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Title: One Fine Line

Chapter 1

"Watch where you're going, Malfoy!" Harry spat as the Slytherin slammed into his shoulder. They were alone in the hallway, both of them late for whatever class they had- Harry Divination and Malfoy Ancient Runes- and in a hurry. But Draco could not resist the urge to taunt Potter, and did so.

"What, Potty? Afraid the big, bad Slytherin will infect you?" The low voice grated on Harry's nerves, and he spun around to face Malfoy, his face twisted with fury. Draco knew that look well- Harry always wore it in his presence.

"You better watch your mouth, Malfoy," he warned, his voice low and dangerous. Draco laughed, loving the fact that he was one of the few people in the world who dared to raise this unfettered fury from the other boy.

"Why? What are you going to do, Potter? The Golden Boy of Gryffindor wouldn't do anything to tarnish his reputation, would he?"

The mirthful, mocking questions made Harry's blood boil, and he dropped his bag as he moved towards Draco. "Stop while you're ahead, Malfoy."

Draco just smirked, knowing the expression would send Harry over the edge, dropping his own bag. "Why should I?" And Harry's reaction was exactly what he thought it would be.

Harry's fist was racing towards Draco's face before he could consciously think about it. The blonde ducked out of the way, though, and the fight was on. Gone were the thoughts about making it to class on time, gone were the thoughts of the repercussions of being in yet another fight. All that they could think about was the Now, and their opponent.

There was no concept of time as their fists crashed into ribs and faces, no concept of pain as they lashed out at their enemy. It was only when Harry pinned Draco up against the wall that they halted, and the unthinking rage inside Harry transmuted to something else- something unexpected. A slow, devious smile slid onto Harry's face.

"What's this?" he purred into Draco's ear, pressing his knee against the hardness that had formed expressly against Draco's wishes. Draco twisted in Harry's grasp, slightly frightened, but sneered at the Gryffindor.

"Are you so inept at life that you cannot even recognize an erection when you… feel one?" Draco's voice was mocking, but nothing could distract Harry now. The Boy-Who-Lived pushed against Draco, and smiled at the gasp that issued from his victims throat.

"Now, now, Draco," Harry said, not missing the shiver that wracked the blonde's delicate body as he spoke the Slytherin's given name, "no need to be snooty." Harry lowered his head to Draco's pale neck, watching the fluttering pulse point with glee. Here was what he had wanted for so long! Draco Malfoy, at his mercy and begging - if not yet, soon- for his touch. He grinned as he ghosted his lips over the throbbing vein, and smiled. The stuff of dreams, this, and he wasn't going to waste the opportunity.

Draco shuddered as those lips passed over his throat. He couldn't believe that this was actually happening, and he was torn. Did he want this to go further? Or did he want someone to come around the corner and break Harry away from him? But he had wanted this for so long that he wasn't about to wish anything that would tear those teasing, playful, wonderful lips from him.

Harry opened his mouth on the pale skin and dragged his tongue roughly down the smooth skin. Draco shivered, and an elegant hand came up to wrap around Harry's neck. Harry smiled against the intoxicating flesh, mouth still working the tantalizing skin. He loved Draco like this, loved the feel of absolute power over such an aristocratic, beautiful boy.

He moved his mouth slowly up the long elegant throat, smile firmly in place as he left his mark on the pale skin.

"Ha-Harr… Potter?" Draco gasped as Harry buried his nose in the silky hair, breathing deeply of the luscious scent, and cursed himself for his lack of control, "Is this a good idea?"

Harry took a piece of alabaster skin between his teeth, worrying it playfully before relenting and releasing the skin. Straightening to look at Draco, he arching an eyebrow, and leaned in closer to the blonde. "What?" he said, his voice husky enough to rumble through Draco and straight to his groin. "You don't want this?" Harry leaned away, and Draco sucked in a much-needed breath.

Draco shook his head, trying to clear it, not negate the statement. "I asked if it was a good idea, not that I didn't want it." Harry smiled, an expression that affected Draco more than he'd care to admit.

