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To the brunette petite woman it was like any other day. One would say normal. Although her life was anything but normal. Sure she woke up like any other ordinary woman, lying next to the man she loved. He was a kind man. An absolute angel who had given her all she ever asked for. Love and three beautiful children. Her first born had been a shine of destiny. Her eldest boy that was special everyway she could possibly think of. He was kind like his father, creative by his means of his favorite hobby and job, photography, like his aunt Prue, handsome, and powerful with gifts that he was able to uphold on his own.

Then there was her second child. Another boy. He had been a miracle. He was the hero in the family, saving them all from a terrible fate. He was determined, stubborn, and passionate, like herself, enhancing his skills in the kitchen also like herself.

Finally there was her third and last child. A girl. The one she presumed would come first but instead came last of all. She was like her great grandmother. Caring, independent, persuasive and strong. She proved those traits, having moved out of the nest and gone along with her life of normality, writing for those who need guidance and an open door.

The woman contemplated every morning, cup of coffee in hand, as she stared out into the window thinking only to herself in silence. The blonde head of her husband was at school preparing for again another day at work teaching those who needed to be taught. Of course unlike most schools her husband was an expert in other areas teaching magic instead of mathematics. In fact that was the whole reason why the woman contemplated. Her children where nothing but normal. No one in her family was normal. They were all destined in there own individual ways. Witches who protected innocents and truth.

This brunette mother destiny had been intertwined with her three sisters. Prue, the eldest of the Halliwell girls had been her rock. She had sacrificed herself countless times until finally her fate was decided and she had been killed during an attack. Her younger sister Phoebe, had searched for love until she found it, literally, with a cupid pointing her the way. She, like her daughter, had been talented with a pen. Giving advice to those who sought it. Her gift of empathy giving her insight on problems of others. Finally there was Paige, her half baby sister. Paige had difficulty with her destiny the most. Complex signs confusing her. Being a witch or whitelighter, was not an easy task to balance. But her life turned, finding her sisters, helping people, and finding her wonderful husband, Henry who had the same passion and out look on things as her. Together they had made the Charmed Ones, three powerful witches who saved the world countless times and hundreds of people.

"Oh I am so late!" a voice said that pulled Piper out of her muses. Through the kitchen door came another addition to her life. Will Sinclair. Will was a tall twenty four year old. He was lean and a bit scrawny but he was still well built. His honey brown hair stuck up and his brown eyes held a mysterious recklessness of a young boy while being thoughtfully mature young man at the same time. He had small little hairs that could be considered for a small beard. But he was half manticore, half demon and half mortal. None the less he was also considered a Halliwell and had a small blessed triquetra medallion hidden under his shirt to prove it. Not that he went around showing it off. In fact while he never took it off he never really wore it out in the open. It stayed hidden under his shirt and he barely ever talked about it. Will had moved in when Melinda, Piper's daughter had moved out.

Then again feet scuffled as her second son, Chris, came running in, heading for the coffee pot that was brewing the corner and looked around for what Piper knew more or less was his backpack.

"Has anyone seen my bag?" Her son asked.

"It's in the sunroom. Good morning and thank you." Wyatt, her first, came in his blonde hair still messy as he grabbed the coffee mug from Chris and drank it before his brother could protest. Piper saw Will smirked at the two as her second child began to say something rude.

"Christopher." She warned. He turned a glare type pout on her before Will shoved a muffin in his hands.

"You still need a ride?" The blonde witch asked. Chris mumbled something of a yes as he walked out to get his backpack. Wyatt turned to Will replied with a yes before running back upstairs for his hospital badge.

"Is Henry here yet?" Chris called out as he shoved an extra pair of clothes into his backpack zipping it back up.

"No, but he better get here soon because…" Wyatt began as Will ran back into the kitchen camera in hand.

"You might need this buddy." He laughed as Wyatt look down at the most important equipment he would need for today's shoot.

"I knew I stole this coffee for a reason." Wyatt added as he took another sip of the hot liquid before placing it in the sink.

"Heads up." Piper called as she tossed a brown paper bag over the island to Wyatt who caught it before walking out. She tossed another bag at Will who grabbed his smiling his goodbye and followed suit. "Chris!"

Her son's head appeared through the door way before catching his own bag and follow the two others who shouted their goodbyes.

"I love you." Piper called out only to get the door closing in reply. A moment later the back door opened in walked her tall nephew, Henry Jr. He had long brown hair like his mother, which was gelled in spike and his large brown eyes were tired but alert. Henry was Paige's eldest child. He was the quietest out of the entire family but he was a brilliant witch. Keeping to himself mainly it wasn't until later--in his late teens-- that Piper found out that he had a passion for music. As he graduated magic school he later on went to college, getting a masters in business. Piper who had started her restaurant gave him an ultimate graduation gift. The ownership to her beloved club, P3.

She gave him a loving smile as he made his way over to the coffee pot.

"Hey Sweetie." She smiled as he simply replied with an uncomfortable 'hi.'

Suddenly Wyatt strode in long steps before placing his hand on Henry's shoulder.

"Hey Henry?"

"Yeah." The younger witch distantly replied before taking a sip of coffee.

"In order for you to get a ride to the club you need to be in the car." Wyatt patiently told him knowing that his cousin was tired. "So…let's go. Bye mom." He added steering his cousin out the door.

Oh yes, this petite woman's family was anything but normal.