Metal Sonic sat on a rock and looked up at the clouds

Metal Sonic sat on a rock and looked up at the clouds. He was in a small clearing with a small lake, and trees and plants. The peaceful happy setting wasn't the same as his feeling though. He was upset.

"Why?" he thought. "Why did it have to be like this?"

Metal Sonic reviewed his life. He was built by Eggman. He was given emotions. He was given thinking, he was given a purpose. He was told to kill Sonic. He tried and tried, but he could not. He realized how hopeless it was and ripped out the program from his head. He was free to normal thinking now. But, without that purpose….without that false lust for kill…….he felt empty.

"Why?" he asked again. "I could have been……a good person…..but no, I just HAD to be Mr. Evil killer robot." He growled angrily. "I just had to be built to kill to make people miserable….why?"

He fell back into depression. He hated everything he was. Why, recently he had tried to be with others. He had tried to be their friend. He had tried to explain….they would never understand. And all because he was who he was in the past.


Metal Sonic woke up, after a long time. He had been put in a scrap pile after he had been defeated as Metal Overlord. He realized how hopeless the situation of beating Sonic was. He hated that program. So, without hesitating, he ripped it out of his head. For it could not be deleted.

He then had a tremendous wave of feeling shoot through him. Without the need to kill Sonic, he felt…….free.

Metal felt happy for the first time in his life. But, he wanted to share his happiness with others. He was about to run off…..but then stopped.

"But, I have no friends" thought Metal sadly. "Well, maybe they will forgive and forget if I show them that I changed, and I want to be different." He said hopefully.

He zoomed off. And he first ran into Tails who was testing out his new gadget in a test zone he had made.

"Ha ha! It works!" said Tails with glee. "I have made a new invention! The rocket shoes! Now, like Shadow, I can run as fast as Sonic, and keep up with him!" he said, slipping them off.

Metal smiled inside. He walked up to Tails and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Oh hi Sonic! Want to race now that I can move as………fast……………" he slowed down in words as he saw Metal Sonic standing in front of him.

"I'm not Sonic, but sure, I would love to race you." Said Metal Sonic.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" said Tails screaming. "SONIC, KNUCKLES, SOMEBODY!!" he said and tried to run off.

"Woah, there Tails." said Metal, holding his shoulder in an iron grip. "I got my program that makes me want to kill Sonic removed, and……"

Tails whirled on him. "GET OFFA ME!!" he said, and his tails came crashing down on his head. Metal was stunned for a moment, and Tails took that moment to slip on the shoes, and run off.

"Well, that didn't go well." Said Metal Sonic. "Well, maybe someone else will be better."

But they weren't. They either ran in fear, or tried to attack him. No one would listen. They wouldn't trust him. They wouldn't believe him. They hated him.

So, depressed and alone, Metal decided to be alone, and think.

Metal growled again. "How come they don't understand? I changed! I…ripped the friggen program outta my head for goodness sake!" he said, fuming. "Why do they still hate me?"

Because people will always remember. They will always hate you. They won't trust you. They all will want to kill you. They will remember who you were. Not who you are. He thought.

Metal looked at the city in the distance. With his long range sight, he could see the people there. They were all hanging out together, having a blast………being happy………

He couldn't be that way……..he was a killer, a machine……….a destroyer.

"It………..was that Eggman!" he said, rising up. "He is the reason for all my troubles!" he said, clenching his fists.

But, after you kill him, what then? A voice in his head replied.

"I will……..I will…………" he stopped. "Nevermind." He said realizing the situation. "Revenge won't solve anything… problems will still be there….." he said, sadly.

Metal sat back down, and hopelessly fell back into depression. He wanted to die and end this misery, but he wanted to live life, happily. He wanted to feel what they felt. He wanted to be like them! Happy, and joyus, and kind, and caring. Everything that was impossible for him to experience.

"I guess…….I'll just…….be alone…." He said sadly. He got up, and left the clearing. He decided to build himself a little home. He wanted some place to be. So, he started cutting down trees and using his claws to shape the wood into the way it should be. And he also made wooden pegs to keep the structure together.

By midnight he had finished the house. It wasn't anything special, but he was glad that he had built a place for him to go when he needed it. He didn't sleep, but he recharged his energy when he was not active, so he walked inside, and sat in a corner….and shut down for the night.

Metal Sonic woke up the next day, recharged, and ready. He felt a new feeling of hope that something would change……that this day, would be different! He zoomed out of the house, and out into the world.

"Oh, what shall I do today?" he said, thinking for a moment. "Perhaps I shall go into the city, and see what is happening."

Metal went into the city, and looked around. There were people going about there business. And it all went quite well, until someone yelled……

"It's Eggman's creation, Metal Sonic!"