"…good…" Harry's head dropped faster than Draco could process and before he could think about what Harry would do warm, silky lips were pressed to his. Harry swallowed his gasp of surprise and moved his lips more luxuriously than Draco would have thought possible. A moan ripped its way out of the blonde's throat, and he felt Harry's lips curve against his at the sound.

Harry swiped his tongue across Draco's lower lip, and the blonde hesitated for all of a second before parting his lips. But the feel of Harry's smooth, strong tongue exploring his mouth was too much for Draco, and he grabbed at Harry desperately. Harry chuckled, and slid his arms around the Slytherin, hoisting the smaller boy up and coaxing lean legs to encircle his waist.

Harry supported Malfoy's weight easily, making sure their pelvises rubbed together every now and then. Soon, though, Draco broke the kiss for the stronger urge to breathe, and Harry leaned his forehead on Draco's.

"Let's take this party to somewhere more private, shall we?" His deep whisper was enough to melt Draco's bones, and he hardly managed a nod. But Harry wasted no time once he had agreement, fitting his arms around Draco's waist securely and holding the blonde up. Forgetting that their bags lay on the floor, Harry carried Draco to an abandoned classroom in the next hallway, ignoring the death-grip Draco had on his neck.

When the door to the abandoned room had been shut and sealed against any intruders, Harry walked to a desk and set Draco on it. The Malfoy Heir's hands fell, and he looked up at Harry curiously. Still standing in the circle of the Slytherins legs, Harry stared down at Draco as if seeing him for the first time.

Silver eyes were liquid mercury with his need, and the pale skin was flushed a delicate pink. Full lips were bruised and parted, begging for another taste of Harry, and impeccable silver hair was mussed and disordered. Harry licked his lips, tasting traces of Draco. The blonde looked delicious.

Draco shifted as Harry stared at him, wondering what was going on in the Gryffindors mind. He didn't know what had come over him, to give into the bigger boy so fast, but so far he didn't care. Draco was honest enough to admit to himself that at some level he wanted what Harry was giving to him as much as Harry wanted to give it.

So he reached up and wrapped a hand around Harry's neck, and dragged the brunette closer. He didn't miss the wolfish smile curving Harry's lips, nor did he care, for all he wanted was those lips on his now.

Harry was more than willing, if surprised, at Draco's readiness. But he went with it, unconscious of the smile. He plunged his tongue into the moist, hot, decadent cavern that was Draco Malfoy and groaned. Never had he tasted something so rich, so sinfully delicious. And he never wanted to taste anything else ever again.

Time seemed to slow as they explored, mapping out the areas of each others mouths. Harry reached up and unclasped Draco's robes, letting them fall carelessly to the floor. Harry hands began to roam, drifting over Draco's body as though they had a mind of their own. At first Draco didn't notice, caught up as he was in the sensations localized in his mouth, but soon his body reacted. A breath gasped out of him as Harry's hand slid under his uniform shirt, touching the skin gently. He broke off the kiss, throwing his head back and watching Harry from under his lashes.

The Gryffindor slid his other hand under the shirt and grabbed the hem, lifting the edge slowly. The blondes pale abdomen was revealed inch by scintillating inch, and Draco watched, delighted, as Harry's breath grew short and his eyes dark. Finally the shirt came over Draco's head and he sat, chest exposed to Harry's hungry gaze. Rough hands slid over his silky skin, exploring the new terrain.

Harry eagerly took in the sight of Draco Malfoy, old enemy and new lover, sitting on a classroom desk, topless, breath short and choppy, waiting for his touch. It was almost too much. Harry's hands went around Draco's waist, pulling the blonde closer to him, and crashed his lips down on the willing pair beneath him. Draco yielded readily, clutching Harry's shirtfront in desperation.

The kiss was violent, punishing, and Draco loved it. Loved the feel of Harry taking from him, taking and yet giving so much in return. His elegant hands unclasped Harry's robe, letting it fall to the floor, forgotten, as other things occupied his attention. Such as the buttons on Harry's uniform shirt.

