Chapter 1- Strange Circumstances

Hermione looked around her and knew this was not supposed to be how her life turned out. She was supposed to be on top of the world with Harry and Ron by her side, after vanquishing the terror that had reined upon the wizarding world for decades. However, now her best friends were dead, killed right in front of her eyes as she hid for cover. She called herself a coward for she should have died right there with them, holding onto their hands as they all drew their final breaths together. She could still remember the final words Ron had said to her as she knelt beside him.

"I love you"

She shook her head, trying to empty the thoughts that plagued her mind every day since that fateful day when Voldemort finally won. The wizarding world had proclaimed Hermione dead when they found Harry and Ron's bodies and she knew it was for the best. She was different to the way she had been there. Her clothes were ruined and her body was dirty. She couldn't remember the last time she had had a bath. She could not use her real name in society so she had fallen to be a lowly flower girl. Living on the streets of Wizarding London, she had picked up a cockney accent and no matter how hard she tried she could not pick up the way her voice used to be. She was unhealthily skinny as whatever she sold went to food but it was never much. She had to get by with half a loaf of bread a day.

She had learned that there was to be a performance in the Opera house near Diagon Ally and so she had ran with hasten to catch the people going in and out of the building to see if they could buy some flowers. The Weasley's had all been killed for being traitors to the Wizarding race by befriending 'mudbloods'. She could remember going to the Burrow to seek comfort and shelter but when she had got there, the house had been burnt down. These thoughts however disappeared from her head as the double doors opened and out came the Purebloods, as if they were a parade. All dressed in glamorous clothes that Hermione had longed for when she had been a girl at Hogwarts. The men had donned tuxedos and looked handsome and regal. The women all looked beautiful. Hermione had never seen so many colours of dresses and she looked longingly at one woman who was eating chocolate. Hermione hadn't tasted chocolate in over a year and her mouth went dry just thinking about it.

"Will any of 'ew fine people buy ma flowerz?" she asked to the gentlemen coming out, trying to make them buy flowers for their dates, wives, girlfriends. However she had no luck. They just filled past her, pretending she wasn't there because in their eyes, she wasn't. She was insignificant.

Giving up, she turned and was hit by this gentleman. Her flowers spilled along the cobbled street and Hermione started to cry. All her flowers for that night had been ruined and there was no way for her to get anymore until the next morning.

"'Ere yew oughta watch were yaw goin!" she cried at the man, who looked at her as if she was talking a foreign language.

"Pardon me, miss but you weren't watching where you were going."

"Yew oughta pay for these"

"I am sorry miss but I only have five knuts. You can have them if you like?"

"Yeah, I would like them. Naw, be off wif ya!" she yelled as she took the coins from his hand. He ran off rather scared, as if she would curse him into the next week. He couldn't have been older than Hermione herself, who was twenty.

After picking up her flowers that had been strewn across the street, she turned back to the Opera House to try and sell them to the other gentlemen. They declined and walked past her.

"Gawd knows why he spared ya for yew do nofink to 'elp people" she said as she was once again ignored by a young couple.

"Dear lord woman, your grasp of the English language is terrible. Tell me, were you brought up this way or did you just decide to become like this?" a different gentleman no older than herself asked.

Hermione looked up at the man addressing her and stumbled backwards. There standing right in front of her was Draco Malfoy, peering down at her as if she were an animal in a cage.


"You what precisely?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her

"I..I am sorry to be disturbing yew. I whill go now sir. G'ood evening." She said quickly before running off down the street. Draco turned to his companion and smiled.

"Pansy, I think I recognised that horrid creature!"

She ran as quick as she could but as she had had nothing to eat that day, she ran out of energy quickly. She rounded a corner and stopped to breathe. It took her a minute to catch her breath but as she turned around she saw Draco Malfoy standing there once again.

"Miss?" he asked but he received no answer.

"Miss?" he asked again, his tone becoming more impatient

"Byrne" she replied, trying to sound confident. She could not let him find out who she was.

"Bull" he said, he wasn't going to be fooled by her.

"Wha do yew mean by that sir?" she asked before scolding herself. She couldn't let Malfoy see her like this. The last time that she had seen him, he had been stood over Harry and Ron's bodies with a look of disgust upon his face. She did not know if it was disgust at her best friends or whether it was disgust that they had not saved the wizarding world.

"You know precisely what I mean by that Granger!" he sneered.

"I don't knaw this person sir!"

"Granger, stop talking, you are giving me a headache. That accent is awful. However, you are supposed to be dead!" he said, his tone impatient.


"Stay here Granger. I will be right back." He said as he turned back to the Opera House. Within minutes he had returned, alone again.

"Whatcha doin?" She asked becoming nervous as he led her by the arm down the street

"You are coming home with me."



"I don wanna!"


"MAWFOY UN'AND ME" she yelled at the top of her lungs, in hope that someone would come running to her rescue.

"Granger, shut the bloody hell up! You are getting on my last nerve. You haven't eaten in ages, you are a mess and you look ill. You are coming to my Manor because if anyone finds out you are still alive you could have serious problems!"

"Bu why aw yew 'elping me?"

"Never mind that now! Hang on." He commanded as she gripped his arm and he apparated them back to the Malfoy Manor.

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