Raising Vongola Decimo-sama

Task 1: Behind the Script

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Task 1: Behind the Script…

"So, what do you think we should do for our cultural festival?" Hana asked, tapping her finger impatiently at her classmates.

"Who cares!? We're graduating anyway!!" one of the boys shouted. Hana twitched.

"Hey! It's not like I could care less about the stupid cultural festival! But have you guys forgotten about our classmate…" Hana threatened. All of them shivered involuntarily. The moment Hana's class became officially seniors; they were informed that the feared prefect of Namimori, Hibari Kyouya, was also their classmate. Of course, they all screamed at the top of their lungs when they first heard it but no matter how long and how loud they screamed, the fact remained that Hibari Kyouya was their classmate. That's why Hana's class has been dubbed as the Most Behaved Class of all. They were not happy at all.

"So, now that we know that we have no choice, any ideas?" Hana asked, her face showing her clear disinterest. No one raised their hand. Hana began to twitch and she banged the teacher's table, "HEY!! I asked you guys a question!!"

"Uhhh… maid café…?" one of the guys suggested. Hana glared at him.

"No thanks, perv."

"Host club!" a girl suggested, "Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto-kun co-"

"Denied. Next!"

Silence filled the entire classroom and Hana began to tap her foot impatiently, "Do you guys want to get bitten to death?"

They shivered involuntarily once more and Yamamoto laughed, "Hibari's not that bad."

They all look at Yamamoto and thought, 'Only you can say that, Yamamoto…'

"Okay then… what do you suggest we do, Yamamoto?" Hana asked. Yamamoto thought for a bit and smiled cheerfully.

"How about we ask Hibari what he wants to do and just do that?" Yamamoto suggested. They all look at Yamamoto with widened eyes. What would Hibari want to do for the cultural festival…? All that came to their minds were the idea of torture, pain and humiliation.

"DENIED!!" they all shouted. Yamamoto continued to laugh cheerfully, shrugging.

"It was only a suggestion. There's no need to get so worked up."

"Anymore suggestion?" Hana asked. Gokudera raised his hand, "Yes, Gokudera?"

"Play." Gokudera suggested. Hana raised an eyebrow. Since when did Gokudera bothered to participate in things like this?

"Ohhh… nice idea, Gokudera. We can even ask Tsuna to play the lead." Yamamoto suggested smiling at Gokudera.

"Of course the Tenth gets the lead part." Gokudera said. Yamamoto nodded in agreement, his smile now a grin.

"A play with No-good Tsuna!! Who would watch that?!" one of them shouted. Gokudera stood and took his dynamites out.

"Did you just fucking insult the Tenth?!" Gokudera lighted his dynamites and the boy began to tremble, "You fucking piece of shit…"

"I think Tsuna-kun would make a good leading character." Kyoko commented, finally speaking up.

"Kyoko… even you…?" Hana mumbled. Gokudera's face lightened and he began to smile childishly and nod at Kyoko.

"Of course Tenth would make a good leading character! Sasagawa, I knew I can count on you."

Kyoko smiled lovingly at Gokudera and faced Hana and the class, "How about it? How about we make a play with Tsuna-kun?"

They all awed as Kyoko radiated before their eyes, her soft smile felt like it belonged to a goddess. They all begin to nod their head. Hana sighed in resignation, "Fine. All that votes for a play, say aye…"

"AYE!!" the whole class chorused.


"You guys… WHAT?!" Tsuna stared at his two best friends with wide round eyes and a gaping mouth. Gokudera and Yamamoto continue to grin like little kids, sitting comfortable on the floor of Tsuna's room. Tsuna caressed his temple.

"Let me get this straight. While I was absent because a certain baby wanted me to learn Italian to the point of blowing me up, you guys decided to make me the lead character of a school play?"

"Female Lead." Yamamoto clarified. Tsuna's already wide eyes widened more.

"F-f-f-female LEAD?!" Tsuna yelled.

