you; please take good care of her! I'll show you the way out!" Rini said and Gohan picked up Hotaru. Her hair fell from her face and Gohan got his first good look at her. She was quite pretty, he realized. Even with her blood covered face. Her body was small and fragile in his arms, even though he knew she was around his height. She groaned as he started to run after Rini. Rini led them a long turns of paths and finally came to opening and they were out in the night. Gohan happily sucked in the pure night air. He hadn't realized it, but the air in the underground room tasted of darkness and impurity. He also heard Hotaru suck in a long breath and when he looked down at her he noticed her smiling. Rini looked over at Hotaru and smiled.
"Gohan, will you come back to my apartment? I want to make sure Hotaru is okay and we're not captured again." Rini said and Gohan was about to nod when Trunks cut in on him.
"Now you want us to help you? I don't think we should!" He said and Rini glared at him.
"I wasn't asking you! I would rather become a slave to the Negaverse then ask for your help!" Rini shouted at him.
"I rather die a thousands deaths then ever see you again!" Trunks shouted back.
"GOOD! Then we're on the same page! Purple freak!" Rini shouted.
"Meatball head!" Trunks said rage rushing through his vanes. Gohan smartly decided to give his answer before it got serious.
"Of course we'll take Hotaru home Rini. I want to make sure you guys get home safe. And you can explain to me about this enemy of your." Rini broke her staring contest with Trunks and turned to Gohan.
"You will? Oh, thank you! Come on I'll show you to Hotaru and mine's apartment!" Rini chirped.
"Who do you live with? Your mom?" Trunks asked.
"No, I live with Hotaru." Rini said glancing at Hotaru, "We can take care of ourselves! We don't need parents."
"Oh, yes. You've differently proved that you don't need parents watching over you and keeping you safe." Trunks said sarcastically.
Rini stuck her tongue out at Trunks and turned and smiled at Gohan, "Thank you for helping us! Hotaru will differently want to thank you!"
"HEY! What about me?" Trunks demanded.
"I'll have Hotaru kill you!" Rini chirped happily.
"Oh really? I would like to see her try!" Trunks said laughing. Rini glared at him and punched him in the stomach.
"You will see her try, Purple Freak!" Rini shouted and Gohan decided to get the heck out of there.
"Come on you guys! Rini will you please show me the way to your house?" Gohan said and Rini tore her attention away from Trunks.
"Alright. Come on this way." Rini said and they departed.

Rini's apartment was in the heart of Satan City. It was a large apartment with four rooms. It had two bedrooms, one kitchen, and one living room. Gohan stared, Trunks gaped, Hotaru groaned, and Rini smirked.
"Well, this is it! It's not much, but it's enough for two people to live in!" Rini said and Trunks turned to her.
"How do you afford this?" He asked and Rini smirk became wider.
"Hotaru's dad was quite a wealthy scientist. When he died he left Hotaru enough money to keep her in large mansions for the rest of her left, but she been economizing her money and now she's probably the richest person in the world!" Rini said smiling and Gohan felt more respect go out for the girl in his arms. Inside of using her money to buy anything and everything she kept a low profile and only bought what she need. It was obvious that she wiser then her years, but losing your parents could do that to someone.
"Uh... Rini, what happened to Hotaru's mom?" Gohan asked.
"I'll tell you in a minute. Put Hotaru on the sofa, please." Rini said and disappeared into the kitchen. Gohan did as he was told and put Hotaru on the sofa. A few minutes later Rini came out carrying a boll of water and a washcloth. She put the boll on the far end of the couch and put Hotaru's head in her lap. She placed the washcloth in the boll until it was soaking wet and ringed the water out of the cloth. Then she started to wipe the blood of Hotaru's face and tended to her large wounds.
"So what happened to Hotaru's mom? She leave her husband? Cheat? What?" Trunks asked impatiently.
Rini looked up and glared at him, "No for your information she died in child birth. She wasn't exactly a healthy woman. The doctors said it was a miracle Hotaru-chan made it through labor." Rini said looking at the small figure on the sofa. She sighed sadly.
"How do you know all this?" Trunks asked raising an eyebrow.
"She told me of course!" Rini huffed, "We're like sisters! We keep no secrets! That how we are."
"How old is Hotaru, Rini?" Gohan asked decided to change the subject before they got into another fight.
"Oh, she's 17 teen!" Rini said and Gohan nodded.
"One year younger then me." He said and for some reason that information pleased him.
"And one year older the me! But she looks my age! She is my height after all." Trunks said looking over Hotaru.
"I know! She small of her age, but that's okay. She has a big heart." Rini chimed, her voice singsong.
"So you and her are the same age?" Gohan asked.
"No, I'm a year younger then her." Rini said a-matter-of-factly. She ran her hands through Hotaru's shoulder length silky jet-black hair.
"Um... Rini, I have some question that better be answered." Gohan said and Rini nodded.
"Go ahead."
"First, off, who are those goons and what do they want with you and Hotaru?" Gohan asked.
Rini sighed, "I guess I should tell you the truth. 'Cause you won't understand it, if I don't." Rini motioned to the love seat, "Take a seat. It's a long story."
Gohan and Trunks nodded and took their seats, "Go ahead, Rini, we're listening." Gohan said softly and Rini nodded.

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