Finally Harry's shirt came off, and Draco pressed their chests together, relishing the contact even as Harry felt his gasp of shock at the sensation. Draco rubbed against Harry, shamelessly going after what he wanted. He felt Harry's chuckle start deep inside the man's chest, felt it and didn't care that Harry was laughing at him.

Draco purred lowly as Harry's hands found his nipples, caressing the hard points gently. Harry was enthralled by the sound and broke their kiss to drop his head to Draco's chest. Draco gasped as Harry's warm lips surrounded his nipples, clasping a hand behind Harry's head to hold him there.

Harry laved the hard points eagerly, loving the feel of them under his tongue, and sucked harder. He felt Draco wrap a hand around his head to anchor him in place, and loved it. He switched his attentions to the other nipple, moaning at the feel of Draco's muscles moving under his lips. Soon enough, though, he raised his head and stared at Draco, willing the blonde to look at him.

And when he did, Harry smiled. Draco's face held confusion, an emotion that was swiftly replaced by anticipation as Harry's hands moved to his belt. As eager as he was, Harry made short work of the belt, button, and zipper. Before he slid the garment off Draco though, he glanced at the boy, as though asking one last time for permission. Because after this, Harry wasn't going to stop.

Draco read that clearly in Harry's verdant gaze, read it and dismissed it as unimportant. He wanted what Harry was about to give him, consequences be damned. So he put his hands on the desk and braced his weight, lifting his hips. He held that position for a moment before Harry reacted, but as the Gryffindor slid his pants off he licked his lips in nervousness.

Was this really what he wanted? Did he really want to do this with Harry Potter, of all people? But those questions evaporated as Harry trained his gaze on Draco's straining flesh. And with that, Draco was suddenly aware of how bad this situation could be. Draco Lucius Malfoy, Heir to the Malfoy fortune, naked on a desk in an abandoned classroom with his arch-nemesis and rival Harry Potter, sporting an erection that was so hard it hurt. He shivered as Harry licked his lips involuntarily, and stretched a hand towards the blonde.

His sole comfort was that this was Harry Potter, and while the brunette might hate him when he was in his right mind, he was too much of an honorable-goody-two-shoes to mention either of their lapses in judgment. He hoped.

But once again all thought was forced from his mind as a rough hand touched the inside of his thigh as though touching a precious heirloom. Draco sucked a surprised breath in, lowering his head to watch as Harry's hands explored him. Their golden tone was at odds with his alabaster flesh, but it was a good contrast. The hands that could wield the strongest magic known to man handled his skin reverently, and Draco could only wonder at that fact.

Quidditch calloused fingers traced paths on his unmarked, untouched skin, and the sensation sent shivers racing through Draco's body. His head rolled back, and he stared sightless at the ceiling of the classroom as Harry's hands sparked unknown pleasure inside his body.

Harry stared as Draco offered himself up, wondering at the change from his usual surly and snarky foe to this expectant and willing lover. The sight of the pale body, fairly glowing in the light of the classroom, was an aphrodisiac to the Gryffindor. Who would have thought that the sight of his rivals naked body would produce such a reaction in him? Or that he would ever even want to see Malfoy's naked body?

As Draco arched under his touch, Harry moved closer and closer to his goal. The hard, turgid length beckoned him, but he was determined to take his time. Since he was probably never going to do this again, he wanted to get it right the first time. Gripping Draco's hips and ignoring the surprised gasp, Harry twisted Draco around on the desk, moving the blonde until he was sitting lengthwise on the tabletop.

The Slytherin looked at him questioningly, but Harry splayed one hand across Draco's chest and pushed against the pale skin. Slowly, Draco lowered his body onto the desk until he was lying longwise, his knees hanging off the table. His head stayed up, watching Harry curiously as the brunette went back to his explorations. Rough hands mapped out the inside of his thighs, teasing the blonde until his head dropped back onto the table.

Draco could only stare at the ceiling again as Harry once more roamed his flesh. There was such pleasure in this act, such pleasure in being totally not-in control, that Draco relished every touch. This was different, this was dangerous, and Draco wanted it.