"I'm sorry, Tenth!" Gokudera bowed, "I wanted you to be the lead but those bitches-"

"The girls in our class said you were uke-material so the female part would fit you better." Yamamoto explained cheerfully.

"U-U-Uke… material…?" Tsuna dropped to his bed, his mind suddenly a swirling mess.

"Tenth… what's an uke?" the Italian transfer student asked.

"Well, Gokudera… an uke is-"

"Yamamoto!! I'm begging you, do NOT finish that sentence!!" Tsuna begged. Gokudera looked at Tsuna then at Yamamoto. Yamamoto grinned and rubbed the back of his head. Tsuna sighed, looking at his two best friends.

"In other words, I have to cross-dress... again?!" Tsuna yelled. Yamamoto and Gokudera nodded and Yamamoto laughed merrily, sitting next to Tsuna on his bed.

"Don't worry, Tsuna. You'd look cute." Yamamoto said, patting Tsuna's back. Tsuna forced a smile.

"The Tenth would not look cute!!" Gokudera rushed to Tsuna's side and grabbed both of his hands, "He'll look beautiful."

Yamamoto laughed once more and wrapped an arm on Tsuna's shoulder, "I stand corrected. Tsuna would look beautiful in a dress."

"Get your hands off the Tenth!!" Gokudera yelled, pulling Yamamoto away from Tsuna. Yamamoto laughed and caught Gokudera's wrist. They both toppled off the bed, Gokudera on top of Yamamoto, his wrists held by Yamamoto.

"You still want me to answer your question, Gokudera?" Yamamoto continued to laugh and grin at Gokudera. Gokudera blushed and could only stare at Yamamoto, "You see, an uke is…"

"I'll get you guys something to drink." Tsuna excused himself, closing the door… leaving his two guardians alone… in his room… with a bed sitting cutely next to them…

"Y-Y-You STUPID BASEBALL FREAK!!" Tsuna heard Gokudera yell. With a tired sigh, Tsuna went downstairs and opened the refrigerator. He sighed once more, his mom had took Bianchi and the kids to an amusement park today so he was alone with his two best friends and his sadistic tutor, who was no where out of sight at the moment. Not that he'd prefer that his family was here. Who knows what his mom will think if he sees his two best friends in that compromising situation. Tsuna was beginning to think that his mom was a closet yaoi fan… as well as Kyoko and Haru. He took out the orange juice and poured it to three separate glasses.

"Tsuna…" Tsuna looked down and saw Reborn looking at him blankly.

"Yes, Reborn?"

"Hibari's outside, waiting for you." Reborn announced. Tsuna dropped the box of orange juice and Reborn frowned as the juice spilled from the table to the ground. Tsuna let out a small shout and grabbed a towel, wiping the spilled content furiously. Reborn raised an eyebrow, "I don't think you should keep him waiting, Tsuna…"

Tsuna stopped and his eyes softened, "I'm sorry, Reborn… but can you tell Hibari-san that I'm not here?"

Reborn sighed and pulled his hat down, "One of these days, you will have to face him, Tsuna…"

Reborn walked towards the front door and Tsuna began to clean the mess he had created. Tsuna began to tremble and he bit his bottom lip. With lowered eyes, Tsuna whispered, "Hibari-san…"

"He said he's not here." Reborn told Hibari. Hibari raised an eyebrow before sighing. He gave Reborn a folder.

"Tell that herbivore that if he keeps missing his classes, he'll be detained." Hibari said with an aloof expression.

"Don't you want Tsuna to be detained, Hibari?" Reborn asked. Hibari frowned.

"If that weak herbivore gets detained, it'll sullen the name of my school." Hibari replied preparing to leave. Reborn lowered his head, hiding his eyes from Hibari.

"You do know Tsuna's leaving for Italy after he graduates, right?" Reborn asked. Hibari nodded and began to walk away, "This may be the last time, Hibari. You sure you don't have any regrets?"

