YamiMarikxBeyond Birthday(Crazyshipping as I've dubbed it) and a side of YamixL(Chessshipping). Written for Shadow Over Egypt after she mentioned a debate on LJ over who had a bigger ego, Light or Kaiba. That evolved into a pairing conversation and Crazy and Chess were born.

God, I need to stop plotting.

Spoilers for Mello/Matt/Near real names.



Golden sand, gold goldgold all over. Sandcastles everywhere and corpses covered in strawberry jam both in and out of the castles.

Jam always tasted best when it came from the pretty people.


"Pharaoh. Have you met B?"

"How did you get here?!"

"You left the door open Pharaoh. Didn't mother ever tell you to close the door?"


"B, how did you escape from jail?"

"Oh, L. Silly L. They gave me jam L. Would you like to give me jam too? The Pharaoh would make such tasty jam."


Crosses covered in fire and gold and jam.

They were made of rosaries wrapped around leather and goggles and broken robots.

They were such pretty crosses.


"I met Mihael, L. Mihael, he was so pretty."

"What did you do to Mello, B?" L's voice was sharp, like jagged ice.

Gleeful. "I turned him into jam."


"He was delicious, L! Mihael and Mail and Nate, they made such delicious jam! Oh, L. Your successors were so pretty, and pretty people make such good jam. I have some left, would you like to try it?"

L choked as the jar was held out, half empty. The contents ran down B's fingers and dripped to the floor when he stuck a finger inside and held it out.

B smiled.


Playing cards danced in the wind, most ripped in half. Duel Monsters was boring now.

Dolls made in their likeness lay scattered on the ground, screaming.

No one heard them.


"B, what are you-"

"He's going to make such good jam L!"

"B, no!" B just laughed.

L twisted under Marik's hands.

Marik laughed when they both screamed.


Jars and jars of jam, stacked one atop the other in a castle shaped pile.

Such delicious jam.