Before the chapter, I'd like to clear something up that wasn't clear before. Metal Tails is not the Tails doll. I saw a picture of what another person thought Metal Tails would look like, in a form similar to Metal Sonic's design, and I took that, and altered it a bit. Instead of tails he has two big steel blades in the shape of tails. In my mind he looks a bit different too, but I'll let you use your imagination. I apologize if this chapter isn't very good. It's like the calm before the storm as they say. Enjoy.

The rain had begun again. It wasn't pouring, but it was raining. Metal Tails reactivated himself, and leapt out of the tree.

Lifeform targeted. His computer announced. Weakness discovered in door hinges.

"A weakness huh? Tails I'm disappointed in you." Said Metal Tails with a chuckle. Little did he know, that a few small eyes were watching him as he ripped the door off it's hinges.

(Back at Amy's house.)


The screen Metal Sonic had shoved in the drawer was beeping with the word "warning!" on it. Getting no response, it extended an antenna, and sent a message to Metal Sonic.

His eyes activated and he swiftly pulled out the screen. Unfortunately, Metal Tails had already went inside the house, so he didn't see him. "Strange…" thought Metal out loud. "Robots, do you know what it was?"

Words flashed on the screen as he read them.

"Tails…highly armored…and with…weapons…walked…by…us. At this hour? I guess those robots I got do get to do something. I'll check first thing in the morning." He said, placing the screen back in it's compartment, and shutting down again.

(Back at Tails's home.)

Feeling a bit goofy since his first mission was working so well, Tails found the sound file for Eggman's voice, and started talking like him.

"Oooh ho ho ho! Now you will feel the power of my new ultimate weapon! Go my minion! Show this fox your power!" said Metal Tails. He was even activating his theme song. Quitting the silliness, he activated a scanner, doing a quick scan over the home.

"No defenses detected…good." He mentally grinned. "A large amount of metal objects detected below the home, but none on the surface though." he said to himself. Walking over to Tails's bedroom, he opened the door, and entered as silently as he could.

Tails wasn't aware of this and kept sleeping. Metal Tails pulled out the scanner and placed it over his head for a few seconds before actually placing it on his head, hoping it wouldn't wake him up.

Unfortunately, it did. Tails's eyes flashed open and he screamed once his eyes came into focus. Metal Tails reacted quickly, and he clamped both of his hands over his arms to prevent him from moving.

"Sorry Tails. It's an honor to meet you, me being your copy and all, but I must get this data. It won't hurt at all, and I'll leave once I have it, but I must get it! Don't struggle and I'll let you get back to sleep okay?" said Metal Tails.

"But…didn't Eggman die?" asked Tails as he stopped struggling.

"Umm…yeah he did." said Metal Tails a bit sadly. "I would've liked to meet him but I suppose it's too late for that. Now, I'm going to put this device on your head for a minute. Don't worry, all it will do is get the data I need, and then I will leave. Simple as that." he said, picking up the scanner he dropped.

"Okay…what are you searching for?" asked Tails as the scanner was placed on his forehead.

Metal Tails pressed a button on the invention and spoke into the built in speaker, "People I know" the invention processed the request and said, "Initiating scanning."

"You want to learn about the people I know?" asked Tails. "You know…you're a friend, I would've told you."

Metal Tails scratched the back of his head nervously. "I would've but my calculations showed you wouldn't exactly welcome me upon sight. Most likely you would get Sonic, or try to defeat me yourself; my apologies."

"Well…it's okay I guess, but why do you want this information?" asked Tails.

Metal Tails lowered his head and stared at the floor. "I…have emotions. I need a companion or I will internally die. I am searching for that companion in your brain, since I was unable to find a person with a compatible personality. I also realized that if I scanned your brain…I could retrieve memories, and that would be especially useful to me when creating a being. I would know exactly what they are like, and I could see it for myself." He admitted.

Tails shook his head. "No, you can hang out with us and our friends! There is a person like you called Metal Sonic that is with us now. We don't mind having more friends to hang out with!" (In case you didn't know, Sonic didn't just tell Amy. He told others too.)