Hibari stopped and looked at Reborn, "What did you say?"

Reborn looked back at Hibari and repeated, "You sure you don't have any regrets?"

"Have you… ever told me that before?" Hibari asked. Reborn shook his head.

"I've never told you that… in this time." Reborn replied, frowning. Hibari shook his head and caressed his temple, "Is something wrong, Hibari?"

"Nothing's wrong… it's… nothing…" Hibari replied, walking away. Reborn frowned. Something was definitely wrong.

"Tsuna… Hibari wanted to give you this." Reborn said, handing the folder to Tsuna. Tsuna grimaced as it was the school paper works he missed during the days he had been absent, "I've been thinking, Tsuna…"

"That can't be good…" Tsuna mumbled. Reborn heard it and hit the back of Tsuna's head. Tsuna winced and rubbed the swollen spot.

"Baka-Tsuna, you're a hundred years early to start being sarcastic around me." Reborn scolded. Tsuna pouted but looked at Reborn, curious at what he wanted to say, "You have to talk to Hibari."

Tsuna scowled, "Not now, Reborn…"

Reborn frowned as Tsuna grabbed the tray and tried to balance the three glasses filled with orange juice, "Tsuna, this has gone too long… Ever since you came back from the future for the second time, you haven't talked to Hibari other than the times where you have no choice. You should straightened things with him. He is your Cloud Guardian... and possibly your future lo-"

"Reborn!! I can't… Reborn…" Tsuna mumbled, going upstairs. Reborn scoffed and went back to the kitchen.

"It's not that you can't, Baka-Tsuna. It's because you won't…" Reborn mumbled.


"Tsuna-san!!" Haru called out and both Haru and Chrome tackled Tsuna to the ground.

"Haru… Chrome-san… what are you doing here?" Tsuna asked.

"GET OFF THE TENTH!!" Gokudera yelled, trying to pry Yamamoto's hold unto him. Yamamoto sheepishly smiled, trying his best to keep Gokudera from ripping Chrome and Haru to bits.

"Kyoko-chan asked us to make your dress!!" Haru happily told Tsuna. Chrome shyly smiled.

"I see…" Tsuna smiled.

"Chrome actually has a lot of fantastic ideas!" Haru told Tsuna, showing him some sketches. Tsuna's eyes widened as he stared at the sketches. Tsuna softly grabbed Chrome's arm and whispered…

"Did Mukuro have a hand on this…?" Chrome sheepishly nodded.

"Mukuro-sama seemed to have… improvised them while I was asleep." Chrome replied. Tsuna groaned and caressed his forehead.

"This… is gonna be long…" Tsuna groaned. In the control room overlooking the entire theatre, Hibari was currently glaring at a certain smiling girl who may be the reincarnation of a goddess.

"Tell me, Sasagawa Kyoko, why I should go along with this…" Hibari scowled, "Stupidity?"

"Because Reborn-kun said that you would be perfect for the part, Hibari-san." Kyoko replied, continuing to smile at Hibari. Hibari's scowl deepened.

"The infant? But according to the script distributed to the entire class, this certain scene is not included…"

"Reborn-kun said that the script Hibari-san is holding is the real script."

"That infant…" Hibari closed his eyes and buried his face on his hand, "He should just mind his own business…"

"I think it's a fantastic idea, Hibari-san." Kyoko said, clapping her hands, "I also think Hibari-san is best suited for this part."

"And that Tsunayoshi is the perfect female lead?"

"Tsuna-kun is an uke." Hibari glared at Kyoko.

"Sasagawa Kyoko… has it ever occur to you that Tsunayoshi is attracted to you?" Hibari asked. Kyoko continued to smile at Hibari.

"I also like Tsuna-kun." Kyoko replied and Hibari glared at Kyoko. Kyoko giggled and looked at the script, "But Tsuna-kun seems to like someone else… at least more than he likes me."

