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Ages: Kagome, Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin: 15, Juugo: 16

Pairing: Kagome/Sasuke, maybe some Itachi/Kagome

"Is this her?" Uchiha Sasuke asked coldly, staring at the young girl strapped to a bed. She looked like she was merely sleeping, but Sasuke knew better. She was most likely heavily drugged, at least if she was in Orochimaru's lab she was. His dark eyes ran over her form, drinking in the sight.

She was pretty, long dark hair and pale skin. If he didn't know better, Sasuke would've guessed she passed as an Uchiha. He didn't know the color of her eyes, her lids shut and dark bags covered his view. He narrowed his eyes at her, wondering if what Suigetsu had said was true. If it was, then it certainly changed a lot of his current plans.

"Yes…Higurashi Kagome, one of Orochimaru's 'prized' experiments." Suigetsu said simply, also staring at the comatose girl. She had been captured a few months ago; he had heard that she had apparently come out of no where, Orochimaru had found her bleeding by a well near this secret base. He had heard rumours that she had some sort of 'special' power which had effectively delighted the snake. He knew that she was probably experimented on extensively. He had even heard that she was even injected with that gene…

Suigetsu glanced up to Sasuke, vaguely wondering what the Uchiha could even think after he had told him that small bit of information. Sasuke had immediately demanded him to take him to where she was so they could confirm it was actually true.

Sasuke said nothing, merely staring at the girl. He narrowed his eyes, willing her to wake up from her drug-induced state. It didn't work and his dark eyes immediately fixed on a certain spot. His lips upturned lightly in a smirk.

The Heaven curse mark then?

She must be stronger than she looked if she actually survived that, he could remember the pain the mark caused when first bitten. "Get her out of those." He ordered Suigetsu, motioning to the restraints that held her to the bed.

Suigetsu glanced at him with annoyance at being bossed around. He certainly wasn't going with the Uchiha because he wanted to be ordered around; he had his own goal he wanted to fulfill. However, he knew that Sasuke was stronger than him so he would listen for the time being.

The former Kiri-nin leaned over the girl, undoing the restraint belts that held her form down to the bed, standing upwards and glanced towards Sasuke for further orders. The Uchiha looked around; spotting some suitable clothing the girl could wear. It's not like he wanted to drag her along while she was wearing something that resembled a hospital gown. His eyes darkened, glancing back at her.

She would come with them, even if he had to force her to go. If she really did have that, then he would need her for his future and the future of his clan.

It's not everyday someone gets injected with Uchiha DNA and survives with the Sharingan.

"Tch…is she ever going to wake up?" Karin asked with annoyance, glancing at the comatose girl with some irritation. She and Juugo had just been picked up by Sasuke, joining his newly formed Team Hebi. She saw this as her perfect chance to seduce the Uchiha, but apparently he saw differently, having dragged along the girl which she knew had the Uchiha DNA strand injected into her. She had heard that the experiment was a success; the girl could actually activate the Sharingan.

'Stupid girl…' Karin thought, turning away with slight jealousy. She knew the girl was prettier than her, and Sasuke may actually fall for her charm if he actually dragged her with them. Other than that, Karin virtually knew nothing about the girl. She was a top secret experiment of Orochimaru's. Only the snake and that medic-nin, Kabuto, really knew anything about her.

"Would you just shut up already?!" Suigetsu said with annoyance, leaning up against the wall. He was tired of hearing Karin's constant complaining and her annoying voice to boot. Why Sasuke would ever want someone like her on his team was beyond him. He was sure the girl was bipolar. He sighed, also wanting Kagome to wake up. It didn't look like it would be anytime soon either, she had enough drugs in her to knock out three fully grown men.

"Shut up, the both of you." Sasuke immediately ordered, glaring at the two of them. He leaned against the couch he was currently sitting, glancing at the girl who was lying on the couch opposite of him. He glared at the two again as they turned to him, opening their mouths as if they actually wanted to start arguing with him. At his glare, they shut up immediately, not wanting to get on the Uchiha's bad side. Sasuke glanced back at the girl, glad that there was finally silence in the room. It wouldn't be good if Juugo lost control because of the foolishness of the two.

"Are we just going to be staying here until she wakes up? Judging by the recent report on her, she won't wake up for another day." Karin complained, she certainly didn't want to stay in this area for long. They had fought many of Orochimaru's minions earlier, all of them with their curse mark activated. Sasuke, for some strange reason, didn't want any of them to kill them. They could wake up at any moment and ambush them.

"Be silent!" Sasuke ordered with impatience, Karin already grating on his nerves. He had only allowed her to join his team because she was the only one he knew that could actually track chakra and be aware of whom exactly it was. He would need that because he needed to track Itachi down and because he didn't want Naruto or any of the Konoha-nin to interfere with him anymore.

He was done with the Konoha crowd for good.

Karin crossed her arms, turning her head with a very feminine 'hmmph!' She was only asking a question, the Uchiha didn't need to snap at her like that! She glared at the drugged girl, taking her anger out on her.

