Beyond Starfall
By Denigoddess2001

Rated G

One of the clan broke past the sealed entrance of the cave that night. Against his own orders, Goliath sneaked outside to face the frigid chill of the oncoming nuclear winter. His heart felt so like the chilling breeze that blew along the mountainside. It was almost as cold as his heart.

Goliath Maza's heart once brimmed with warmth, passion, and love. He and his beloved mate, Elisa, had led a blissful existence together as lifemates. They had fought alongside their clan kin until the last remaining Gargoyles had suffered capture or death.

The Kiari in the battle of Manhattan had captured Elisa. She had been the first to be lost. It had broken his will and he knew he could no longer lead his clan. With each passing night, he and his ragtag assembly battled against the dark spirits that ransacked their home world. Xanatos and MacBeth had been captured by them also and taken to the mothership never to be seen again.

In the months that followed, Angela and Broadway had been victims of Kiari opponents. As each member of the clan died, Goliath's heart froze a little more. His sanity faded farther away with every death. Those who had remained after the flood did the only thing they could to escape death, capture, and disaster; they fled.

Tonight had been especially bad for the clan. Morale was not good. How long could they go on with little food and poison water? Fox had been so strong urging them into the mountains to seek shelter. She had held the Kiari at bay while Jackyl and Hyena had led the others to escape.

Goliath bowed his head in shame as he remembered had he had stood there frigid unable to react. Fright had paralyzed the fearless leader. Now, Puck called him the Fearful Failure.

He had caught the a whiff of perfume that he knew well.. Beth Maza had disobeyed orders and had gone outside the cave. Goliath felt the urge to follow. He saw her take the crude blade into both hands and plunge it into her heart. She crumpled into a heap on the ledge as blood pooled and froze around her. Goliath braved the perils of the narrow shelf and edged out near Beth's body.

What caught his eyes was rapture to his tortured, bemused soul. It was a glorious sight. In all of her dark majesty, the Specter sporting Elisa's lovely features left behind her mortal bonds and embraced the black desolate void of the midnight sky. Within her wingspan were the songs of a million stars mourning the loss of one of their brethren. Her wings reflected the last gleams of hope and life for one insignificant, dying world. Those same loving wings embraced the spirit of Beth Maza. The two flew skywards until they were lost in a sea of ten thousand stars.

For the first time in a very long time, the light of the moon broke through the clouds and shone on Goliath Maza of the Wyvern Clan; illuminating his dying heart and fading soul.

"Take me with you." He begged to the leaving entity. "Please, take me with you."

It melted into the black starless night without an answer. Perhaps she had not heard his whispered words or his barely audible plea. He turned to return to the cave. He bent his head and cradled his face in his hands. One tear cascaded rapidly after the next in an endless sparkling stream of rage, shame, madness, and pain. Like the descending comets plummeting to earth in the night sky, his tears fell like a starfall.

"Goliath." He heard the lilting, melodious alto inside his mind. Was he dreaming? Could it be true? Had Elisa returned?

"Hey, Big Guy! It's time to go."

He felt the gentle coolness of eternal slumber tug at his soul as she freed him from his evanescent shell. His free spirit felt so vibrant and free for the first time. No more insanity or guilt or shame tortured him every living moment. As he soared toward the stars, the points of light formed into a galaxy unlike any other. At the end of the galaxy, he saw two beings near and dear to his heart. His daughter whispered his name like a prayer. His wife welcomed him into waiting arms.

He had made it beyond Starfall.