Hibari was left speechless as Kyoko smiled at him, as if silently telling him she knows something. Even the great tyrant of Namimori Middle School was unable to hurt Sasagawa Kyoko. But that was one secret Hibari would take to his grave...


The day of reckoning came too fast for Tsuna's taste. He tried to calm himself down but this proved to be useless as his heart starts beating faster, no matter what he does. There was a knock on the door and Tsuna let out a small 'hii!'.

"Tsuna, you ready?" Yamamoto asked opening the door.

"Wait!! Yamamo-" Tsuna couldn't finish his sentence as Yamamoto stood by the door, wearing a military-styled navy blue outfit. Tsuna blushed as Yamamoto gaped at him like a fish.

"What the hell are you doing, Baseball freak?! Let me see the Tenth!!" Gokudera yelled, wearing a simple dark red shirt with a black tie and black trench coat. He pushed Yamamoto to the side and mimicked Yamamoto, gaping like a fish at Tsuna.

"T-t-Tenth?" Tsuna blushed and looked away. He knew this was such a bad idea; he must really look like a pervert for them to gape at him like he was an anomaly. Of course, that was just Tsuna's perspective. To his rain and storm guardians, Tsuna looked like an angel. He wore a white strapless dress paired with a white long-sleeve bolero. His hair was decorated by a single clip on the side. The clip was white and white feathers dangled from its other end. The dress was intentionally shredded by the end, giving an illusion of a pair of wings shrouding Tsuna's thin legs a bit. Tsuna's shoulders were covered by the bolero with wing-like designs and at the back was a pair of small wings. Tsuna also wore white sandals with white ribbons that were tied below his knees.

"G-G-Gokudera… kun… your nose is bleeding…" Tsuna said. Gokudera blinked and touched his nose. Sure enough, he was having a nose bleed… and a very massive one as well…

"Hiiii?! Gokudera-kun?!" Tsuna yelled as Gokudera banged his head on the door.

"Forgive me, Tenth!! I was having lewd thoughts about you!!" Gokudera begged forgiveness, banging his head on the door once more.

"Hiiii?!" Tsuna screamed, fearing Gokudera may hurt himself and also a bit surprise at what Gokudera said. Yamamoto grabbed Gokudera's forehead before he could banged his head to the door for the fifth time.

"Hahahaha, stop it, Gokudera. Tsuna, we're about to start. Hana ordered us to tell you to get into position." Yamamoto explained, cradling Gokudera who was currently shouting how he had failed as Tsuna's right-hand for having lewd thoughts about his most treasured Tenth.

"Oh, okay…" Tsuna nodded, walking towards his position with uneasy steps. Tsuna looked back and told Yamamoto, "Yamamoto… you're also having a nose bleed…"

Gokudera's eyes widened and he grabbed Yamamoto and began to shake him, "You BASEBALL FREAK!! WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING ABOUT?!"

Yamamoto laughed, urging Tsuna to get going. Tsuna nodded and left his two guardians to… confront their problem. Yamamoto caught Gokudera's arm and roughly pushed him to the wall. Gokudera winced and glared at Yamamoto. Yamamoto simply smiled at Gokudera, wiping Gokudera's blood with his sleeve. Gokudera blushed and looked away, "At least wipe your own blood first…"

Yamamoto continued to smile, "I was waiting for you to do it."

Gokudera growled, "Why would I do that?!"

Yamamoto's smile became a grin as Gokudera wiped his blood even after saying that. Yamamoto leaned in and looked at Gokudera's green eyes. Gokudera blushed at how close Yamamoto's face was to his, "Gokudera…"

"Ahem." Gokudera and Yamamoto pulled away from one another blushing and looked at the person who caught them in the act. It turned out to be Hana… they were so screwed, "I'm sorry for disturbing your quality time but the play's about to start."

Yamamoto laughed at Hana's sarcastic tone and bowed, "Then, we better get going… right?"