Juugo merely sat in a corner, staring out the window at the birds. He was slightly grateful to Sasuke for subduing him earlier and decided to follow him based on that. It was relieving to know that there was someone out there who could stop his urges to kill. He didn't care one way or another if they had to wait there for another day for that girl to wake up.

Sasuke leaned back against the couch, crossing his arms over his chest and closing in obsidian eyes momentarily. He, too, was slightly impatient, wanting the girl to wake up now. He needed to see if she could actually use the Sharingan. He also wanted to see her other powers. According to the chart Orochimaru had left behind, she was considered as a miko, whatever the hell that was. Apparently, a miko had the power to completely purify demons and that power may be of some use to him.

He stared at her, willing her to wake up. He almost felt like sighing as she didn't. It would be a long day. He was ready to leave the Sound now.

'W-what's…going on…?' The slurred thought ran across her drugged brain, immediately noticing that she felt very fatigued. That wasn't unusual, at least not while she was in the hands of that damn snake…

'He put…me out again.' Kagome thought slowly, trying to fight against the drug's mellowing effects. It was annoying as hell to be knocked out whenever the Sannin wished, but she was slightly grateful for it because it didn't mean that she was experimented on when she was awake like some unfortunate souls. That damn snake had given her some weird comma-shaped tattoo-like marks on her neck that gave her a bit of grief; the pain when she had first received the mark was so intense she thought she would actually die. The pain was almost as bad as when her soul had been forcibly ripped from her to revive Kikyou…

The stupid snake had also experimented and messed with her DNA, going on and on about something about 'Uchiha' DNA, and how she would be able to use the 'Sharingan,' whatever that was. She also vaguely recalled Orochimaru saying that she would be the perfect breeding bitch for him after he took over 'Sasuke-kun's' body.

Kagome had no idea what he meant by taking over someone's body, but assumed it was like Naraku's absorbing abilities. Her brow twitched at the thought of Naraku, it was basically his fault she was even here in the first place.

After the well had reappeared after the Shikon and Naraku episode, it was completely messed up, sending her here instead of home. She really had no idea where 'here' was but other than the fact it was called the Village Hidden in the Sound, or Otogakure. It was a strange name…

'Itai…' She thought vaguely, fighting against the drug's numbing effects so she could get her mind out of this black darkness…

Sasuke immediately glanced up, seeing that she was stirring slightly, looking like she was ready to wake up. He raised a brow, she must've been stronger than she looked because she was drugged enough to knock a man out three times over, and if she could fight it and actually wake up a day earlier than expected…

He smirked slightly, wanting to see her abilities with his own eyes. Oh yes, she would be some use to him if she could use the Sharingan -- that and along with her 'miko' powers, he could potentially rebuild the Uchiha clan…

He sat up straighter as her eyes snapped her open, revealing a pretty blue. She immediately grasped at her neck, wincing as her curse mark seemed to pulse in pain. It calmed and she let out a breath, glancing around the room with slightly glazed and fatigued eyes. She was obviously still under the drugs effects somewhat…

He smirked; she actually fought against it and won, effectively waking up. He knew because he had some enhancing drugs injecting into him some time ago and how powerful they could actually be.

"W-who are you... what's goin' on?" She sat up quickly, slurring her words a bit. She looked over at him, tensing a bit. She had never seen him before, having only seen Orochiamru and the deranged medic, Kabuto. They never allowed her to see anyone and it annoyed her…

So what changed now? Who were these people? And where was she?

Kagome looked around the room warily and with difficultly, trying to see past the blurriness the drugs were obviously causing her. There was a black-haired boy sitting on the couch opposite her, it was hard to see, but it looked like he was actually smirking at her…

She ignored it, observing the other occupants of the room as best she could. There was a blue-haired boy leaning against the wall, looking at her with some kind of emotion that she couldn't really decipher at the moment, maybe it was impatience? Why would he be impatient?

There was also a red-haired girl glaring at her for no reason, and Kagome resisted the urge to glare back. She hadn't done anything that warranted such a look…

Lastly, there was a tall blond-boy staring out the window, seemingly completely ignoring everyone else's presence.

Kagome gripped at her head a bit, fighting off the fatigue that seemed to have snuck up on her. She did not like being drugged at all.

The dark-haired boy smirked even wider at her questions, before standing up from his sitting position on the couch to walk over to her.

Kagome tensed slightly, cowering into herself a bit. There was no way she could defend herself with the damn drugs in her system…

She blinked sluggishly as he gripped her chin, forcing her to stare into his dark eyes with her own blue ones. She blinked again as he got straight down to the point.

"Kagome—" Said girl wondered where he knew her name from, she had never met him before. "My name is Uchiha Sasuke—" Ah, is this is the one Orochimaru wanted to 'take over' and force her to breed with…

"And you're going to be a member of Team Hebi from now on…"