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Henry silently made his way into the kitchen, ignoring his aunt's eyes of pity on the back of his head and the small sliver of tension that filled the air between them. The conversation about his possible theories hadn't gone well and he could see why. Wyatt's plan made more sense than his, it had less flaws, and more motives. But Henry's gut and instincts were telling him, he was right.

... His aunt however had very cautiously disagreed with him in attempts to spare his feelings.

He watched as the water boiled in the round metal pot before making his way over to his stash of food he kept at the house. Opening the package of noodles he heard his aunt sigh.

"Henry, sweetie, I am a chef. Just let me..." Piper finally spoke as Henry kept his back to her. Rolling his eyes he moved over to the cupboard to grab a small white porcelain bowl.

"I can make my own food, Aunt Piper." He replied simply. Piper gave a small smile as she looked down. Every single one of her nieces and sons, even Will, allowed her to pamper them with her food but Henry remained the same. Stubbornly independent.

Locking his jaw he breathed silently concentrating on the bubbles of the boiling pot, he's need to do something driving him crazy more than his hunger.

Then it hit. The spearing pain felt like someone had taken the kitchen knife and rammed it into his back. His heart dropped to his stomach as the cramps twisted his insides. Instinctively he curled inwards with a hiss, balling his fists. With a gasp he nearly fell as his palm hit the scolding hot pan and stove, splashing water on his hand.

"Henry?" Piper asked turning back to her nephew. "Oh God. Alright." The older witch led the young man over to the sink, turning cold water on and sticking the burnt palm under it. Running to the fridge she grabbed a dishrag and two ice cubes, giving it to Henry.

"Piper?" Leo's voice echoed as he entered through the magic school door.

"In here." Piper called to her husband, his head soon appearing in the door way. Seeing the two he rushed forward asking,

"What happened?!" Leo moved in place of his wife taking Henry's hand.

Migrating into the dining room Piper cleared a place for them as Leo maneuvered his nephew to the table. Handing her husband the first aid kit Piper rushed back to the kitchen, turning on the chandelier light.

"Great." Piper groaned as the bulbs stayed unlit.

Henry hissed as he withdrew his hand from Leo's. The older man gave him an apologetic look and held out his in offering as Henry hesitantly allowed him to see his palm again.

The skin was already a flaming red, blisters appearing across the burn. His hand was pulsing, throbbing even more as he looked at it. Leo probed it here and there.

Returning quickly with more ice Piper stepped back and gave Leo space as he looked through the medical kit.

Jumping back Piper watched as blue soft childlike glow of orbs appeared next to her before they formed into the tall figure of her son, Wyatt. Glancing at his mother and then at his cousin and father he spoke,

"Uh...I dropped grandpa off. What happened?" Piper turned to Henry noticing at the urgency in Wyatt's voice.

"That's what I'd like to know." Henry felt his face redden at the sudden attention, Leo, Piper, and Wyatt staring at him in anticipation. He opened his mouth and stopped. For some reason the next words that came out of his mouth so easily flowed into a sentence it was as if he hadn't said them at all.

"Wasn't pay attention." He sheepishly lied. "Sorry."

Sighing Piper pinched the bridge of her nose. "Wyatt, would you go to Magic School. I need someone to watch the girls and..."

"Actually, I was thinking I might head down to the underworld and..." Wyatt began but Piper shook her head.

"No, absolutely not."


"No, Wyatt. It is too dangerous."


"Wyatt Matthew Halliwell." Piper said sternly causing her son's eyes to flash with anger before they went to controlled frustration. "If they are using Dean to get to magic school they'll be sitting ducks. We don't know what exactly we're dealing with right now and I need you to protect the rest of the family incase something goes wrong."

Piper hated the fact she had used the "if-something-happens" card but she needed Wyatt to watch after the cousins while she and her sisters figured this out. His nostrils flaring in the slightest he nodded his head, orbing out in silence. Piper sighed placing a hand on her forehead before walking back into the kitchen to make some tea, she needed her head to be cleared to think properly.

When Leo was done wrapping Henry's hand in gauze Henry hastened his leave from the room and jumped up the stairs by two hurrying to retreat to the soothing walls of the attic.

But as he reached the closed door he furrowed his brow, noises causing him to tense. If it was a demon he should have called for Piper seeing as how he was after all, powerless but he kept quiet and slowly opened the door. Wyatt was rushing around gathering potion bottles, pen, paper, and anything else that looked inauspicious.

"Wyatt..." Henry spoke aloud causing his cousin to look up at him in determination.

"Not now, Henry." He said in a final tone that was clip.

"What are you doing?" Henry asked all though it was rather obvious to him what the answer was. Wyatt was preparing to go down to the underworld against Piper's wishes. He spoke again with slight strain in his voice to not push Wyatt further into his mad dashes of potion finding and spell copying. "Are you going to look for Dean?"

"No, I'm going to find this guy, Cerberus, vanquish him, then hopefully that will lead me to where ever Dean is."

"Hopefully?" Henry said in almost disbelief. Had anyone listened to him at all!? And from the look on Wyatt's face he had and he had ignored it.

"Henry, listen I know you're worried about Dean but..."

Shaking his head Henry felt the irritation bubble inside of him, as the low rumble of thunder from outside echoed the wall of the Manor.

"Wyatt, you're not listening to me! I don't know what or why, but there is something out there bigger than this guy. And...it has something to do with Dean."

"We've been over this, Henry. It makes more sense this way." He said as if Henry had spoke of something so trivial as to the type of cheese he enjoyed. "Yeah there is a slighter chance of finding Dean but my main concern right now is to take out the immediate threat, and that's Cerberus, no one else." He softened his tone as if he was talking to a five year old once more and placed his hand on Henry's shoulder giving it a squeeze. "I promise I'll find Dean."

