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Chapter 13

We all sat in the waiting room for what seemed like days. The only time that I left Edward's side was when Alice took me to eat or to go to the ladies room. I sat next to Edward, leaning my head on his shoulder tears constantly falling down my face. Even Jasper's powers couldn't stop my emotions. No matter how many times he tried to calm me, it only lasted for a brief time before another wave of worry washed through my body causing me to cry. Edward murmured many different things to make me feel better and to show me that this was all going to turn okay but when I looked in his topaz eyes I could see the worry and sadness that his face didn't show. This is the only way that I could tell how Edward was feeling. His beautiful, wonderful, perfect eyes.

"Bella, Edward. You can come in now." Carlisle said walking into the waiting room. Edward, being the gentleman, gave me his hand and helped me out of the chair.

"Now, Catherine is still out, but she should be waking up in a few minutes. Her body has gained back enough strength for her to wake up so... it's only a matter of time now." Carlisle informed. Edward and I walked into the hospital room and I started to cry again when I saw my baby laying in the hospital bed. There were wires attached all over her body and I couldn't help but feel angry that Jacob caused this. I looked at Edward and could tell he felt the same way too. Her body stirred and then her eyes slowly began to open.

"Ma-Maw-mi? Dawdy? Where am I?" She asked.

"Um... baby, you're in the hospital. You um..." I drifted.

"Catherine we need to talk." Edward said quickly but not firmly.

"About what Dawdy?"

"Well first. Do you remember anything that happened last night?"

"Um... wewll I was sitting watching hawna montawna and then a prewty wady came into the apawrtment and towld Ulia that you hawd sent her to watch me because you were gowna be wait. Later a big man came too and then I fewll asweep."

"Do you remember when Mommy and Daddy got home?" I asked.

"Oh and then I woke up nad the man was huwrting Dawdy and then you went to hewlp Dawdy and then he was gowna huwrt you so I thoughwt abouwt hurwting him and then I downt remember." We all looked at Catherine. I knew this was one or her only power.

"Bella, Edward. Can I talk to you?" Carlisle asked. I didn't realize that he had entered to room. I kissed my baby on the forehead and then walked out with Edward.

"Well, it seems that we have discovered a power of Catherine's. I believe that she can protect herself and others around her by putting up a sort of force shield. I am not sure how this is triggered but I think that it may happen when she wants to hurt the other person because of his or her actions." I only nodded. It made perfect sense.

"I think that this power is so strong though that it wiped all her energy. I believe that it only caused her to um... 'Faint' because she is so small and her body doesn't produce as much energy as it should if she was a full vampire. There is a chance that she will one day become a full vampire but, that won't come for a few years. I understand that this is hard to take in but I really think that we have to watch out for her now because the volturi will find out about Catherine and her powers sooner or later so... we should be careful." I once again could only nod and then I walked back into the room. The entire family was now in the room too beside Catherine and telling her how much they love her and how they will protect her no matter what. I know she knows how they feel but it was just cute how she kept saying how she loved them too. Suddenly I felt two cold arms wrap around my waist and then someone's lips were kissing my neck.

"I love you Edward."

"I love you to Bella." Suddenly Edward stopped and his body stiffened.

"What's wrong Ed?" I asked.

"Wolves." I turned around to see Embry and Quil standing in the entry way.

"Edward... Bella, can we talk to you?" I looked at them and pointed towards the hallway, pulling Edward with me.

"What?" I hissed.

"Well. Um, so Jake wanted to say he was sorry." Quill whispered.

"Then why isn't he here?" Edward growled.

"He was, um... embarrassed that he lost control like that. Billy has him under control for now. He is trying to teach him how to control his temper."

"Well, tell him... I will never forgive him for what he caused my family. He not only 'hurt' my boy—fiancé he also caused my daughter to end up here. In this place. Now, thanks to him, we are going to have to explain about the wolves and vampires to her. I was hoping of waiting a little longer before explaining since she is so young." I half whispered and half yelled.

"We'll pass on that message. We will talk to you later Bella. I hope Catherine gets better soon." Embry stated while walking down the hallway. Edward and I looked at each other and then walked back to see our daughter. Our wonderful, beautiful lovely daughter.

Two months later....


Over the past couple months my life has completely turned around. I was re-acuainted with the love of my life, got reunited with my family and gave my daughter a father. Catherine is growing into a little young lady and has her father wrapped around her finger. I will be Mrs. Edward Cullen (FINALLY!) in 3 weeks, 14 days, 2 hours and 6 minutes. (Who's counting?) My friendship with Jacob is not patched up at all yet and personally I don't think that it ver will. It's hard to realize that life is not always perfect and there are hardships in life for everyone, even the imortal. Oh, and I'm going to be turned after the wedding so I can live with my family for eternity. It took a little persuasion on my part to get Edward to agree to it, but after Carlisle explained that Catherine will be growing but then will stop eventually since she is a vampire as she proved to us with her powers, Edward was in.

"Mommy?" I looked at my daughter.

"Emmett and daddy are fighting" Well, this is my new life. Isabella Marie Cullen. That's who's going to be here now, with her Loving family. It's my job to stop fights like these now a days so here I go...

"EMMETT! EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed running down the stairs into the family room slightly behind my daughter. UGh... here it goes.


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