His scrutiny of the ceiling was cut short by a warm breath, blown across the head of his cock. Draco shot upright in surprise, and stared. Somehow Harry had pulled a chair up to the desk Draco occupied, and was seated between the blonde's pale legs. Emerald eyes glanced up at Draco in puzzlement- that quickly turned to amusement.

Keeping his eyes trained on startled silver orbs, Harry leaned forward, and Draco sucked in a shuddering breath as Harry came closer. The Slytherin licked his suddenly dry lips, and Harry smiled slightly as he bent his head towards its task. Draco watched, stunned, as Harry's tongue slid out from between his lips and gently touched the blonde's straining member.

Draco arched back at the sensation, even as Harry's eyes slid shut from the sensuality of the act he was committing. His long tongue stroked Draco again, and the blonde cried out in ecstasy at the feeling. One golden hand reached up to Draco, pressing the blonde once more into the surface of the desk as Harry's other hand held Draco's jerking hips.

Harry moaned at the first taste of Draco, and went for another as he held the blonde down. He'd never expected the Slytherin to be so… responsive… but he wasn't complaining. Harry would have responsive over passive any day of the week. He dragged his tongue in long stripes down the length of Draco, smiling as he teased the boy.

Finally, Harry stopped his licking and positioned himself above Draco. The platinum haired boy was panting, and looked up at Harry, surprise written all over his face. That isn't it, boyo, Harry thought mirthfully, wanting to see Draco response to being swallowed whole. He licked his lips and lowered his head, smirking slightly to himself as Draco tried to sit up.

But Harry's hand still held him in place, and the blonde growled in frustration as he found he couldn't move. The sound changed quickly, however, becoming a throaty mewl that set Harry's blood on fire. The brunette sucked lightly on the head of Draco's cock, tongue flicking out to lick the slit. He moaned at the slightly salty taste of Draco's precome, and swirled his tongue around the head before taking more of Draco into his mouth.

Draco was in heaven, and the sensations threatened to overwhelm him. The feel of that mouth there… Gods. He struggled against the strong hands pinning him in place, instinct demanding he thrust into the warm cavern that was taking in more and more of him. Merlin and Circe! The pleasure was more than he'd thought possible! A deep moan forced its way out of his throat, and he shivered as Harry chuckled.

The vibrations from Harry's throat crashed along Draco's nerves, raising him up and filling him with more pleasure than before. Harry tortured him relentlessly, and Draco loved it. He was slowly being swallowed by the Savior of the Wizarding World and he loved it. It was insanity, it was stupid, it was heaven.

Harry relaxed his throat and dropped his head further, becoming nothing more than a sheath for Draco. Releasing the pressure on the Slytherin's chest, Harry waited, sucking lightly on the erection filling his throat. Draco moved immediately, thrusting into the burning cavern as he was freed to move. It was over in seconds, and Draco cried out as the orgasm wracked his body. Harry greedily swallowed Draco's seed, sucking and licking the surrounding area to make sure he got all of it.

Draco lay replete on the desk, a puddle of satisfied Slytherin, and Harry smiled as he gave Draco's limp cock one last caress. The blonde moaned- even in his current state of satiated bliss that made his cock twitch. Harry stood, and stayed between the smaller boys legs. Draco felt the gaze after a second, and after anther returned it.

Harry smiled as he saw that the Slytherin basking in the afterglow, pleased with his effort. Draco watched Harry from under half-raised eyelids, wondering what the Gryffindor wanted. Suddenly, he was aware of what had just happened. The Golden Boy of Gryffindor had just sucked on- and swallowed- his dick! A cold wave of nervous fear washed over him, and he panicked.

Sitting up, Draco reached for the first article of clothing to come to hand- Harry's robe, as it happened. But he was beyond caring. What had he been thinking? Letting the brunette take advantage of him like that? What could he do now?

Harry frowned as he watched Draco tremble and search for clothing. Sure- he's just given the boy a blow-job (and a damn good one too, if he could say so himself), surely the blonde had gotten one before? Harry sat on the desk next to Draco, facing the smaller boy. Draco froze, and regarded him cautiously. Harry reached a hand out to the blonde, but stopped short when Draco flinched.

