Disclaimer: I only own twilight in my dreams

Disclaimer: I only own twilight in my dreams!

Last night was completely amazing.

"Edward," I said while getting up, "I am going to go over the Jacob's today, it's his birthday." I frantically looked around the room for my bra.

"Edward, give me my bra…" I ordered. He handed it to me and I finished getting dressed. I laughed giving him a large kiss. I walked over and grabbed my car keys but then cold arms wrapped around my waist.

"Bella let me drive you there and pick you up. Please love?" he whispered. His cool breath caused me to turn around and kiss him again.

"Sure, and stop," he looked at me confused and then it seemed to click. He smiled that crooked smile that made my heart go wild.

"Stop what?" he joked.

"Dazzling me stupid." I placed my keys back on the counter and then I was being carried bridal style out to the Volvo. His cold lips collided with mine. Eagerly I kissed him back and then surprisingly he broke the kiss.

Bella, you have got to let go and let me drive. Even though I have vampire reflexes, I can't drive blind folded." he said breathing heavily. I chuckled lightly because I knew he didn't have to breather. It felt good to k now that I can make a dead man short of breath like that. Too soon we were at the boundary line and Jacob was waiting for me. There was a whole safety thing set up between Jacob's pack and Edward's cove. I was to be watched every second of the day until the voltori came and when they did I would go down to la push so they wouldn't get to me…. that is until I am changed. I was glad that the two boys were finally getting along, sort of.

"Hey Bella, thanks for coming. The whole packs already here so… lets go. Bye Bloodsucker- Edward."

"Bye dog." They have been calling each other names for about two weeks. It was kind of funny when they did. The entire pack was there, even baby Claire. She was propped up against Quill. They were so cute together. I couldn't wait until she grew up and they got married.

"So, Bella, how's your life going." Emily asked.

"Well, school's over, Charlie got a raise… he is actually at a police thingy mabob somewhere in Seattle, Renee and Phil are expecting a baby…." I tried not to mention the Cullen's because that was not a welcomed topic here unless it concered my safety. We ate and talked and sat around the camp fire for such a long time. I played with Claire, soooo sweet.

"Bella, Edward's here." Jacob whispered so not to wake Claire. He walked me up to the boundary line and then suddenly his lips crashed to mine. I knew that if I struggled I would not do anything except tire myself out. I wasn't as strong as Jacob either so… Finally he let me go and I ran off fuming.

He promised he would never do that again and he did. I am gonna have Edward break his face.

As I stepped over the boundary line I looked to where Edward car was. It wasn't there. I heard tires squeal and I knew exactly what happed. He saw Jake kiss me and he thinks I liked it because Jake promised that he would never kiss me again.

"Bella let me drive you home. I am sorry." Jacob whispered coming up behind me.

"You… you did it on purpose. You knew he was there and watching."

"Yes Bella and I are really sorry…"

"Just bring me home." I ordered. I got into the Rabbit and watched as the familiar scenery went by. As my house came into view I had tears streaming down my face.

"Jacob, I never want to speak to you again." I yelled running into the house. Thankfully the Charlie wasn't home. As I ran into my room I sat on my bed and cried. Something poked me in the back.

"What the" There was a red rose attached to a letter:

My dearest Bella,

I saw what happened today. I am really sorry but I don't want you to not have another life you want because of me. I know I am breaking my promise and you know how much I hate breaking my promises but, I want you and Jacob to be happy together. I love you with all my heart Bella. Please don't look for me because we will be gone by the time you see this message. I love you.

Forever and I day,

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen3

I cried and cried. He was leaving me again, and there is no way to fix this.

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