Wyatt stepped back and apologized before Henry could protest. "I'm sorry, Hen." And with the flick of his wrist Henry fell down on the ground limply, Wyatt's sleeping charm giving him plenty of time to get away from his mother before Henry had the chance to tell the others where he was going. Orbing his passed out cousin onto the couch he orbed out of the Manor and made his way down to the underworld.

Chris winced at the intrusion of light before him. Long thick robes danced across the floor as the tall Indian woman stared down at him pitiless. Clenching his jaw he pulled himself into a sitting position glaring at her, recognizing her smooth face with distaste.

"What did you do to me?" He demanded from the seer holding onto his stomach.

"I have done nothing, Christopher." She said in a flat tone. Chris rolled his eyes and ignored the nausea it brought with him.

"Why do I find that hard to believe?"

"There are powers at play far bigger than I." The Seer was indifferent to the insult towards her from the younger witch. "I am simply here to warn you."

"What the hell do you want with me?" Chris spat.

"I have foreseen what is to come if you and your brothers fail." She said emotion showing on her face for the first time. "It would be an end of all of us."

"Isn't that what always happens?" Chris exasperated in a tired tone as he suppressed the wince as more fire shot up from his stomach. "Why are you here?!"

"While I dare not resist the powers at work here I am not so willing to lay my neck down as sacrifice for her like the others of my side. Merely…assistance."


The Seer raised her hand towards the left and several dark blood red orbs swirled around the ground causing Chris to tense sharply. A small form appeared and Chris gasped at the familiar spiky hair.


The Seer took back her hand turning her gaze back at Chris. "Do not fail, Christopher."

Then she was gone.

A groan came from the heap, Henry pulling himself up onto his knees supported by his elbows. Cursing Henry looked around. Thunder billowed upstairs loudly making Chris jump. Hissing he grabbed his stomach and bit his lip from yelling out. Henry felt his stomach cramp once more and took a sharp intake of breath before freezing.

"Chris?" He gapped a small tingling itch appearing suddenly before golden orbs wrapped around them.

Hecate dropped the last herbs in her small basin, a flash of light flashing like lightning appearing. Turning away she lifted up the three vials and shook the contents around.

"If you something done right you have to do it yourself." She grinned pulling out the three different colored hairs and let them fall into her bubbling potion.

Leo looked out from the sunroom towards the gray sky frowning to himself. Something wasn't right. He had heard some rumors of an up rise of the underworld from the Elders and this wasn't the first time the underworld community had tried but this was getting too close for comfort.

Zankou, a powerful demon, nearly successfully caused the Charmed Ones deaths. Prue had died from their battle against the Source of all Evil. The Triad had used Billie's sister and Cole, as much as he tried to be good, gave in.

Personally, Leo was growing tiresome of everything and he knew Piper was too. His hair was graying from his constant anxiety. It was one thing when it was just him and the sisters. But now there were more of them. His nieces and nephew, along with Henry Sr. and Coop, were now in danger. Anyone of them could be targeted. His youngest niece was only seventeen.

They had all thought it had ended with Christy and the Triad, a few stray demons here and there becoming brave and sneaking about causing havoc in the Charmed Ones' lives but this time it scared Leo. He wasn't sure they could go through another Zankou again.

"Penny for your thoughts." A hushed voice said almost with a hint of amusement in it. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up at the ice in the tone as Leo turned around only to get confused once more. Henry Jr. was standing in the foyer. But something about him was off. It wasn't the fact that he was wearing dark pants and a black sleeveless shirt his hair styled almost as if they they were razors that would slice you if you touched them. It was his stance. Henry had always been a solid withdrawn type of person. This person in front of him was standing tall and confident, imposing. There was a black fire in his eyes underlined by a cocky smirk. Leo stepped back. This wasn't his nephew.

"Who are you?" The smirk seemed to grow at the question. Then suddenly Henry shot out his hand sending a stream of dark purple fire at Leo. Ducking down he ran towards the kitchen. Henry laughed as he shot out his hand again. Leo jumped back to late as the force of the attack hit him in the shoulder sending him crashing into the dining table, his head smacking onto the tablet, as he fell limp to the floor.

Piper ran from the kitchen into the dining room her eyes landing on the heap of her husband.

"Henry!" Piper shouted looking at her nephew in disbelief. The young man in front of her smirked his eyes turning black. Flicking her hands without hesitation she gapped as the dark Henry barely flinched from the brute force of her power, merely smirking with a cheeky laugh. He formed a dark ball of fire in his palm but stopped as a dark mass of orbs formed next to him.

"She's not our problem." Chris spoke to Henry turning his dark eyes towards Piper, orbing out in dark purple flurries.

"We need to move." Henry lifted Chris's arm over his neck. Starting to stand Chris cried out in pain, his body retreating back to the ground. Without a word Henry wrapped his other arm around Chris's waist and took on the most of his weight. Stumbling out into the corridor they found it to be entirely empty and continued on their trek. Where, Chris didn't really know but he figured it was better than sitting and waiting to get caught.

Killing the last of the demons, the tall blonde form of Wyatt stalked into the room his brother and cousin had just been, swearing he had just heard voices.

Chris and Henry made it through the corridor unscathed. But they halted at the fork in the path and both contemplated silently which way to go. Then every light in the left hallway went out leaving the right hallway alit by the torches. Looking at each other Chris nodded and they continued on. The hallway led to a dark cavern. Lowering Chris down by a wall, Henry grabbed a torch and ventured around the small room looking for a way out.

"Where are we?" Henry sighed in dismay to find there was no exit beside the way they had come. Tripping, Henry grunted dropping the torch on the ground and catching himself.

"Henry?" Chris shouted as the torch rolled to the side.

"…Oh my God!"

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