We sat on the floor of my cabin. We were planning our escape to the next town. We wanted to get out of this area as fast as possible. Being only one town away made us very nervous.

Sasuke left me when I went to take a nap. He went to get some things that we would need while we were gone. I woke up, and he was still gone. I looked at the clock by my feet and saw that I had only slept for about five minutes. I got up sighing. My sigh quickly turned to a scream. Itachi was sitting at my feet. He was smirking at me.

"Did you really think you could get away from me that easily?"

"Please go away!"

"No, you have been promised to me."

"By my drunk of a father? You probably bullied him into it. What is your attraction to me?"

"I'd say obsession is a much better word."

I just frowned and looked as though I was sucking the world's sourest lemon.

"Well, I better be taking you back home with me." He stood and walked over to me.

I screamed, scrambled from the bed, and ran to the kitchen. I grabbed a large steak knife and held it in front of me.

He walked slowly toward me, "Tsk, tsk. You hold a knife to me? Like that will work on me."

I looked around. There was no other way out...

I started to bawl my eyes out, "I'm so sorry, Sasuke my love. Dear brothers, I'm sorry that I'll never see you again. But hell is well worth going to to leave your crazy clutches!" I looked at Itachi and stabbed my heart directly.

I fell to my knees in slow motion. Sasuke ran into the cabin to see me smiling at him. He ran to me and held me as I lay dying. He completely ignored Itachi.

"NO! You can't die and leave me here! I love you! Don't leave me now that found completeness."

"Sa...Suke...It's so dark...I love...love..." He clutched my body.

He hung his head and turned to his brother, "Are you happy now you bastard?" He was crying.

"She killed herself..."Itachi said in a daze.

"Just to escape you. If you'd have left, she'd still be here! I'll never forgive you." Sasuke pulled out the knife.

"So you're going to kill me Sasuke?"

"No. I'm going to join her in hell." Sasuke turned the knife upon himself and slit his throat.

He held my body and we died there that way, that day.

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