"Papa!" Fuuta waved at Iemitsu. Iemitsu smiled and waved back, walking towards them. Iemitsu sat besides Nana and kissed her cheek.

"Hello, Nana…" the Ninth gently greeted. Nana smiled lovingly at Ninth and urged him to sit on the empty sit next to Iemitsu. Xanxus sat behind the Ninth, growling at those around him. Basil sat next to Xanxus, holding a camera.

"Oh, are you filming Tsu-kun?" Nana asked. Basil smiled and nodded.

"There are a lot of people who wishes to see Tsunayoshi-kun." The Ninth said.

"Hello, Iemitsu-san, Ninth." Dino greeted waving at them. He took the sit next to Bianchi, who was staring intently at the window of the control room where Kyoko was with Reborn.

"Hello, young Cavallone. Where are your men?" the Ninth asked. Dino chuckled.

"I made them go. They wanted to see Tsuna's play but it would scare the other viewers if they did stay." Dino replied.

"I know what you mean. Even with just Xanxus, everyone is already scared." The Ninth commented. Xanxus growled.

"Then don't tell me to protect you, fucking old man…" Xanxus hissed. The Ninth laughed.

"Don't mind him. He just doesn't want to admit that he wanted to see Tsunayoshi-kun." The Ninth winked.

"Why would I want to see that fucking RUNT?!" Xanxus hissed. Dino laughed.

"So, how's Squalo, Xanxus?" Dino asked.

"None of your fucking business." Xanxus replied. Iemitsu read the message Oregano sent him and looked at Basil.

"Oregano has confirmed it. This is being broadcast throughout the entire Vongola." Iemitsu whispered to the Ninth. The Ninth grinned and nodded.

"Ummm… is this sit… taken?" a young boy with red hair and glasses uneasily asked. Nana smiled gently at the boy.

"Oh, no. The baby who was supposed to be sitting here had some work to do." Nana urged the boy, "Please, have a sit."

"T-t-thank you very much!" the boy said, sitting on Nana's other side.

"Ah! It's four-eyes!!" Lambo yelled. The boy blinked.

"L-L-Lambo-kun?" the boy called out. Nana looked at the boy curiously.

"You know Lambo-kun?" Nana asked. The boy nodded.

"He was with Sawada-san…" the boy replied.

"Maa! Are you a friend of Tsu-kun?" Nana asked. The boy blushed and looked down.

"I'm… not sure… I bumped into Sawada-san and he apologized for what Lambo-kun did and well…" the boy's blushed intensified as he said the next words, "I wanted to see Sawada-san again…"

"Ara! How nice!!"

"Is that the brat?" Xanxus whispered. Iemitsu nodded.

"According to Reborn's report…" Iemitsu replied and observed the blushing boy, "Irie Shouichi…"

"Thank you so much for helping, Reborn-kun." Kyoko thanked Reborn once more, smiling at him cutely. Reborn nodded.

"Writing a story for a play is an easy task for the greatest hitman. There's no need to thank me." Reborn replied. Kyoko giggled and manipulated the buttons, causing the lights to slowly disappear. The chatter from the audience slowly died down and everyone waited for the curtain to open.

"Once upon a time…" Kyoko narrated, pushing a button to slowly raise the curtain. She pushed another button, causing a ray of light to focus on a fidgeting Tsuna. Basil focused his camera on Tsuna. In Italy, the entire Vongola Famiglia watch in interest as all television sets in the entire vicinity showed the play.

"In a castle far away, there was a princess loved by all." Tsuna heard Kyoko narrated as if it was a children's story. Tsuna began to fidget and he took a few steps forward. Xanxus' jaw dropped to the floor as he realized how cute and moe Tsuna was at the moment. Basil gulped as he steadied his camera at Tsuna, blushing. The entire Vongola Famiglia cheered as they happily accepted that their tenth boss could pass of as a cute girl, "She was named Aozora-hime because, like the blue sky, she connects and holds all…"

Gokudera and Yamamoto entered the stage. Light came from above and Yamamoto smiled at Tsuna, "Yo, Tsu- I mean, Aozora-hime…"

"AHHH!! How dare you just say that so casually!!" Gokudera yelled, forcing Yamamoto to bow his head, "A pleasant day, Tenth-hime!!"

