Five cute little drabbles, non-yaoi. I was really bored today. Enjoy.


"You what?"

"I'm sorry, Marui-senpai! I didn't mean to! But he was sitting right there, and I just had to . . ."

"You murdered him!" Marui accused. "How could you? He meant so much to me."

Akaya was on his knees now. The rest of the team watched from a distance. I didn't mean to," Akaya repeated miserably. His eyes stung.

"You didn't mean to," Marui echoed. "That doesn't change a thing!"

"But . . ." Akaya burst into tears. "Marui-senpai," he sobbed, "I'm sorry!" He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. "I didn't mean to eat Mr. Cake!"

True Love

"I love her! I do!" Akaya proclaimed passionately. "The way she smiles, the way she hugs . . . I can't live without her. She's special, and I love her." He looked down at her adoringly and stroked her cheek. "Just because my parents don't approve of our relationship . . . Well, it doesn't mean we'll be separated. We'll rebel!"

"Brat," Niou began.

"Listen, Niou-senpai! You don't understand. I've loved her since we met. I will always love her. I promise that."

"But brat, it's just a teddy bear!" Niou exclaimed, throwing his hands up into the air and sighing with exasperation. "You're hopeless."


"Okay, so once upon a time, there was this boy. He was a hot, handsome genius who was totally amazing."

Some coughs could be heard.

A little girl raised her hand. "Was his name Cinderella?"

Niou snickered. Marui elbowed him and replied, "No. He was a guy with a lot of fangirls."

"More than Yukimura-sama?" another girl asked. Yukimura chuckled.

"Yeah, and he –"

"How about Jackal-sama?"

"Jackal has no fangirls!"

"Hey!" Jackal cried indignantly.

"Anyway –"

"What was his name?"

"Marui Bunta."

"Self-insert! You suck!"

"What the hell's wrong with these kids?" Marui wailed.


"Some of these books are really weird," Niou said. "I think they're lame. Look at this one." He showed a hardcover book to Yagyuu, who sat across from him. The rest of the team crowded around them.

Yagyuu arched an eyebrow. "What is it?"

"This novel's written in a strange language. The symbols appear to be hieroglyphics."

"Niou-kun, this is English."

"But look! This symbol resembles a banana!"

" . . . That's the letter 'C'."

"Oh. Well, who wrote it?"

"William Shakespeare."

"Who's Wilma Shooker?"

"William Shakespeare. He was a renowned poet and playwright."

"Did he play tennis?"


"Then he sucks. Next!"

"Next what?"

". . ."


"Why are we here again?" Niou asked.

"Because Mura-buchou is hosting a party and we have to wear suits and we don't have suits."

" . . . Thanks, brat."

"Well, except Yagyuu, Sanada, and Yukimura, who have ties and suits."

"What are we supposed to buy?" Niou asked, sifting through the clothes.

"Formal blazers, I guess." Jackal stared at the ties blankly.

"I found the suits!" Yanagi called. "There are many different shades."

"I know what color we should buy for Marui!" Niou grinned. "Too bad he's not here. Guess I'll pick one for him . . ."

That was how Marui ended up wearing a pink blazer.

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