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Tempo Addierto A Voi

Tempo Addierto A Voi! (A way back to you.)

Chapter 1.

Around 241 BC somewhere in Rome.

Centurion Horatio Caine had just come back from fighting in the Punic war and now he was walking around in the marked place looking for some fresh fruit. Completely caught up in his own thoughts he didn't see the female slave that was walking in his direction so he run right into her resulting in them both falling to the ground and she loosing everything she was carrying.

"I'm sorry miss" he said and helped her collect her things.

She looked embarrassed and said: No, I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going.

He smiled at her, she blushed and shyly looked down.

"I hope she isn't bothering you" a man said as he looked at the young lady and said: Calleigh would you hurry up, or we'll be late and the mistress will be angry.

"No, she's not bothering me at all, again I'm sorry miss" said Horatio and left them.

Calleigh looked dreamily after him, he was so handsome, with his uniform, his red hair, his clear blue eyes and his masculine features, she felt her heart beat like crazy like never before.

Anthony looked at her and said: Calleigh would you snap out of it, there's no way you two can be a couple.

"But he smiled at me, anyway who is he?" she asked dreamily.

"You know the big house up on the hill, it's his, that was Centurion Horatio Caine, a great leader and rich to, and there's no way he could marry a slave" said Anthony as they walked back to the house.

"But he smiled at me" she said dreamily.

Anthony just shook his head.

"Calleigh would you come here at once" Yelina yelled.

After her husband had died in the Punic war a year ago she had been the matrona of the house. It was a big house hold with a lot of slaves, and it pended on her mood if she treated the bad or good. And today she was furious so Calleigh startled by the sound of her voice knowing she would be punished for one thing or another, whether she did it or not was irrelevant. She sighed and went to Yelina. (Matrona Lady of the house.)

"Calleigh didn't I tell you buy bread at the marked?" Yelina asked.

"Oh crap" Calleigh thought as she remembered she had forgotten to buy bread since that was about to do when she run into Horatio and then it had just slipped her mind, which was strange, cause nothing like that had ever happened before.

Calleigh looked at Yelina and said: I'm sorry mistress I forgot, I can go back if ya like.

"You forgot, you forgot, how stupid are you, and I don't have time for you to go back, you have to do it tomorrow" said Yelina.

"Ok, I will" said Calleigh and was about to leave, but Yelina grabbed her arm and pulled her back and threw her on the floor saying: You're not going anywhere until you got you punishment is that understood.

"Yes mistress" said Calleigh quietly, she knew what would come.

Yelina found a whip and lashed Calleighs backside, so hard that the blood splattered everywhere. While she was doing this Calleigh didn't say a word, but silent tears of pain and anger found their way down her checks and landed on the floor. This was so unfair, yet she couldn't say anything against it, since she was not a person she was property and Yelina could do anything she wanted to her.

When Yelina was done she put salt in her wounds and said: Now get back to doing your work, and take care of dinner later, we'll be three tonight, I'm expecting company.

"Ok, when will you have the dinner done?" Calleigh asked.

"Around six" said Yelina.

She looked at Calleigh, how come after what she just did Calleigh didn't even seem to by affected by it, it had to hurt like hell.

Calleigh just looked back and said: Yes mistress.

Then she left the room.

Later that day Calleigh was preparing dinner with a lot of the female slaves among them her best friend Alexx.

A tear suddenly run down from Calleigh's eye, Alexx looked at her and said: Honey are you ok?

"Yeah I'm fine" said Calleigh and looked away.

"She lashed you again didn't she" said Alexx.

"Yeah, but it was my own fault, I forgot to buy bread at the marked earlier" said Calleigh.

"It's not like you to forget, what happened?" Alexx asked in surprised.

"I crashed into this centurion, and he was so handsome and he smiled at me and I forgot all about the bread" she said dreamily, her heart were speeding up again.

Alexx giggled and said: Calleigh, you're hopeless, so did you get his name?

"Marc Anthony said it was Horatio Caine, even his name is beautiful" said Calleigh with a sigh.