Dropping his hand, Harry frowned again. "What's wrong, Draco?" he asked softly, not missing the blonde's reaction to his voice. But Draco shrugged further into Harry's robe, and ignored the question.

"Draco-" Harry cut himself off as Draco turned away, and began looking for his clothing. Grabbing the other boy's arm, Harry forced Draco to face him. "What's wrong? It was a blow-job, nothing more." Draco flushed furiously at the words, and yanked his arm free of Harry's hand. It did not escape his notice that Harry allowed him to get free, and he blushed once more.

"Nothing's wrong, Potter. Just let me go." Harry frowned. The boy had been begging for his touch mere moments earlier! Was the blonde that fickle?

"Listen Draco. I gave you that blow-job-" another furious blush, and Harry was beginning to get a bad feeling about that- "of my own free will. And you wanted it. So what's the problem?"

"There is no problem. I just want to get away from you now." Draco's mind was in an uproar. How could he have let this happen? How could he have given most of his virginity to his enemy? The one person almost guaranteed to hold this over his head? He started when a hand landed on his shoulder, and he turned to see Harry's gorgeous face looking at him with worry.

"Draco?" the brunette began, "is there anything I should know?" Draco was torn. Should he tell the Gryffindor that he'd never done anything more sexual than wank- and that alone with privacy spells up? At least- before today? Or should he tell the Saviour to fuck off and leave him alone?

Before he could change his mind, Draco spat it out. "I'm a virgin." Good gods, he's going to hate me. The thought kept Draco from looking at the Gryffindor, shame coloring his face with a pale pink flush, and he missed Harry's reaction.

The Gryffindor's eyes flew wide open, and he stared at the hunched and skinny form of Draco Malfoy in consternation. A virgin? Harry thought incredulously, no way. But the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Draco's confusion at the slightest thing- his unexpected responsiveness. Harry suddenly felt like the worst sort of jerk, taking advantage of an innocent.

"Draco, I'm so sorry." Harry's voice was hoarse, and it startled Draco- both the sentiment and the tone. What did the Golden Boy have to be sorry about? Draco had let him do those things to him- wasn't it his fault? Harry must have read some of that on Draco's face, for his next words were addressed to those concerns.

"I took advantage of you, and I shouldn't have. Gods, Draco, I'm so sorry. Merlin- could you ever forgive me?" The Gryffindor's words were sincerely spoken, and Draco melted a little as he heard them. Harry sounded genuinely upset with himself, and willing to do anything.

But Draco just glanced up at the brunette swiftly before looking away again. "It's fine," he said, "you didn't know." And Draco should never have expected anything different from Harry, really. With all the rumours circulating the school about his so-called 'sexual exploits', Harry must have thought he wouldn't mind a quick fuck.

Draco snorted at the thought. How ironic, a small voice in the back of his mind whispered, that the man you've been saving yourself for does you and thinks you're nothing more meaningful than a fast shag.

Shut up, Draco told himself fiercely, I don't need to deal with that right now as well. He felt Harry's eyes on the top of his head, and cautiously looked up to meet them. The Gryffindor was watching him, face thoughtful. Draco had a sudden moment of panic- is he going to figure out why I let him do that to me?- before common sense reasserted itself. Harry would never think that, not in a million years.

But Draco's face was more expressive than he knew, and Harry understood some of what the blonde was thinking. And he was both pleased and confused by it. They'd been enemies for years, and Draco wanted a relationship with him? It was not the best path to have traveled to get to that end. But he couldn't find a fault in the blonde's logic- he'd though Malfoy was the hottest person in the school for years now. And to think- his feelings had been returned.

"Draco?" Harry said cautiously, and waited before Draco looked at him again before speaking, "Would you ever consider going out with me?" The look of shock on the Slytherin's face was worth the embarrassment of asking that question, and Harry waited, nervous.

Draco was stunned. The Golden Boy wanted a relationship, even after he'd learned that Draco was a virgin? And how- why- would he want one? Did he want to be fuck-buddies? Or exclusive? Did he find Draco to be as gorgeous as Draco found him? And how had he gotten from apologizing for 'taking advantage' of the blonde to asking for a relationship?