Tsuna forced a smile and awkwardly bowed. Everyone in the audience was mesmerized at Tsuna, finding his shy attitude endearing… and to some, especially Xanxus, moe, "G-g-good day… A-Arashi-kun… Ame…"

"Arashi and Ame were Aozora-hime's most loyal subordinates and closest friends. Arashi…" Gokudera faced the audience with a scowling face as a ray of red light focused on him from above. The girls sighed, enjoying the sight of Gokudera in a trench coat, "… was like a storm, fiercely blowing all that dare to hurt his precious princess."

"While Ame…" Gokudera turned back to Tsuna and the red light disappeared. A blue light focused on Yamamoto who looked at the audience with a grin. Girls and boys cheered Namimori's famous baseball player and Yamamoto continue to grin at them, "… was like a rain, washing away the princess' doubts gently and her problems harshly."

"But the princess held a strange power…" The blue light disappeared and the entire stage was enveloped by a red light. The once soft background music was replaced by a deeper, more thrilling music. The audience heard a click and Tsuna rushed towards Gokudera and Yamamoto's side.

"Look out!" Tsuna yelled, tackling the two guardians to the ground. As if on cue, something fell above where Gokudera and Yamamoto were standing. Tsuna's eyes widened as it was concrete blocks.

"Yes… the princess was said to be the reincarnation of the goddess of future, able to perceive the events that will happen and change it as she wills." Kyoko narrated. Tsuna began to tremble. In the practice they were using Styrofoam… not real concrete blocks. Tsuna instinctively knew Reborn had a hand on this.

"Thanks, Aozora-hime." Yamamoto said, smiling at Tsuna. Tsuna stared at Yamamoto. He probably thought that those concrete blocks were nicely made cartons or something…

"I'm so sorry, Tenth-hime! I should be the one protecting you, not the other way around!!" Gokudera bowed. Tsuna smiled and waved his hands.

"P-P-Please… Gokude- I mean, Arashi-kun… as long as you guys are safe." Tsuna said, smiling cutely at Gokudera and Yamamoto. Both guardians blushed and the audience 'awww'ed.

"But because of the princess' power, she was targeted…" a ray of light focused on the other entrance of the stage and Tsuna's eyes widened as a figure appeared before them.

"M-M-Mukuro?!" Tsuna choked. Mukuro smiled; behind him, hidden by the curtains, was Longchamp who was supposed to play the 'bad guy'.

"Bastard!! What are you doing here?!" Gokudera yelled, taking his dynamites out. The audience was impressed at the 'props' and 'script'.

"Oya, oya… I just wanted to spend some time with our hime." Mukuro replied, smiling at Tsuna.

"There are some other ways to do that, Mukuro." Yamamoto happily said. Gokudera growled at Yamamoto.

"Stupid baseball freak!! It's obvious that this PINEAPPLE-BASTARD just wants to possess the Tenth!!" Gokudera accused Mukuro.

"I do not just want our princess' body…" Mukuro clarified and looked at Tsuna seriously, "I also want to have hime's heart."

Tsuna blushed and began to stutter. Yamamoto pulled out his Shigure Kintoki and looked at Mukuro, "No offense, Mukuro, but we can't let you do that."

"Oya, oya… that's no good." Mukuro teased. As if on cue, two rays of light focused on Mukuro's both side. Chigusa and Ken appeared on both side of Mukuro and Tsuna looked at the control room. His eyes widened as he realized that Reborn had been manipulating the controls while Kyoko was talking to Ryohei behind Reborn. Tsuna felt that Reborn may have seen this coming and actually enjoyed planning how to make it more hellish than it already is for Tsuna.

