Last chapter! If you had ideas, it is to late, but I do plan to write a sequel if the readers want. The last chapter was really hard to write, and it caused me a lot of tears. I hope you didn't laugh at my sappiness, because I found it really sad. Think about it: A mother, gone insane, nearly kills her kid, but is very upset. She left her son, just because the world found her ugly. It's hard to know that our world treats people cruelly just because they're different. Well, this is the conclusion chapter. Adieu, my readers. Until next time...

Chapter Ten: Fallen Embers

Holmes and I stood at the edge of a cliff. His father had married Charise a week ago, and Jeffery had been placed in jail. Of course, this didn't make Holmes' family situation much better. I think it hit him when Charise and Mr. Holmes kissed that his mother couldn't come back.

The early February weather was very chilly, and I leaned against Holmes for warmth.

"You know she can't come back," I said gently, breaking the silence. I heard Holmes sigh.

"I know. I remember when she was 'alive' though. She was so sweet. She used to sing a song to me, to try to make me fall asleep. Mother... Marie was very artistic. I just wish she could have stayed though," he whispered. The wind drowned out parts of his words, but he communicated the point clearly. Suddenly, he pointed up.

"Look," he said. I craned my neck upwards and saw the shower of comets. They were stunning.

"Wow," I muttered. He smiled and pulled me close to him.

"I love you, Jenny," he said in my ear.

"And I love you, Sherlock," I replied.

Sherlock Holmes is my dearest friend. His heart is good, and his love for his mother won't stop just because she is a criminal. After all, who could stop loving there mother?

Once, as my heart remembers,

all the stars were fallen embers.

Once, when night seemed forever

I was with you.

Once, in the care of morning

in the air was all belonging.

Once, when that day was dawning

I was with you.

How far we are from morning

how far we are

and the stars shining through the darkness

falling in the air.

Once, as the night was leaving

into us our dreams were weaving.

Once, all dreams were worth keeping.

I was with you.

Once, when our hearts were sing.

I was with you.

(Fallen Embers, by Enya).

Well, that's all. This is the only story I've ever completed in my entire life of writing, and I'm very happy. I hope you liked the story, and I hope you review. Even if it's a flame, at least I'll be able to work with it. I will probably write a sequel, unless I get to caught up with my homework.

Oh, and try to keep your heart open to those who are different from you. That was one illustration of my story. Mostly, it was just for fun, but I wanted people to understand that those who are different aren't necessarily bad. Just give people a chance, and you might find the best of friends, like Jenny Watson did______ Moonshine