"Why?" he asked suspiciously, and frowned when Harry smiled.

"Because I've wanted you since fourth year," the brunette said, grinning as Draco's eyes widened. "And I know that you want me as well."

Draco blushed again, wondering why he always did that in Harry's presence when nothing else could make him. But he couldn't deny the truth of Harry's statement. He did want the Gryffindor- had wanted him, in fact, for as long as he could remember.

Draco narrowed his eyes. "I'm very demanding," he stated, spine unconsciously stiffening as he got his feet back under himself. Harry nodded, and did an admirable job of keeping his smile under control. "And I don't share."

"Good," Harry said, nodding. "Neither do I." Draco blushed prettily, and Harry stared. The boy was truly stunning.

Draco went on. "This had better be worth my time-"

"Oh, I'll make it worth your time," Harry purred, earning another blush from Draco. The blonde stammered for a moment, then frowned.

"Don't interrupt me, Harry." Harry nodded again, pretending obedience. With a faint smile, Draco added, "And no 'experimenting' with other people, or 'let's just try it with a third' nonsense. I. Don't. Share."

He glared at Harry expectantly, and Harry dutifully repeated the phrase. "You don't share. Good, I got it." Draco sniffed, then relented. Now that he was setting the rules and generally being obeyed by Harry he was more firmly in control of his emotions.

"And, last, I want to go public." Harry raised an eyebrow. That was a big step for a relationship that was still in the planning stages. Draco misinterpreted the gesture, and said, "Well, not right away. After some time, about a week, that would be nice."

Harry had to ask. "Um, why would you want to do that?" Draco pouted unconsciously, and Harry barely refrained from reaching over and capturing those kissable lips.

"You're mine, and no one else can have you." A frown marred Draco face, and he added sulkily, "and that Weasley bitch can shove her crap up her ass." Harry barked a laugh, startled at Draco's outburst. True, Ginny had been clingy recently, but Harry hadn't cared. He'd been gay for as long as he'd known the youngest Weasley, but she refused to believe him. And now that Voldemort wasn't a factor anymore, she kept saying 'you don't have to hide behind the 'I'm gay' mask anymore, Harry. We can be together now.'

It was a load of crap in Harry's opinion as well, and he was inclined to agree with Draco on that. Draco watched Harry patiently as he waited for the laugh to die down, and Harry reached out and pulled the Slytherin into his lap, Gryffindor robe and all.

"Deal," he said, cupping Draco's cheek and staring into pools of suddenly liquid mercury, "all of it." Harry finally gave into his temptation and kissed those beautiful, bruised and pouted lips, moaning at the sensation. He'd never get enough of these lips, he knew, and he never wanted to let Draco go.

Draco responded enthusiastically. Apparently, now that he knew Harry was his and only his for as long as he wanted, Draco was more than content to have his lips sucked and nibbled and licked, as Harry was now doing. He melted into the kiss, momentarily berating himself for the ease at which he gave up control, before focusing entirely on the tactile sensations Harry was releasing inside of him.

Harry pulled away, flushed and ready for round two (or one, for him), and rested his forehead against Draco's. "Do we have to go to anymore classes today?" Draco laughed at the question. He'd just been wondering the same thing. Harry went on. "Because I know this Head Boy who has his own rooms. And that would be so much better than an old tabletop."

Draco lifted his head and grinned at Harry. "Oh? You do?" Harry nodded seriously, and Draco cracked a smile. "Then by all means. We shouldn't waste such a thing."

They grinned at each other, and Harry gathered Draco into his arms as he swung his legs over the edge of the table and stood. Frowning at the mess they had made, Harry smiled when it all disappeared. Gods, he loved wandless magic. Calling out tempus, he checked the time and saw with relief that it was well into the class period. No one should be out in the halls now.

"You ready?" he asked his armful, and Draco's sultry smile sent Harry's blood boiling. "Right," Harry said a bit breathlessly, "Tell me where to go."

There might be a sequel, if you guys want it enough! LOL!- anyway- I hope you all enjoy it!