"Really?" asked Metal Tails in surprise. "I'm really happy to hear that…but I can't. I have to lead the robots in Eggman's base. They need a leader; a purpose to live. I can't just leave them. It's the worst feeling in the world to not have a purpose. I need to take care of them and help them. I'd welcome you guys if you came over though."

"Okay." Said Tails.

Metal Tails lifted the scanner off his head. "I got what I wanted. It was a pleasure to meet who I was copied off of. Thank you Tails!"

Tails sat up and waved as Metal Tails left. "Thank you as well! We'll visit you someday!"

Closing the door as he left, Metal Tails wore a happy grin. I got to meet who I got copied off of! He thought excitedly. He whipped up his tail blades, and they started to propel him forward.

Until that is, one of the small robots, sensing "weapon movement" (the tail blades) latched onto his leg and unleashed a powerful emp wave, completely stopping Metal Tails from functioning, sending him falling to the ground.

Crud. I can't move at all! He thought in frustration. I should've told the computer to install defenses against this kind of thing. He tried pushing himself up, and after awhile, he did start moving again, but another wave hit him, and he lost control again.

Blast…oh look, the sun is up. Perhaps Tails will wake up and get whatever these are off me. It appears he did have defenses. He thought.

Metal Sonic woke up the next day, at the crack of dawn like he said, and pulled out his screen, which he immediately activated.

"Target disabled…good, I'll be right there." He said, putting the screen away.

"Oh…I should not run off again without Amy's permission or without her coming with me. I'll go ask her."

He walked to her room and opened the door. Amy's room as well was pink with a decent amount of furniture…the normal kind of stuff you'd expect; a dresser, a bed, and a desk. Metal Sonic looked at Amy sleeping and changed his mind. "Perhaps…I should…wait? No…each robot only has one pulse, and I have only a few robots to use. I'll wake her up." He said.

Walking over to Amy, he lightly shook her. She didn't wake up. Instead, she just rolled over in her sleep.

"Hmm…" he thought. Suddenly an idea came to mind. Laughing softly, he lowered himself to her ear and whispered, "Amy...your house is no longer pink. It's purple with pink spots."

"WHAT?!?!" she suddenly yelled automatically, waking herself up. Looking around, and noticing Metal laughing mildly, she glared at him.

"Metal…it's way too early for pranks." She said with a yawn. "Is something wrong?"

Metal Sonic pulled out the screen out of it's hiding place. "Do you remember my project A. M. D. B.? The defense against Tails? Well, they got a robot that looks like Tails pinned down with emp waves."

"Are you serious? I thought I killed Eggman three years ago!" Amy exclaimed.

Metal Sonic nodded. "I want to go investigate. I promised you that I would not leave you, so I needed your permission before running off and leaving a note again. That would probably not bring back good memories..." he explained.

"I appreciate it Metal, but I think you're taking what you promised a bit too seriously. I'll get dressed and we'll go together to see what this thing is." Amy said.

"Hurry please. I only have a few robots left that have emp charges in them." Metal said as he walked of the room.

It didn't take long for Amy to get ready, and race downstairs. She was curious, and didn't want the robot to get away either. The two of them zoomed off toward Tails's home.

(Back to Metal Tails.)

Metal tails to be honest was ticked. The robots wouldn't quit. Since his functions were disabled he wasn't able to tell how many of them there were. Only his eyes and "brain" were working. Honestly, do you know how frustrating it is to try to move, only to get zapped in the back by electro magnetic pulses repeatedly? He hated feeling like this; helpless, and unable to do anything with no help for who knows how long. He knew Tails was the kind of person that could stay inside his home for weeks, and not come out. Spotting someone in the distance, he recognized one as Amy Rose…but the other resembled Metal Sonic sort of, but…that couldn't be him unless his entire body was redone. He thought.

Metal Sonic landed near him and placed Amy down. "Who are you? Are you a friend or an enemy?" he asked.

