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First Day of pre-K and Kindergarten (if I spelled that wrong then please tell me)

It was Yako's and Neuro's daughters first day of pre-K and their sons first day of kindergarten.

"Awe! Be good today okay sweeties?" Yako said to her children.

"Okay mommy," they all said.

"And remember, show them whose boss!" Neuro said.

"Yay! Go daddy!" they all cheered. Yako glared.

"Yes, go daddy, go back to the car," she said. She tried to push him but he wouldn't budge.

"Now, here are some toys you can play with," he said, handing them things with eye balls and tentacles.

"No!" Yako yelled as she made sure that none of her children took the toys. She glared at Neuro.

"What?" he asked. She shook her head. Then the bell rang and her children started to leave to class.

"Oh! Remember not to grab you class mates or teachers by the skull! And don't throw any one in a trash can! And especially don't run, walk, tip toe or any thing like that on the ceiling or walls! I don't care how much you dislike the desk!" Yako yelled. By this point all the other parents were staring at her.

"And remember! You're the best, make sure they know that!" Neuro yelled.

Later that day when Yako and Neuro came to pick up their kids

Yako's and Neuro's daughters ran up to them first.

"Mommy! Mommy! School was great! We drew lots of pretty pictures!" they yelled. Then their sons ran up to them.

"Hay mommy daddy! Can we go get some ice cream?" one of their sons asked. Yako looked around.

"Well, since it doesn't look like you caused any trouble then sure! Let's go!" Yako said and they went to get some ice cream.

Back in their sons class room

"Mmm! Muu!" their teacher struggled against some icky sticky stuff that she was covered in. She was also stuck to the wall.

Back in their daughter's class room

There were drawings all over the walls and on the ceiling.


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