"Oh no! He is going to kill us all!" screamed another.

"Call Sonic! Call the cops!"

"Now, please people, please stop this, I am different now, I have changed. I am no longer under Eggman's influence. I only wish to happy, and to make others happy."

But, no one listened, the cops came, and Sonic came a few moments after.

"Well, Metal. First you terrorize my friend Tails, then Cream, and now the citizens? You really are on a roll!" said Sonic.

"Please, I only want peace." Pleaded Metal Sonic.

"Yeah right!" said Sonic. "Metal, you are cunning alright. Trying to make others think you changed. Pffffft. You can't change. You're a friggen robot!"

"But, I……" he started.

"I've heard enough of your lies and deception. Back to the scrap heap buddy!" he said, and spindashed at Metal.

Metal dodged the attack. "But, I've changed! I ripped out the program that makes me want to kill you! I want to be what I want to be. Not what Eggman wants me to be!"

Sonic snorted. "As if! You really are desperate, aren't you pal? You know you can't defeat me, so you go and try to play good guy. Sorry pal, not going to work on me!"

Metal lowered his head. They didn't want him here. "Fine then. I shall leave." He said in a low voice.

Sonic lowered his fist. "Wait, you aren't going to fight me?" he said, in surprise.

Metal didn't answer, he just flew away with his head low. He flew back to his forest, into his home, and curled up into a ball.


"Woah, that was weird." Said Sonic.

"Well, I'm glad we didn't have too much trouble." Said one of the cops. "Thanks for the help Sonic."

"No problem guys." He said.

Sonic was almost home when he heard a voice.


"Oh, no." said Sonic and he picked up speed.

"Sonic come back!" yelled Amy.

"No way!" yelled Sonic back.

"Why do you run from me Sonic? Come back!" yelled Amy again.

Amy ran forward with all her strength and leaped on top of him.


"I got you Sonic!" said Amy happily.

"Get off of me Amy." Sonic growled.

"Oh, did I hurt you? I'm sorry." She said, backing off of him.

Sonic got up, and frowned. "I can't take this anymore, so I'll just say it."

He is going to confess his love! This is it! Thought Amy.

"I hate you."

"Wha……WHAT?" Amy could hardly believe her ears. "Wha………why?"

"Because you always run after me, and being a nuisance. You don't give me a moment's rest, and I couldn't say this before, because I didn't want to hurt your feelings!" he said. "Now, leave me alone!"

As Sonic sped off, she broke into tears. She couldn't believe it. Sonic hated her. She cried and ran, not caring where she went. She just wanted to be alone.

"How could he? Why did this happen?" she cried.

Up ahead was a big woods. She had been there a long time ago. Before she knew Sonic, it was her secret place. And she decided to go there to think, and calm down.

Metal Sonic stood up. He could've swore he heard a voice. He walked to the door, and opened it. He saw sitting in the clearing, was Amy Rose, crying her eyes out.

"What happened to her?" he said quietly.

He decided to get closer, and he sat behind her, listening.

"Oh, why does Sonic hate me?" she sobbed. "I…..I showed him kindness and love, and……" she broke into tears again.

"This is about Sonic?" he whispered to himself quietly.

"Oh, no one likes me….I am useless. I can do nothing but cause trouble and get myself captured." She said sadly.

Metal Sonic was surprised that someone felt sadness like he had.

"They must all think I'm annoying. Sonic said he didn't want to hurt my feelings…….they must all be the same way…………they must all dislike me. Oh why doesn't anyone care?" she yelled.

"I do." Said Metal Sonic, standing up.

Amy stopped crying. She turned around, and saw Metal Sonic. She was speechless.

"You...sniff……care?" she said.

"Yes, I felt yesterday that even though I had ridden myself of Eggman's killing program, and I wished to be good, everyone reacted horribly to me." He said sadly.

"You……were telling the truth?" she said, a bit surprised.

Metal Sonic nodded. "I understand your pain. Please…...I have changed. Let me comfort you."

Amy nodded, and he held her, as she cried on his shoulder.

When Amy calmed down, she couldn't believe that of all people…..he would understand her. He seemed to have feelings………as another robot…….Gamma did.

"Th……thank you Metal." Said Amy, wiping her eyes.

"No, thank you……I needed this." He said.

Amy smiled slightly. She was glad that he had such kindness. He was forced to be bad….it wasn't his choice. She thought.

Metal put his hand on her shoulder. "Amy, I've been really lonely, and I was wondering if…..we could……you know…….be friends?"

Amy smiled. "I would love to!" she replied.

Metal was brimming with happiness. He had a friend. Maybe things won't be so bad after all. He thought, as they sat together, at the clearing.

"So, what happened that made you change?" she asked.

"Well……" he started.

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