"I'll leave them up to you, Ken, Chigusa…" Mukuro said. Chigusa and Ken nodded and charged Gokudera and Yamamoto. Gokudera backed away and threw dynamites on Chigusa. Inwardly, he cursed the fact that he forgot his boxes on his other clothes. Yamamoto parried Ken's claws as Ken changed to his Cheetah channel.

"M-M-Mukuro!! Stop it!!" Tsuna ordered frantically, standing. He tripped and fell to Mukuro's waiting arms. Mukuro smiled at Tsuna.

"You look cute in that dress, hime." Mukuro teased earning a cute blush from Tsuna. Mukuro chuckled and put Tsuna on his shoulder.


"I'll be taking my leave now." Mukuro bowed at the audience and ran towards the exit.

"Ahhhh!! Don't let him escape!!" Gokudera frantically ordered. Mukuro jumped backwards as he was almost hit by a condensed dying will flame bullet. Tsuna looked at the direction where the bullet came from and saw Xanxus glaring at Mukuro.

"Put the runt down." Xanxus ordered threateningly.

"Oya, oya, if it isn't the leader of the Varia…" Mukuro continued to smile, "I'm sorry but I can't do that. You see, I have plans for my dear hime."

"Xanxus was the adopted son of Aozora-hime's uncle, the king of the land, Timoteo. Although he says he harbors hatred for the princess because she is the heir, the truth is he is also in love with the princess." They heard Reborn narrate. The audience and the whole Vongola Mafioso went 'awww'. Squalo was not pleased…

"What the FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! I'm saving the stupid runt because he can't even say himself from his own guardian!!" Xanxus yelled. Tsuna pouted.

"Well, excuse me!! But let's see you try and stop MUKURO!!" Tsuna yelled back. Mukuro chuckled and look at Tsuna.

"Then I have your permission to defeat Xanxus, hime?" Mukuro asked. Tsuna glared at Xanxus, already at his limit. First he had to wear girl's clothing and pretend to be a girl, then Mukuro had to come then things went from worse to hell thanks to Reborn, and now Xanxus had the nerve to berate him?! Tsuna was at his end, not to mention Reborn had been bugging him to talk to Hibari for the first time since the whole 'future' incident.

"Get him." Tsuna ordered. Mukuro smirked and put Tsuna down. He kissed Tsuna on the cheek lightly.

"I'll be expecting a reward, hime." Mukuro whispered. Tsuna blushed and he only realized what he had said when Mukuro activated his first path, creating illusions to bind Xanxus with lotus flowers.

"W-w-w-wait, Mukuro!! I didn't mean what I said!!" Tsuna yelled but Mukuro paid no heed to Tsuna, using the Path of Ashura to attack Xanxus. Xanxus parried Mukuro's attack but his shot missed Mukuro, destroying the wall next to Tsuna.

"Stop it!! Mukuro!! Xanxus!!" Tsuna yelled at the top of his lungs. The audience was mesmerized, thinking that Mukuro's illusions were holograms.

"Stop it, Rokudo Mukuro!" Dino ordered, whipping at Mukuro's direction. Unfortunately, Dino hit the wrong person. Xanxus growled and glared at Dino.

"You fucking scumbag…" Xanxus hissed and grabbed Dino's collar, "Where the fuck were you aiming!!"

"I'm sorry!! I slipped!!" Dino apologized. Xanxus began bickering with Dino and Mukuro took this opportunity to hit Xanxus at the back.

"Fucking s-"

All of a sudden, the entire theatre went entirely dark. They began to murmur, thinking it was a power failure. A ray of light focused on Tsuna from above. Tsuna blinked and wondered what he was supposed to do. Then another ray of light focused near Tsuna. Tsuna's eyes went wide as he realized it was Hibari. The audience began to murmur, wondering why Hibari was still wearing a school uniform. Tsuna was about to look away but Hibari caught his wrist and pulled him towards him.

