It was one year ago that Lord Sesshomaru of the western lands finally chosen a mate, in the form of a human priestess named Twilight.

Twilight stared at the star filled sky, she really loved her mate and her family but she would get anything for the old days fighting demons but that wasn't the case right now, she placed a hand on her swollen belly, she was only five months along in her first pregnancy. She had told sesshomaru that she wanted to wait a year before trying for children or pups as he called them. Now here she was carried his first heir or heirs. Since she was half of a twin set it was more then likely that she would have more then one child.

Twilight was brought out of her thoughts by her oldest child Rin who was eight now and grown a foot taller.

"Mama, shouldn't you be inside resting?" asked Rin

Twilight rolled her eyes "between you and your aunts; I wonder when I have time for myself."

"In the bath or with father," replied Rin

"Mention of father, I wonder where he is." Twilight wondered its been a while since she last seeen her mate.

"where else in his study." Rin stated. Then skipped off.

Twilight walked into the palace, that sesshomaru had built for her. She stopped between double doors with the western lands crest on it. Slipping inside, she walked up behind her mate and slipped her arms around his shoulders. He pulled her around to sit in his lap and kiss her.

~~~two months later.~~~~~

Sweat pouring of her face, Twilight lay in bed in labor.

"I Swear if you touch me again I will kill you." Twilight screamed as she pushed.

Two hours later two beatiful baby girls were born with black hair and sliver streaks and cute little puppy ears. Twilight glanced loveingly down at her daughters. Her sisters was in the room as well.

"I want Sesshomaru." She panted. Kagome went to go get her brother in law when he came inside and went to sit by his mate and new daughters.

"Love, what should we name them?" asked Twilight.

Sesshomaru looked at his pups "for the first born her name will be Sakura." He looked at his mate for the second name.

Twilight thought about all the names she knew but one stuck. "Ichigo."