In a universe gone mad, the world of Earth is seeing it's final days. Devastated by an mage war with the Kiari (THE ANCIENT ANCESTORS OF THE FAE.) Earth is orbiting a dying star. Disaster, disease and famine have wiped over 95% of the population from the planet. A few of the people we know survive; Goliath, Beth, Demona and Arthur. These once-sworn enemies have banded together to find a way for our world to survive. They are in the final age; they are in Starfall.

By Denigoddess2001

Beth Maza stared out at the scarlet skies thick with billowing clouds of poisonous gasses covering the horizon. The caves of the Wyoming Rockies were inadequate shelter compared to the luxuries of Xanatos' castle. She had cried the day the oceans claimed her homeland. The waves had washed over New York as her tears fell like black opals down her cheek.

[When does it end?] She cried mentally to the crimson sky. How Goliath had fought valiantly against the Kiari with their magick and their minions. She saw friends and comrades fall like toy soldiers as the Kiari tortured them for their amusement on the battlefield.

After the battle, she held the torn body of husband, MacBeth, in her arms. She knew that he would want her to be strong. She attempted to be brave so that he could die with honor; die a hero's death.

"Lass', we have been through worse than this." He rasped.

"I know." She had murmured stroking his thick mane of silver hair. At the end of an age, Beth Maza had learned to love this enigmatic man. She did what she had not done in years; she wept bittersweet tears as the soul of her husband died. She knew in her heart that he had died happy in the arms of the woman he loved more than all life. He had not died alone.

Now she stood on this wretched mountain waiting to die as the rest of the wretched, pathetic masses called humanity. Most had been lucky. The Kiari had killed them in the earliest attacks. Those not so fortunate had survived the attacks and had been taken as slaves to far away worlds or used for food. Those worst off had been left to eke out a subsistent existence on a dying, war-ravaged world. Famine, radiation, natural disasters had rid the world of 85% of its landmass.

"Beth, come inside." Goliath called to her. "We have to seal the entrance. The radiation will affect us all."

Without another word, she took one final look at the world she had once called home.

She had only the clothing she wore, her wedding ring, and a locket with pictures of her and MacBeth to remind her of her old life. Now, she would be locked away from that world forever until she died.

Goliath and the others huddled around the fire pit. He used his great strength to crash the rocks together to create sparks. Beth shivered as Goliath wrapped his wings about her to keep her warm. The crackling of the fire did little to remove the seeping fatalism from her bones. She watched mutely as Dingo handed out the minuscule amounts of rations to each. Puck dipped all of them a half of cup of water in small, hollow geodes.

[This is the fate Humanity, Gargoyles, and Fae.] Beth mused angrily. [We spend the final days of our existence living like cavemen. What a waste!!!]

It was the plan of the last ones to travel deep into the Earth to find fresh water and a source of heat. She knew it was a fallacy. What little water remained was contaminated by toxins and radiation. The rations were dangerously low. Injuries acquired had to heal on their own without the benefit of medical attention. She remembered how her brother Talon recently died of Gangrene because there were no antibiotics left to treat him.

Goliath and she had buried his body beneath some rocks and had said some final prayers. Silently, she had murmured prayers for them all.

Odd pairings took place in these end times. Talon and Maggie had always been together. Demona and Arthur snuggled close to one another for warmth. Wolf eyed Beth lustfully as she inwardly cringed. She knew that he wanted more that just a friendly relationship. Goliath pined away for his beloved Elisa in his semi-lucid dementia. She knew it wouldn't be long until his soul left this world.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Came a gentle voice to her left.

"Nothing Demona, just reminiscing." She answered warmly to her best friend. In such harsh times, enemies because close allies. She usually stayed close to Demona and Arthur for her protection. Wolf's recent assault had almost been successful had it not been for Arthur's timely intervention.

"You seem so far from us this evening."

"I have no where to go." She said in a hollow voice.

"Beth, things will get better." Demona's soothing words did little to comfort her. "Just have faith."

"Perhaps, your right." She gave the ravishing redhead a thin smile. [Leave it up to Demona to always have hope. Who would have thought it possible?]

Beth realized that the thin veil of life was no longer for her. Her time there was done. She waited until the others fell asleep. She placed her wedding ring in Arthur's hand and put her locket around his neck while he slept.

She walked to the edge of the cave and made her way past the sealed entrance onto the narrow ledge. The frigid air of the oncoming nuclear winter chilled Beth to the depths of her soul. She picked up one of the rock shards that had sealed the entrance. It found it's home inside her breaking heart.

If anyone remained outside that night, they would have seen a magnificent sight. In all of its dark majesty, a dark silhouette of a Gargoyle flew across the starless night sky. Within it's wings the stars shone for the first time in months. The hope and life of other galaxies gleamed in her soft velvet folds. As it left this world behind, the clouds opened and the moon's light shown through briefly, but so sweetly. The enigmatic entity left behind its home for all time and returned to the wild, untamed reaches of the distant stars.

And with that last sight, did Beth's tears stream like comets in a Starfall.