"H-H-Hibari-san?!" Tsuna stuttered. Hibari wrapped his arms around Tsuna protectively. Tsuna felt his eyes water and the feeling of nostalgia filled him.

"I wanted to do this for a long time…" Hibari whispered. Tsuna blushed and looked away. Hibari was warm… inviting… his voice… soothing Tsuna…

"Hibari-san?" Tsuna asked, his eyes feeling a bit heavy. Hibari's grip on him tightened and he looked at Tsuna's confused caramel eyes, "Hibari-san?"

"You may have forgotten, hime…" Hibari said emotionlessly, as if he was reading a script, "But I remember."

"Remember?" Tsuna asked. Hibari stared intently at Tsuna and intertwined their fingers.

"In a future that was destroyed, I could not save you, my only sky, from the hands of the sins of your family. I lived my life, regretting not whispering what I wish for you to truly hear." Hibari said, his eyes suddenly softening, "To you who let me be free yet unknowingly chain me, I only wish for you to listen to me. Let me say these words and hear me no more if that is your innermost wish."

Tsuna couldn't move, couldn't breathe as Hibari kneeled in one knee, his eyes staring intently at Tsuna as if he was piercing past all of Tsuna's barriers and staring right to his soul. Hibari closed his eyes and inhaled before opening them. Tsuna's eyes watered when Hibari began looking at him with soft and caring eyes.

"What I feel for you cannot be described by words alone. I am not a man of words but of actions but listen to me, my only sky." Hibari frowned and looked away for a bit, as if contemplating his next words. Tsuna tilted his head as Hibari's silence etched for more than a minute. Hibari sighed and returned his soft gaze at Tsuna, "You are mine."

Tsuna blushed at Hibari's declaration, "As I am yours… You may be the princess of this kingdom but I want you to be mine. Call it selfishness if you want, but the fact remains that I only want you to be mine. I… I… I am willing to give you all, may it be freedom or selfishness… just… just smile for me. Give me a smile that only belongs to me."


"Tsunayoshi…" Hibari stood and caressed Tsuna's cheek. Tsuna closed his eyes and Hibari leaned in…

"STTTTOOOPPPPP!!" Hibari jumped away as three figures ran towards him.

"Hiiiiii??" Tsuna was pushed away and stared at the three men who may have just stopped the first kiss Tsuna and Hibari should have shared together. Hibari growled, his tonfas suddenly appearing on both of his hands.

"You BASTARD!! You think I'll let you kiss the TENTH!!" Gokudera yelled.

"AHHHH!! What the fuck am I doing?! Fuck! Fucking scumbags!!" Xanxus yelled, his scars covering his face. His body moved on its own… or that's what he says… Squalo was now glaring at the television set of the Varia headquarters and Belphegor and Lussuria moved away, fearing the murderous intent that was currently engulfing the Varia swordsman.

"Kufufufufufufu, you should just be more truthful, fake boss…" Mukuro glared at Hibari, "Hibari-kun, I'm sorry, but I still have to get my reward from our princess."

Hibari glared at them, releasing his murderous aura. He readied his tonfa and hissed, "I'll bite you all to death."

"HHHIIIII!! Gokudera-kun, Mukuro, Xanxus, Hibari-san!! STOP!!"

Inside the control room, as Kyoko tried to pull his brother together who was currently crying from the extreme confession, Reborn smirked…

Who knew Hibari Kyouya could make a more meaningful adlib…


Author's End Rants: Ta-dah! As promised, this is a prequel/sequel to the Unexpected Series. In a way, this is already an AU but then again, all fanfics can be considers an AU. –grins-

Translation for this chapter: (I won't include the suffixes because... well... just pick up a Del Ray manga and they included how each suffixes are used -grins-):

Aozora - blue sky

Arashi - storm

Ame - rain

hime - princess

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