Alexx looked at her, smiled and said: Well then you're in luck, because he's coming for dinner and you're serving.

"No" said Calleigh.

"Yes" said Alexx.

Calleigh blushed and looked down, Alexx just smiled at her since she was a bit cute.

Horatio knocked at Yelinas door, she opened and said: Horatio glad to have you back, please come in.

"Thank you, so how are you and Ray Jr, sorry to hear about Raymond" he said.

"I'm fine, but Ray Jr are still missing in action, so are you hungry?" she said as they sat down at the table with Marc Anthony.

"Yes" said Horatio and shook hands with Marc Anthony.

Then Calleigh served the food and drink, and without Yelina noticing Horatio smiled at her and mimed: How are you".

Calleigh blushed and mimed "Just fine" back before she went back out to the kitchen.

Horatio looked at Yelina and asked: The slave that just served us now, how long has she worked for you?

"Three years" said Yelina.

"Is she any good?" Horatio asked.

"One of the best ones I got, why do you ask?" said Yelina.

"Looking for a female slave for my household, that's all. Mind if I barrow her for some hours tomorrow to try her out, I will pay you good for it" said Horatio.

"I dunno, I really need her here" said Yelina.

"Come on Yelina, it's just for a couple of hours" said Horatio and blinked at her.

"Well ok, but you better pay good for her" said Yelina.

"You know I will" said Horatio and smiled warmly at her.

She blushed and looked down and they continued to eat.

The next day Horatio was watching as two of his two generals Eric and Timothy were practicing fencing with swords. They were really good and cut each others blows perfectly. But there had to be a winner and this time it was Tim.

Horatio smiled and said: Good game my generals, how about some refreshments inside.

"Sure" they said and followed him.ยจ

Horatio popped his head into the kitchen where Calleigh was working and said: Would you please bring some food and wine out for me and my generals.

"Yes master" she said without looking up.

His eyes slowly settled on her lower back before they went back up to her face again, she looked tired, a bit pale and consecrated by what she was doing.

Calleigh noticed he was watching her, but didn't say anything just continued to wash plates and cops.

Horatio sighed and went outside again.

When he was gone Calleigh smiled at her self as she prepared some fruit and wine for him and his guests.

A bit later Calleigh filled up more wine, when Tim grabbed her and dragged her down on his lap. Calleigh gasped and tried to break free.

"Would you look at this, she's a feisty one" Tim laughed.

"Would ya let me go and get your paws of me" said Calleigh angrily, got free and slapped him.

"And she talks back to, how bout that" said Eric and laughed.

Horatio looked at her a bit surprised and said: That kind of behavior is not acceptable, you come with me.

He took her arm and dragged her into the next room where he found a whip. She looked at him with sad eyes, funnily enough she didn't look scared of the whip at all.

Horatio sighed and said: I have to do it.

Calleigh turned her back at and closed her eyes expecting his lashes to be hard and painful like Yelinas, but instead they were gentle, she hardly noticed them at all.

"Ok, go back to work" he said, but his voice wasn't angry more sad which surprised her, almost like he didn't wanto punish her at all. She didn't get it, she was his slave and she had disobeyed her master, she deserved to be punished, yet he didn't do it hard but gentle almost like her cared for her and didn't want her to get hurt. Calleigh shook if of, there was no way Horatio, a great centurion could care about a slave like her, who was she trying to fool. She sighed and got back to work.

Horatio stood thinking to about Calleigh, he felt bad about what Tim had done to her, even if he didn't know why, she was after all just a slave. And the way she took her punishment showed how obedient she was. He really didn't want to hurt her, but she was a slave and she did disobey him so it was his job to, so why did he feel like he didn't want to lay a finger on her and she rather wanted to be punish Tim for grabbing her, than her for fighting back. He didn't get it, he had never felt like this before. There was just something about her that appealed to him, not only was she beautiful, but there was something else, what he didn't know yet. He sighed and went back out to Tim and Eric.

Later that day Horatio was walking Calleigh back to Yelinas. Calleigh really didn't feel like going back to Yelina since she would rather be with Horatio so she sighed.

