A/N: Like always, I'm bored. So I'm writing another two shot. This is some thing Erica and I thought up so I hope you all like it! Neither Erica nor I own Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, (I hope I spelled that right).

P.S: this is what Erica and I think would happen if Yako and Neuro had kids.


"Hay! Get down from there!" Yako yelled at her two very troublesome sons that were running on the ceiling. Now, normally she wouldn't have too much of a problem, although she worried that they would fall which they never had, but this time was different. "It's one thing to run on the ceiling but to run on the ceiling with muddy shoes! You're going to get mud and dirt every where! And guess what! You're going to clean it up this time!" Yako yelled.

Neuro just sat in a chair reading a news paper and laughing at his wife, or as he liked to call her his property, or slave number 1. Then a beeping sound came from the kitchen.

"The pot roast! Neuro I have to get dinner ready before its burnt so get them down!" Yako yelled. Neuro licked his lips.

"Hum, I rather like the sound of burnt meat," Neuro said.

"Neuro!" Yako yelled. He smiled and got out of his seat.

"Fine, but you own me," he said with a smirk and a wink. Yako thought about all the other times she had 'owed him' and how one of those times got her two troublesome boys. But she decided not to argue.

"Thank you," she said and kissed his lips before heading to the kitchen where her other two children were, she had two boys and two girl. What? She's been with Neuro a long time.

Later on

"Mommy why is the meat burnt?" one of her sons asked. The other slammed his fork and knife into the table, breaking holes in it, and crossed his arms.

"I'm not eating burnt meat!" he yelled.

"Neither am I!" the other yelled as he mimicked the other. But then every thing went dark and their mother's eyes went red (wow, hark to believe she's not a demon,). Both boys trembled while the rest of their family continued to eat.

"You'll eat it and you'll like it," she said.

"Okay!" they yelled in unison and began to gulp down their food.

"You're in trouble," the youngest daughter said.


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