Metal Tails was unable to move his mouth, and simply glared upward at him in frustration.

"Metal…I don't think he's a friend." She said, seeing the glare from Metal Tails.

"Indeed. I will tell my robots to get off him…well…the two that are left anyways." He said.

Once the emp left, Metal Tails stood. Closing his eyes, he attempted to calm himself down, reminding himself that the very reason the base computer had chosen him was because he wouldn't be blinded by his feelings. He opened his eyes and said, "I know who you are" he said pointing at Amy. "But you…are you a robot built by Tails or something?" he asked, turning his look to Metal Sonic.

Metal shook his head. "No, I am Metal Sonic. I was "killed" in the battle with Eggman. I was transported to a spare body I had created, and I came back to live with Amy. But who are you?" he asked.

Metal Tails grinned. "I'm Metal Tails. I am a copy of Tails. I was made by Eggman's base computer. It's nice to meet you two." He said holding out a hand.

Amy and Metal eyed him for a moment, and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Metal Tails." said Amy, and Metal Sonic soon did the same.

"Sorry that my robots did that to you. They were made to target Tails, and alert me to any aggressive things Tails might do." He explained.

Metal Tails looked at the robots peering at him on the ground, and turned his arm into a gun, and fired an explosive into the tiny robots, destroying the small group instantly.

Amy gasped in surprise, and Metal Sonic stepped forward. "What are you doing?" he asked.

Metal Tails turned his gun back into an arm and replied, "I can't stand those things. Their emp abilities are ridiculous." he said, crossing his arms and glaring at Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic growled angrily at him. "You could've been that robot! How can you just blast them to bits like that?"

"Okay, okay, maybe you're right…" said Metal Tails as a silence entered the group.

"Well, now that we see you aren't a threat…you're welcome to visit us sometime if you want." said Metal Sonic.

Metal Tails started spinning his tails, and charged up his engine. "I apologize for my outburst…maybe I'll visit one day, but now I need to get back to base." he said. And with that, he sped off, sending dust flying, and a great deal of wind.

After he left, Metal Sonic sighed. "I can't believe there is another one like me running around now. How is he going to handle this?" he grumbled.

"Don't worry about it Metal. You found a way, and I'm sure he will too." She said yawning. "Let's go back home, I'm still sleepy."

"Alright…" he said, preparing to leave. I'm just concerned WHAT way he will choose. he thought. And the fact that Eggman's base computer made him is disturbing…I'll have to investigate it sometime.

(At Eggman's base…)

Reaching the base quickly, he walked inside the base and yelled, "Computer! Computer! I have retrieved the data!"

The computer flickered on and it's robotic voice had the feeling of excitement vibrating through it. "Fantastic! We will now have our second leader! Put the mind scanner in my claw, and I will examine the data. You may then browse through it and watch or read anything you like."

Metal Tails placed the scanner in the computer's claw. The claw retreated back into the computer, and it began retrieving the data; putting it in easy to access categories. Memories were made into movie files, and thoughts were written down and saved. Once complete, the computer beckoned to the keypad in front of it. "Alright here are his memories on people he knows, but choose wisely. Keep in mind that this is the kind of person that will lead our people alongside you for as long as you like." The computer said bringing the files onscreen.

Metal Tails was very excited. Walking over to the keypad, he started browsing through the various files and folders, memorizing all data he came across. However…there was one person in particular that interested him. Once he finished looking through the memories and data, he pointed to a name and said, "Computer make her my compainion. She's perfect."

The base computer seemed to be overjoyed. "Excellent choice Commander! I didn't think you'd choose her, but it works with your personality."

Metal Tails nodded. "Download this personality into the cpu, and prepare the parts necessary to create her. I will help in whatever way I can."

"Affirmative." The computer replied. "This won't take long at all now that we have the copied emotion chip, and files needed from your cpu. I can't wait to see how she turns out."

"Neither can I." said Metal Tails. "I'd like to input the ideas I have on her design if that's okay. I have a few ideas watching the memories." He said.

"No problem." The computer said. "Plug yourself in."

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