"Anything wrong?" Horatio asked concerned since she looked a bit sad.

"No, no, I'm fine master" she replied polite, but she didn't look him in the eyes.

"I didn't wear you out did I?" he asked.

"No, I'm used too much harder work" she said, realizing it could sound really wrong.

"Hmmm, so is Yelina a kind mistress?" he asked, curious about how the slaves looked at her.

"Yes master, she is very kind" Calleigh lied.

"Glad to hear, so what is your role back at the household then?" he asked.

"I'm her personal salve master" Calleigh replied.

Horatio gasped, she was Yelinas personal slave, well he should have known since she was better dressed then the regular slaves and since Yelina didn't want to let him barrow her at first. He hoped that it didn't cause Calleigh any problems since he had barrowed her.

They walked up to Yelina residence and Calleigh disappeared quickly inside.

"Yelina, why didn't you tell me she was your personal slave" said Horatio.

"What's it to you?" Yelina replied.

"Nothing really, but if she's your personal you might needed her" said Horatio.

"Meh, I managed fine, besides she's back now. So did she give you any trouble?" Yelina asked.

"Nothing I couldn't handle" he said.

"Ok then, do you want some wine" she said.

"Don't have time I'm afraid, got men to train and things to do rein check" he said.

"Of course my door is always open" said Yelina.

He gave her a friendly hug and left.

Calleigh was in the kitchen cooking dinner when Yelina entered with a whip that dripping since it was covered in hot oil.

"Calleigh" she said and looked voicelessly at her.

Calleigh looked at her and said: Yelina, commodo quinymo. (Please no)

"You disobeyed, so you will get punished" said Yelina.

"Quinymo, I didn't, ego promitto" Calleigh defended her self, but to late Yelina had already started to lash her back. The cuts that Calleigh had from before opened and the pain was unbearable. (Quinymo no, ego promitto I promise)

"Yelina, commodo" Calleigh begged, her voice was shivering since she was crying. (Commodo please)

"Be quiet, you deserve it after what you did at Horatios, you thought I wouldn't find out, I guess you were wrong. You're a servus, you do as we say and you don't talk back understood. I though you have learned by now" said Yelina and kept lashing her. (Servus slave).

Alexx and the rest were watching, but they didn't say anything, they knew better and Yelina usually punished Calleigh the hardest since she was her personal. Not only that, but Calleigh was also strong, smart and had a lot opinions about a lot of things so she tended to be in trouble a lot more than the rest. But she was also strong enough to take most of her punishments, the other slaves didn't get where she got her strenght from.

At that moment Marc Anthony entered and saw it. Calleigh lay on the floor begging for her life, Yelina lashing her, blood all around and he said: Yelina satis. (Satis enough)

Yelina turned saw him and said: So I can't punish my own slave the way I want now.

"You can, but if you continue you'll kill her, is that what you want" said Anthony.

"No, ok Calleigh continue with dinner" said Yelina and left.

Calleigh quietly got up and continued what she was doing before Yelina came in like nothing had happened.

"Wow, how does she do that" Alexx thought.

That night Alexx was waken by Calleigh's soft sobs and went over to her.

"Calleigh are you ok?" Alexx asked concerned.

"No, my back hurts real bad, it feels like it is on fire and I want the pain and humiliation to stop, I want to be a free person, not somebody's slave" she cried.

"I know you do honey, but it's not that easy" said Alexx.

"I know that, but there has to be some kind masters out there to" she said thinking "Like Horatio".

"Yes but there are also worse masters, I only wish that I could be with my husband and children again" said Alexx, since they were at different masters and she never saw them.

"I'm sorry Alexx, it was selfish of me to talk about my self when you have a family to worry about" said Calleigh.

"It's ok, and for the record I know you're both smart and strong, but don't challenge Yelina ok, I don't want you to end up dead" said Alexx.

"Don't worry I can handle her" said Calleigh with a tired smile. Alexx got back to sleep while Calleigh cried silent tears dreaming of how great it would be to be a free woman, knowing all to well it would not happen. She sighed sadly and went to sleep.