Chapter 2- Caught Off Guard

"Mawfoy will yew get your grubby hands offa me" she spat as she pulled her arm from his as soon as they were in the Manor. Draco let her go as soon as he had locked the doors to his study, with them inside.

"Look Granger. I don't have grubby hands unlike someone" he said, pointing at her hands. "I am going to do you a favour. I am going to return you to your former self, however you must never use the name Hermione Granger again!"

"Why do yew want to do this fow me?" she asked


"Because why?"

"I pity you"

"I don't need your pity Mawfoy!"

"Yes you do! Have you seen what you have become? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror because believe me you are not as pretty as you were at Hogwarts!" he said, before realising what he had just let slip. When she had entered the Yule Ball in her fourth year, Draco's heart had stopped. She was beautiful and he wanted to hit every guy that dared look at her that night. His date, Pansy of course, had not been happy that his attention was not focused on her for the rest of the night.

Hermione looked at Malfoy strangely. She couldn't decide whether he had just insulted her or complimented her. He had insulted her by saying she wasn't pretty but had just told her that he thought she had once been pretty. Confused she turned away from him.

"Mawfoy, just let me gaw. I can live this way. I 'ave managed for a while naw and I can do it again!"

"No Granger. I am going to restore you. You will go by the name Hermione Byrne and you will be an educated lady with a proper accent. You will stay here at the manor, I will teach you to walk, talk, dress like the person you once were, but there will be some minor adjustments. Your personality will have to change. We now live in a world where Voldemort and the Purebloods rule. If anyone were to find out you were Granger from the Golden Trio then you would have hundreds of people trying to find you and kill you. Do I have your understanding so far?"

Hermione nodded. Draco Malfoy wanted to help her which was a change from school. She had noticed how his tone changed when he mentioned Voldemort and Purebloods. He seemed to almost hate the fact that Voldemort had lived and Hermione made a mental note to discover his true feelings about him later.

"Ok. We need to give you a story. What would be fitting?" He asked himself whilst running his hands through his hair. "Got it. You could be a relative of mine! No that wouldn't work. Almost every Malfoy, except Bellatrix and her family, is blonde. Plus she wouldn't recognise you and so your cover would be blown. You could be a friend from another country. Can you speak another language?"

"I can speek French flu-ent-ly" she said but he shook his head. It would take them ages to sort out her accent in English and if anyone met her, they would know instantly she was an impostor.

Draco sighed, his hands still running through his hair. There was only one other option and he really didn't want to resort to it.

"You could be my…my….wife" he said quietly hoping she hadn't heard him.

Hermione, who had been inspecting the book cases, turned around with her eyes wide open. "Your….your….wife?" she stuttered. Had Draco Malfoy just proposed to her?

"Look, it would be the only explanation to why you are here. I can say I went away on business for a few weeks and I met you. We fell madly in love and we got married in the heat of passion. Just say yes."

"But Mawfoy, you 'ate me!"

"I don't hate you Granger, I just…well I don't know what I feel. Just say you will be my wife and be done with it."


"Granger" he said, warning in his voice

"Yeah, fine. I whill be your wyf!"

Draco took a deep intake of breath. Now all he had to do was tell his master he had to leave for a few weeks. This would take a lot of explaining! But before he did that, he had something to do.

"Come Granger. I will show you where you are sleeping. Tomorrow we can get you some clothes and start will elocution lessons. Come" he said, unlocking the doors and stepping out into the dark corridor. Hermione looked around in awe. She had known that the Manor was widely respected for being a huge house but she had no idea it was this big. She saw corridors after corridors after corridors and she thought it must have nearly been as big as Hogwarts. She swallowed at the thought of Hogwarts. It was the last place she had truly been happy. She would not let Draco see her cry. She had to much respect for herself for that to ever happen. Blinking away the tears she followed him until he stopped outside some double doors. He waited for her to catch up and then opened them and stepped inside.

The room was about the size of Hermione's old living room and it was furnished with very expensive furniture. Hermione's parents house had been furnished with IKEA furnishings however she doubted Draco had even heard of IKEA let alone been. The room was a mint green colour and everything around the room seemed to suit the colour of choice. Then Hermione spotted the king sized bed. Without caring she ran and jumped onto the soft covers and laughed. She couldn't remember the last time she had ever been as comfortable in her life. She never wanted to leave this bed. Draco, unknowingly smiled, and Hermione beamed back.

"Fank you Drayco, faw awll your kindness"

"You are welcome…Hermione." It seemed foreign to him that he would say her name without squirming. Hermione looked surprised at him and then nodded her head as if in agreement that it seemed awfully weird to use first names. "Good night….Hermione" he said as he closed the door. She quickly jumped in the shower and washed her hair. Hot water had never felt so good. She didn't want to leave the shower but she had some exploring to do.

She grinned as she looked around the room and she went over to the chest of drawers and pulling out shorts and a vest top. Someone had obviously lived in this room before and Hermione's eyebrows shot up. Whoever it was had been exceptionally skinny but the shorts fitted like a glove. Hermione removed her top when the door came open again this time, Hermione had no warning.

Draco had been walking along the downstairs corridor to the kitchen when he had realised that Hermione didn't have any clothes to go to sleep in. He remembered that there were some clothes in the chest of drawers so he hurried back to tell her. What he didn't expect to see was Hermione, naked from the stomach up. He quickly averted his eyes, while Hermione tried to cover herself up. It was rather embarrassing for both of them for Draco had been taught to always knock before entering a lady's chamber, whereas Hermione had been caught with her top off. Draco nervously started to laugh as he thought that he couldn't have planned it this way even if he tried. Hermione laughed along with him and Draco saw the Hermione he had known at school. Her eyes shone with laughter and he prided himself on making her laugh.

"I just came to tell you about the clothes in the chest of drawers; however you seem to have found them. I will just go now. Bright and early tomorrow. Good night." He said, shutting the door before banding his head against the wall. How could he have been so stupid to not knock first? "Jesus Draco. Get a grip" He said to himself before adding "wow, she looks ok when she has cleaned up". Dismissing the thought from his head, Draco left the corridor and went to the kitchen to fetch a bottle of Firewiskey. Tomorrow was going to be a big day and he needed all the strength he could get.

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