When Seras finally succumbed to inevitability and drank the sin-drenched blood of her ancient master, she fully comprehended the reasons for her earlier instinctual resistance.

Her thirsty, carnivorous fangs broke white skin with measured pressure, a lie trying to hide her uncontrollable hunger. The moment his pure, polluted plasma touched her tongue, welled warmly within her mouth: she felt them. The wild stare of a legion of piercing pupils. Myriad cruel and crimson eyes burst out of unbroken midnight black, each focusing on her, through her; each stabbing her afresh with daggers of fear. Bloodstained irises spattered upon bone white orbs all fixed upon her in magnificent gloating.

She swallowed. Reflexively swallowing her panic, thoughtlessly imbibing the very liquid that terrorised her senses. The ravenous hellhound of the Eldest's true darkness invaded her being, clawing and crawling down her throat, into her stomach, through her veins. It made her flesh its nest. Its growl, sunk and muttering like the curses of the unrepentant damned, replaced her heartbeat.

Unlike any bitten human before or after her, victim or voluntary, this was no pale imitation or further warped perversion of vampirism she had chosen to become. The vampire was putting his power source, his untamed mongrel monstrosity, the song of hell inside her body…placing her at his unique level, trapping her on the same malevolent pedestal he inhabited.

As the last vestiges of humanity and restraint were erased from her diminishing soul, she bore witness that her master was as merciless in love as in any other action he committed.

Alucard was a black-hearted and fallen angel, a higher being of magic and mastery who believed the world was what he made it; and desired only to make it Hell's mirror and twin. He anointed her with the red water of undeath, anti-life; fully ignited the fires of her cannibalistic cravings until even the barest thought of a single drop of blood was like an oasis in the heart of endless desiccated deserts.

The greatest gift her master gave her that night was not the sole form of freedom he was capable of affording her; but a new form of captivity, under a new mistress. Integra Hellsing, a woman of logical, clinical kindness and indomitable spirit, a second sovereign for Seras to serve.

A fearless knight of heaven, chaining the beast and closing the infinite eyes. Proving a proud inheritance by caging her own monster under her own power.

A burning, binding, searing seal branded and tattooed into Victoria's violent essence; holy cage and barrier against evil, a guardian array for the last little light of the police-girl's soul…